Monday, August 24, 2020


 Hello and Happy Monday friends!!

Yes, as my post title says, I AM THINKING COOL THOUGHTS


It is HOT, HOT, HOT, here in Arizona!!!  Did I mention that it was HOT???

We have been breaking records with our temperatures and have had more days over 110

than we have in a very long time!!  Of course, we always expect it to be hot this time of year

but it has been even hotter than normal and we don't see much change in sight!!!

This  is the 3rd or 4th EXCESSIVE HEAT WARNING we have had this month and it just 

doesn't cool down enough to get relief!!!  Did I mention it was HOT???


With all of that said, it has lead me to try to keep as cool as I possibly can,

so we have 3 ceiling fans going, several floor fans in strategic places

and of course our trusty AC that actually died for 3 terrible days, but is now working

and keeping me happy and comfortable!!! 

I am also doing LOTS OF THINKING ABOUT FALL and so I have been very busy 

creating things that put me in the autumn mood!!!

Here are a few things to share with you!!  


Sweet mini pumpkin I made from some orange linen with a real pumpkin stem!  The little checked patch adds a nice touch, don't you think??

Fabric sunflowers from a wonderful pattern by Cinnamon Creek Folk Art!  I just love them and they look so good in an old wooden bowl or trencher on your table!!! 

These sunflowers are made with long sticks and look great in an old crock or container of your choice!  I love how they fit perfectly in this old Peoria Waxer Jar!

A prim patch pumpkin I made a number of years ago and still love!! 

Little boot pincushion I made from a wonderful Netty Lacroix pattern that hangs from an old spice drawer knob!! So sweet!!!

Fancey Blackett loves to hang out all year long but she especially reminds me of all things fall with her little coverlet bag filled with dried goodies! I made her using a wonderful pattern from Pineberry Lane!

Three little stacked pumpkins I made out of different fabrics fit perfectly on a stack of old pantry boxes! I added a real stem to this set!!

Fanny Weed, another doll I made from a wonderful Pineberry Lane pattern just loves to hang out in my kitchen eating area! She reminds me of the fall harvest with the dried corn in her apron pocket!

I had so much fun making Jack in his Urn to hang on your door or in a wreath like I did here!  He is a wonderful design by Cinnamon Creek Folk Art!!  He makes me SMILE!!!

I loved making these little pumpkins in a wonderful burnt orange and vintage black velvet with army blanket green wool stems!!! 


Corn dryers are just perfect for fall and harvest time and the bare cobs are a wonderful color! I had so much fun putting these 3 together!!

Some of these items will be available in my next Update on my blog!  Be watching for that 

coming soon!!!

And I just had to share this wonderful book that I just received the other day, 

Finding Autumn Bliss, by Dan Weaver-White!  

It is so beautifully done and you will certainly want a copy for yourself! 

Just do a Google search to find where they are still available!


I do hope and pray that all of you are staying cool, and keeping well!!  It has been such a strange and different summer and we constantly face challenges , but hopefully you are finding

the strength to move forward with hope!  

Thank you so much for your continued friendship, interest, encouragement, and support over the years!! 

Wishing you Cooling Thoughts, Peaceful Days, and Autumn Bliss, my friends~

Julie xoxo


Saundra said...

You over did yourself and I adore everything you have on your blog. Almost...almost, lol, makes me want to make crafts again. Those kitty kats were adoreable and love those weathered sunflowers. Great works m'dear.

Julie - My Primitive Heart said...

Hi Saundra,
How very kind of you to say, my friend!! I'm so happy you love everything and I truly appreciate your sweet compliments!! The Sock Cats always make me smile and I hope they are still being enjoyed by their owners!! The sunflowers are such fun to make and look almost real so I just love them!!!
Thank you for your encouragement!!!
Enjoy your week and thank you for your visit!!!
Heart Hugs~
Julie xo

Julia said...

Your Autumn wares are delightful and I love those corn dryers. I had never seen those before. My grandfather used to dry corn off the cob for winter.

Everything looks so beautifully made. You are truly a gifted crafter.
I hope the cooler temperatures will soon find you.
Take care and stay cool.
Hugs, Julia

marly said...

Such a great collection of fall decorations. I hope you get some relief from the heat soon. We haven't had rain this summer and desperately need it.

Loved seeing your creations and thank you for listing the pattern sources. As for Fanny Weed ...... I have a friend who fits that name well!!! I had an iron corn dryer from many years ago that a critter stole and carried into the woods, never to be seen again.

Julie - My Primitive Heart said...

Hi Julia and Marly,
I so appreciate you stopping by my blog!! I have been an absent blogger of late, both in posting and in commenting and feel like I feel down a rabbit hole and am just now coming to the surface!! I need to check in on both of you to see what you have been up to and try to get back on track with blogging!! Now that they have changed things again, it was a challenge to even do this post and it took me FOREVER!!! I just wish things could stay the same when they work just fine!!! LOL

Julia, I truly appreciate your kind words and you always say the nicest things!! I'm happy you love my work!! I love to create and display and am happy you enjoy seeing both!!! Hope all is well with you and that you aren't too busy with your huge yard and gardens!! Hope you are finding some time
for yourself to enjoy what you love!!!

Marly, It is always so nice to hear from you and I'm happy you enjoyed my post and creations!!! I always try to mention who the creator of the patterns are as I really want to give credit where it is due so am glad you noticed!! I wonder what kind of critter stole your corn dryer?? Such a curious thing to do, isn't it? You may never know!!!

Thank you both again for stopping by and I hope you both have a wonderful week!! Hopefully it is much cooler where you are than where I am!!!
Heart Hugs~
Julie xoxo

acorn hollow said...

