Sunday, May 10, 2020

~Happy Mother's Day, and a Reveal~

Hello, dear friends, and a most Happy Mother's Day to you!
May you sense and know how special you are
and hold tight to those memories of 
those special women in your life!

I'm truly happy that they have set aside one day in the year as Mother's Day
but in my humble opinion,
I really do think it wouldn't be asking to much to make it
Mother's Day Week, do you??
Just a thought.........

My hubby Jeff bought me some lovely red tulips today
and so I thought I would share them with you as well!

They are in an old redware pitcher
sitting in my dry sink in our living room!

I just LOVE tulips and used to so enjoy
seeing them on our trips to Holland 
when we lived in MI!
Are you a tulip lover, too??


And now, for those of you who have asked,
I can happily say that my rug is all bound!!

I chose to use black wool and really love how wool binding looks!

I think it just gives the rug such a lovely finish!!
What is your favorite way to bind a rug?

This is my hand made label!! 
I actually had to make it 3 times
because I kept making mistakes!
I guess the 3rd time was the charm!!

This is a closeup of the background colors of the rug

I used 9 different antique black wool colors
so it would look old!

The camera doesn't always show what I see
but I think this time we were working on the same page!

I love all the movement those colors
 bring to the background!

I am SOOOOO HAPPY to get this rug done!!!
It just seemed like it took me forever!!!

This is where it now lives,
up on the wall in my dining room
above my big black cupboard!!

I was not sure if I could leave the old Albany slip crocks and jug up there
but feel like they really look great with the rug
 and was happy I didn't have to find them a new home!!

It is so funny because now the rug looks so small to me, 
but it is actually my largest rug and due to the height of the wall, 
it looks smaller than it really is,
but it sure felt big when I was hooking it!!!

This is the view from the kitchen as I look into the dining room!
I am so glad I can see it everyday!!!

I couldn't be happier with it and it was so very nice to get it all done
for Mother's Day this year!!!
It really made the day extra special for me!!!
I feel such a sense of accomplishment and contentment
and my heart is filled with pure JOY!!!

Thanks to all of you who have been following along and asking about my progress!!
It feels SO GOOD to have this project completed and now on to other things!!
I have SO MANY PROJECTS to work on.........

What will You be working on today??

Wishing you contentment and joy in whatever you choose to do, my friends~

Julie xo


The Wooden Folks said...

Just looks Beautiful !!!

Saundra said...

Julie it is wonderful!!!! I love primitive black backgrounds with the various darks which mingle and curl to make the interesting movement. The black crocks look perfect there too. Great work!!!!!

Saundra said...

OH!!!! Forgot to mention I have a dry sink very similar to yours only my single drawer is on the left side, it has a back-splash and lid.

Julie - My Primitive Heart said...

Hi Wooden Folks and Saundra,
Thank you both so much for leaving your kind words!!! It always is such an encouragement!!!! So happy you both like the rug!!!!
Saundra, I just LOVE dry sinks and have two of them and they are sure little storage and display workhorses!!! There is SO MUCH inside both of them and I love that they look pretty on the outside and hide so many goodies inside!!!!
Hope you both have a wonderful day today!!
Heart Hugs~
Julie xo

Julia said...

HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY Julie. I'm a tulip lover too. Your rug is perfection and the wool binding looks lovely. I find it's the easiest way to bind a rug. Your wall looks amazing.

The only thing I've been working on has been painting a ceramic nativity. I can only paint for a short time as my cataracts are giving me a bit of trouble seeing the fine details.
Stay joyful and safe.
Hugs, Julia๐ŸŒท๐ŸŒท๐ŸŒท

Mary Johnson/Designs In Wool said...

Happy Mother's Day, Julie! What a great gift to receive your greetings and update! Love where you hung your rug! So fun to see all the details. Great job! Love and hugs!

TheCrankyCrow said...

