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Thursday, August 2, 2018

~Computer Issues, Power Outages, and Quiche~

Hello, dear friends, and Happy Thursday!!!

Hope you are all enjoying your summer and staying cool!!

It seems like FOREVER since I have blogged or commented on my favorite blogs
and as you can see from my post, there certainly have been reasons why I have been absent!!!

I'm sure the title of my post grabbed your attention and made you wonder 
where Quiche fits in with the other two things, but believe me, it does!

Back in late June, my computer decided to die!!!  Sadly, I lost so many things on it as it could not be opened to save anything!!!  It has been so frustrating, to say the least, but things seem to FINALLY be fixed and I can now blog and comment again!!!  It is amazing to me HOW MUCH we have come to depend on technology and when we don't have it, it REALLY affects us!!!!! 

This past month we have had some very crazy weather here in the Phoenix area and the winds have been horrific, uprooting trees and causing lots of damage!! 
We have also had 2 major power outages and as it happens,  we were affected by it BOTH TIMES!!!

The first storm was several weeks ago and just came up out of nowhere!!  Jeff had just left for a short trip to the Safeway, about a mile from us and I had just put a quiche in the oven for dinner!  About 15 minutes later the wind whipped up and things were blowing everywhere!!! The windows were rattling and trees were almost bent over and I felt like Dorothy in the Wizard of Oz!!!!
It felt like the house was going to start blowing away!

Then to make matters worse, the Power went out!!!!

At first I thought it might just be a breaker, but then realized it was  more serious than that when I called Jeff and found out the power was out at Safeway, too!!!  He said the wind had knocked lots of things over and people who worked there had to let you out as they had to stay by the doors!!  It was just CRAZY, as you can imagine!!!!  Then the rains came and it just POURED, and since our power was out, we couldn't open our garage door, so he got SOAKED!!!!  I was just happy he got back safely as you could hear sirens everywhere!!!!

If you recall, I mentioned I had just put a quiche in the oven before all this started and it had been cooking for about 15 minutes when the power when out, but WHAT DO YOU DO TO COOK IT WITHOUT POWER????

I hated the idea of wasting all that good food and all of a sudden I had a thought and shared it with Jeff!!!  What if we try to finish cooking it on the GRILL??????

Well friends, let me just say that we did try it and IT WORKED!!!!!!

I took a round pizza tin, wrapped it well in foil, and then covered my glass pie plate in foil, too!!!
Jeff put on his rain jacket and hat as it was just pouring outside and put the quiche on the grill and closed the lid!  Sadly, we forgot we had not cleaned it off from our last time using it so there was LOTS OF SMOKE, but once that cooked off, it was fine!!!!  
I was really worried that the pie plate might shatter, or blow up, but it miraculously survived and the quiche cooked perfectly, though had a noticeable smoky flavor!!  Even the crust was done and flaky!!  
I felt like an early pioneer woman and was so happy it turned out okay!!!!  If you ever need to finish cooking quiche, you now know doing it on the grill IS POSSIBLE!!!!!

We actually had quiche, applesauce, and bread, by candlelight!!!  

Believe it our not, the power stayed off for 10 hours, but we are so thankful that due to the rain, the temperature dropped, allowing us to open windows and stay cool and also that our fridge and freezer kept things cold enough so we didn't lose anything!!!  

At 3 AM our power came back on and we both happened to be awake and both said, "THANK GOD!"  We truly were thankful, I can tell you!!!!!!

We had another storm this past Monday and had almost the EXACT SAME THING happen, only this time, I didn't have anything in the oven!!!  Very happy about that!!!!!  We were without power again for almost 10 hours and again THANKED GOD when it came back on!!!   Our food survived and we didn't suffer any damage!!!  SO MUCH TO BE THANKFUL FOR!!!!

So you can see why I have been absent for a while and just hope that things stay normal now!!  Too much excitement for me, to be sure!!!!!  


I have actually been working on some things and will share them later but here is a little pillow I just finished recently for a friend!!!  It is a pattern by Lori Brechlin called Coxcomb and Tulips, and I just love how it turned out!!! 
 Hope you like it, too!!!

Thank you SO MUCH for visiting with me today and catching up with all that has been happening here!!!  I hope to be back very soon with some finished pieces, so stay tuned!!!!

I'll leave you with a fun picture of my Grand dog Charlotte!


Wishing each of you Sunshiny Days filled with Creative Bliss~

Julie xo



The Eveningstitcher said...

Oh my....sounds like you have had quite the eventful summer, Julie! We had a small tornado come thru out town the other night around 1 am...that was really weird Did some damage to a few stores and a bank, but luckliy noone was injured. I used a glass baking dish on the grill years ago and the thing exploded!! I had glass every where...what a mess...what a dummy I was! Your punch needle piece is beautiful! I have that design but of course, haven't punched it yet! Nice to see you're back blogging..hope you have an uneventful rest of the summer!!

Rugs and Pugs said...

SO GOOD to hear from you. Computer issues are the worst. Well, not the worst, but pretty high up there!
I love your coxcomb punch needle. I, too, have that pattern but have not yet punched it. Too many project, too little time :)
Charlotte is just a doll.
I hope you will be blogging again soon :)

Julie - My Primitive Heart said...

Hi Bobbie and Lauren,
Gosh, it is SO NICE to be blogging and leaving comments again!!! Thanks so much for stopping by today and glad you are both doing well!!!

Bobbie, I was so afraid the pie dish would explode, and am so sorry to hear yours did!!! It took me two weeks of soaking, but I got totally clean!! Sorry to hear about the tornado and happy no one was hurt! They can do such damage! It almost felt like a tornado here!! I love that design by Lori and the colors are so rich! It was a fun piece! So happy to be back, too!