Oh my you have been busy and how wonderful they all turned out! We are not not your hot but we have been 90's most days when we really should be 80s and the humidity just will not quit!! oh I hate it. We had a window rattling thunder storm last night I was hoping for cooler days but no luck today. Maybe tomorrow.

TheCrankyCrow said...

Ok.....110 is a little too much summer for me LOL. I can't imagine being without ac during that....heck, I can't imagine having ac ON for 3 days in a row LOL. We have had a few days of heat here....actually supposed to get almost to 90 tomorrow....but then back to very low 70's/upper 60's for highs next week. I adore each and every one of your fall creations and displays....I have to say my favorite though is Jack in his urn.... He just brings out my happy. I saw Dru's sweet new sunflower pattern and have been thinking of getting it...but keep telling myself that I need to finish up some fall projects I still have unfinished from last year. I also am resisting bringing anything fall-ish out much as I adore fall, I am savoring every last drop of summer. She doesn't humor us long, so I am trying my best to savor each day with her. Hope you get some reprieve from your heat....and hope to see more of your creativity as it spills fully into autumn. ~Robin~

Prims By The Water said...

Did you say 110? I am hot just thinking about that temp. So glad you got your air bag. YOur goodies look sweet and I am ready for Fall. Janice

Rugs and Pugs said...

My son has said Las Vegas has been having record or near record breaking heat almost daily. I's a dry walking in to an oven :)
Absolutely love everything you've created!

WoolenSails said...

I love all your pieces and the way you display them. We have been too hot, as well but rain came in and it will be cooling down, so I am going to enjoy that.


NMK said...

I really enjoyed your post and your lovely Fall decorations. I am ready to get mine out too. The heat & humidity here in Western ,Mass has been over whelming this summer & we haven't much rain at all . To be without air conditioning thru the Hot ,Hot temps had to be just awful ! I am looking forward to keeping all the windows open & sleep with a quilt on again !!! Thank you for the pretty Fall inspiration !!!

moosecraft said...

Sheesh! And I thought it was hot here in NJ! 110 is ridiculous! So glad you got your ac repaired! I'm ready for fall too....maybe even a snowflake or two... see, the heat is making me delirious! lol!

Julie - My Primitive Heart said...

Hi Friends!
Looks like I got behind on my responses to you and have to play some catch up!!

Cathy- I know you aren't used to the hot temps like we are and feel so badly for you with all the humidity!!! We are STILL in a major heat wave and yesterday it was actually 114!! That just seems SO WRONG, doesn't it?? So happy to be cool inside and so looking forward to the cooler weather! Hope yours turns cooler soon!! Thank you for your kind words!!!!

Robin- Yes, 110 is HOT but 114 is EVEN HOTTER and we just keep staying up in the teens lately!! We are actually supposed to get some cooler weather....down in the 90's, but HEY, I'll take it!!!! I truly ENVY your temps in the 70's and would certainly want them to last as possible!! I don't normally want to rush seasons, but this has been the HOTTEST SUMMER and I am just so ready for fall!!! Just enjoy yours as long as you can!! Thank you so much for your very kind words as always!! I just LOVE JACK in his Urn and had so much fun making him and am making several more! Lots of fabric is flying around here and I am enjoying it!! Those sunflowers are really fun and I love making them too!!!

Janice- Yes, I DID and it is even hotter today at 114!!! That is JUST WRONG!!!! LOL Just so thankful for AC and keeping cool inside!! It was terrible when we didn't have it!!! Feeling VERY THANKFUL, creative, and ready for fall!!!

Lauren- Your son describes it perfectly......just like a HOT OVEN!!! So happy I can stay cool and comfortable inside!!! I'm so happy your love my new pieces!! I have had so much fun making them and it helps me to think about the fall!!!

Debbie- Thank you so much for your sweet words!! I have had so much fun creating and displaying things.....much better than being outside, for sure!! So happy you had some rain to cool things off!! That sounds so wonderful right now!!! Hope you are enjoying your summer and finding some new sea glass!!

Nancy-Thank you so much for your kind words! I truly appreciate them!! I always think of New England as being so much cooler, but have heard many say this has been such a hot summer!! Seems like we are ALL wanting cooler weather!!! How lovely to think of having a window open and a quilt on your bed!!! So happy you enjoyed my post!! I had a heck of a time with it as they changed the format and it was not working!! Ugh!! The challenges of technology!!! So happy you were inspired!!!

Sharon-If you think 110 is ridiculous, what do you think of 114?? It's JUST WRONG!!! LOL Yes, we are VERY HAPPY our AC is working and pray it keeps doing the job!!! I think so many are ready for fall and cooler weather, but not so sure about snowflakes!!!

Thank you ALL for your visit and taking the time to leave such kind comments!! I love hearing from you and appreciate it so much!!! Hope you all take care and enjoy the last of the summer!! FALL IS COMING!!!
Heart Hugs~
Julie xo

newburyarts said...

Soaking your feet in a tub of cool water can help bring down your body heat. Its old fashioned bit it works...also afterwards apply something with a mint noxema. Its been hot here in coastal new England but nothing compared to what you have faced this summer. Everything looks wonderful and the times Thatcher have purchased from you all items are impeccably made!!!
Try the feet in cold water and gradually add ice cubes. The mint afterwards will help. Also try biofreeze...that helps too.

Julie - My Primitive Heart said...

Thank you so much for the suggestions!! Yes, it has been incredibly hot here and this sounds like a great idea, especially applying something with mint!! I will have to give that a try!!!
I appreciate your kind words regarding my handmade items and always love to know they are still being enjoyed!!! So very nice to know!!!
I have heard of biofreeze and will have to check that out as well!
Hope things cool off for you in your area!! It seems to be hot everywhere and we all need those nice fall breezes!!
Take care and thanks for your visit!!!
Heart Hugs~
Julie xo