Happy Mother's Day my sweet friend ~ Wow...that rug is incredible! I know I saw it along the way, but the final finish is just stunning. Your finishing and detail work is always so impeccable...I think I would shy away from showing such closeups of my pieces LOL. I love your choice of the wool binding. I am (really) old school I guess....I still like the whipped yarn finish...oh, not because I think it looks better...just because it is so much quicker LOL. And your placement above those gorgeous crocks is spot-on perfection. I know I have seen them before, but they always just amaze striking...and unusual. What am I working on? Hmmm...little bit of everything...still wrestling the mermaid (and HA! I laughed so at your wonderful "watery" comments)...finally got some yarn to finish my Gillford runner....and trying to garner the courage to start a new rug. We've had snow here last night/this morning....ready to pay you a visit. ;-) Smiles & Hugs ~ Robin

Linda said...

Happy Mothers Day !! Your hooked rug is Gorgeous and I love how the black moves. To look on your rug and beautiful decorating would make the heart sing . Great red tulips !!!

marly said...

I think it looks plenty large and your display space is perfect. The crocks look great beneath it, the cupboard color, everything works with it and the rug is a showpiece. Beautiful work!! Congratulations on a fabulous finish.

The Eveningstitcher said...

Hi Julie and Happy Mother's day to you! I am in love with your hooked rug! It is in the perfect spot and I would be loving to see it all the time too! The whole display is just gorgeous!

WoolenSails said...

Happy Mother's Day, I decided I am tired and trying to do too much, so I just rested.
Your binding is really nice, I need to finish off a few rugs and do a nicer binding, usually I just whipstitch them with yarn, but I want them to hold up better.


Julie - My Primitive Heart said...

Hi Ladies! Wow, all of you are so very kind and generous with your compliments!! I truly appreciate each one!! Thank you SO MUCH!!!!
You have all made me feel so special and what a lovely way to celebrate Mother's Day!!!!
Hope you all have a wonderful week and keep being creative, my friends!!!
Big Heart Hugs to you all~
Julie xoxo

acorn hollow said...

What a wonderful finish I have done most finishes but I think that is my favorite and may stick to just that one. I hate whipping but love the softness of the wool. You have the perfect place for it.

Rugs and Pugs said...

Your finish is perfection, just as I knew it would be. Wool is also my binding of choice. I love your label, but don't know that I could ever make one that didn't have an error or just look wonky. I cheat and make mine on the computer. You did find the perfect spot to showcase your rug.
You make me want to put my pattern on linen and hook it.
Love the tulips from hubby and of course love the dry sink!
Happy belated Mother's Day.

Julie - My Primitive Heart said...

Hi Cathy and Lauren,
I am so happy you both love my rug and the finish!! I guess my thought is that after I have put so much work into the front, I want the back to look nice too, and the wool just seemed right, even though the other ways are just as wonderful! One of these times I will have to try to whip the edge and have used binding tape, but really do love how the wool looks!!
I had to laugh when you said you loved my label Lauren, as it took me long enough to finally get it right!! The fabric moved each time and messed up letters, so I finally got smart and taped it!!
The spot for the rug just seemed to be right and so happy you all seem to agree! Hope you get your pattern drawn on linen and start hooking it!! It really is a fun rug!!
My poor tulips are already dying and I know you are also a fellow dry sink lover!!!
Thanks so much for your kind words and hope both of you have a wonderful week!!
Heart Hugs~
Julie xo

Prims By The Water said...

First of all hope you had a grand Mother's Day! Second where in Michigan did you live? Then your rug looks AMAZING and love where you placed it. Just prim perfect! Janice

Julie - My Primitive Heart said...

Hi Janice,
Yes, Mother's Day was nice as I got to talk to both of my children and hubby made a nice meal!! Hope yours was good as well!!
I have lived all over MI and most of my growing up years there! Ottawa Lake, Central Lake, Bellaire, Pontiac, Mt. Pleasant, Spring Lake, and Ferndale! I love so much about it except for the snow and the mosquitoes!!
I'm so happy you love my rug and I am so glad it worked where I wanted to hang it!! Hope you are enjoying hooking yours!!!
Take care and have a wonderful week!
Heart Hugs~
Julie xo

QuiltGranma said...

Love the variety of shades of color to give movement to the piece. No working on being a crafty lady lately... today drove hubby about 80 miles, one way, to a Dr. appointment, then shopping in the BIG city where food is so much less expensive than out here in the boonies! Accomplishment can mean many things to many different people. It can be getting the laundry done when one needs to pray to keep the washer going, and hanging things around the house to dry because the dryer quit. Accomplishment can mean: I read all the quilt blogs today that I have signed up for. It can mean I got my rug bound and finished and doing a happy dance as I look at it. (bigger than what I am accomplishing, but all are important). I am happy for you. And hubby is doing GOOD, thanks for wondering.

Julie - My Primitive Heart said...

Hi QuiltGranma,
Thank you so much for your visit and kind comments!! I love how the different shades of wool create movement, too!!! Wool is such an amazing textile, isn't it? You may not be working on many crafts lately, but sounds like you have lots of other important things to keep you very busy!! Between Dr. appointments, grocery shopping, laundry, and all the other things, that sounds like LOTS of boxes to check off, plus just keeping up with blogs is a big job!
Happy to hear that your hubby is doing well and hope that continues!! These are such uncertain times right now and we all need those positive moments to keep us going!!!
Take care and hope you have a good week!
Heart Hugs~

Mugwump Woolies said...

Hello Julie,

Hope you enjoyed Mother's Day. Red tulips were one of the highlights of mine :). Enjoyed hanging out with Annie and Mr.MW all day. Your rug is wonderful! I love the folkiness of the pattern and your color choices are perfect with the primitive background. I always gravitate to black backgrounds as they help the other motifs pop. Looks wonderful hanging over your. Bravo...well done!
Robyn xox

Mugwump Woolies said...

cupboard...hanging over your cupboard...yikes! :)

Winnie said...

Happy Belated Mother’s Day Julie!! What a good idea to make it Mother’s Day week too!! At this point in my life, those years of raising children passed in a big blur. At the time however, it was hard to imagine anything else. How quickly those years slip by and when we look at our adult children, it is hard to imagine it really happened. Thankfully we have sweet memories and photos to enjoy.

Your new rug is a masterpiece! How beautiful it all came out and I think it looks lovely flanked on the base with those dark and primitive jugs. I also love seeing your collections of other bowls and crocks housed in so many antiques. A little Primitive Haven out there in Arizona!!

Julie - My Primitive Heart said...

Hi Robyn and Winnie,
Thank you for the Mother's Day wishes and hope you both enjoyed yours as well!
Mine was quiet but nice and I heard from my children, so it was all good!
I so appreciate your kind words about my rug and I am so happy with it and that it is finally done and in place!! When I decided to hook it, I had no idea where it was going and as it sat on the table in preparation for binding, I happened to look up and BINGO!!! So there it hangs and I only had to move the star over the crocks!!

Robyn, I can't tell you how many times I have typed something and realized later that I totally forgot a word!! Or, that I missed a letter and boy what a difference THAT can make!!! One time I was getting ready to send a post and decided to proof read it and am SO HAPPY I DID!!! Instead of typing FRIENDS, I typed FIENDS!!!!! YIKES!!!! Anyway, NO WORRIES!!!!!

Winnie, Your description of a little Primitive Haven in Arizona made me smile!! Yes, many people are surprised when they walk in my home and it truly IS a haven for me, especially now!!!

Thank you both for your sweet comments and I so appreciate hearing from you!! Hope you both have a wonderful week and are enjoying some lovely weather right now in Florida!!!
Heart Hugs~
Julie xo

R's Rue said...

Have a good day