Lauren, Thanks so much for missing me!! Yes, those computers can really be a royal pain when they don't work, but sure are nice when they do!!
I love that sweet pattern and especially love the black! It is a fun piece to punch as are all Lori's patterns! I agree about too many projects and too little time! sigh

Thanks so much to both of you for stopping in to visit and hope you both have a great weekend!! Stay cool and have fun creating!
Big Heart Hugs~
Julie xo

Saundra said...

Wow, you certainly did have a rough go at it too. I've seen too much rain and had trees down here too. Now there is rain water in the yard again and with hurricane season hope no more trees come down which threaten the house. Love how Lori's design came out and glad to have you back.

Julie - My Primitive Heart said...

Hi Saundra,
Yes, it just felt like one thing after another, but such is life and we just try to do the best we can, right? I know you have dealt with LOTS of rain and bad weather and am so sorry you have water in your yard again!!! Wish you could send it here as it just dries up way too quickly!! That little pillow really turned out sweetly and wish I would have taken a picture of the back as I added a little heart with my initials that my friend requested me to do!
It feels so good to be back!!!
Take care and happy hooking, my friend!
Heart Hugs~

Julia said...

Nice to see a post from you. Oh my goodness, you've been through some really scary weather. I'm glad you all came out unscathed. Not fun when the computer gives the ghost.

I can tell you're a determinate woman and a survivor to save that quiche like you did during a power outage. It's good of your husband to go out in the rain to light the grill.
I love quiche and make some now and then. I even like it cold.

I love your little pillow and those neutral colors look so good.

I hope the rest of the summer goes well for you. I can't believe we're in August already.
Stay cool and safe.
Hugs, Julia

Prims By The Water said...

OMG Jullie! We had a tornado touch down about an hour south of us and I was just telling my mom today that we have not had any bad storms here this year...knock on wood we don't get any either. I can just see you grilling like a pioneer. What a visual. so glad your quiche was good! Finally Charlotte is adorable! Janice ps that pillow is amazing too!

Lady Locust said...

Oh wow - you have had excitement! Just so you know, when the power goes out on Christmas Day the turkey will also roast on the grill (in terra cotta roaster) beautifully and deliciously. Um, don’t ask how I know that one 😊
Your pillow is lovely. Looking forward to seeing what else you e been busy with.

Julie - My Primitive Heart said...

Hi Julia, Janice, and Lady L,
So nice to have you all stop and visit! It has been so long since I posted so it is a real treat to hear from you!!!

Julia, We certainly have had some rough weather and even had another storm last night, but at least the power stayed on this time! More trees are down though, and more damage to roofs! I know you can relate with all the flooding you had and am hoping all the damage has been taken care of!!! Yes, these computers can sure cause frustration, can't they??
Jeff was a real trooper out in the rain cooking quiche and we were so happy it worked!! Definitely felt like pioneers!! I'm so happy you love the little pillow and I love the colors, too! Yes, the summer is certainly flying by quickly!! Hope you are having a good one and not working too hard!

Janice, Tornados are sure scary and so happy you were safe!! It felt like a tornado here with that wind!!! We even had another bad storm last night and more trees came down, but at least the power stayed on!! Yes, Jeff and I really felt like we were in touch with our pioneer ancestors and "making do" and are both so happy it turned out good!! Charlotte is the sweetest girl and loved to play with Pinky and Scooby, her toys!! I'm so happy you love the pillow, too! I really love the colors!

Lady L, We certainly have had some rough weather recently and even had another "humdinger" last night!! Thankfully the power stayed on this time!!
I knew you could deep fry a turkey and now can add grill to the list!! It is amazing what we can accomplish when we need to, isn't it?? I'm so happy you love the pillow and I especially love the colors in it!!! Hoping to post more things soon!!

Many thanks to all of you for taking the time to leave your sweet comments and hope you all have a wonderful weekend, my friends!

Heart Hugs~
Julie xo

Mugwump Woolies said...

Hello, Julie...Happy to hear from you! There has been a lot of scary weather going around. My least favorite thing is losing power...so hot without the a.c.! Glad to hear you were able to save the quiche...what an adventure! We are in hurricane season mode down here. After last year, I am dreading it! It is so scaring when trees start coming down around you...all you can do is pray!

Good to hear from you, sweet friend. I've been so bad at blogging lately, but life does get busy.

Take good care,
Robyn xo

Julie - My Primitive Heart said...

Hi Robyn,
Yes, I was thinking of you when we had all that wind and can't even imagine what a hurricane must be like!! Losing power is terrible anytime, but we were so fortunate to have the temps drop or we would have been sunk!! I still can't believe the quiche actually turned out, but must say I prefer the oven method!! So sorry you are in the hurricane season and just hope it bypasses you completely this year!! Speaking of trees coming down, our local park where we walk everyday looks like a war zone!! Huge trees were uprooted and lots of park workers were working on removing them today!! It is so very sad!! Just hoping that they will be able to replace them later this fall!!
Please take care and so wonderful to hear from you, too!! I feel like I have been absent forever, but as you say, life DOES get busy and filled with the unexpected, doesn't it?? Hope all of you are doing well!
Heart Hugs, sweet friend~
Julie xo

Anonymous said...

WOW ... You have really had a time of it. Losing power this time of year is unthinkable. So happy you made it and are doing OK. Love Lori's design, it is awesome and your work is perfecto ... what a combination...Lori's design and Julie's talent.
I have been unable to post any comments for several weeks, so I am hoping that this one makes it. I turned OFF the '2-step verification' on my google account. It has helped but not all together. Here's hoping for the best for you and glad to see you back.
Keep Kool sweet friend,

Winnie Nielsen said...

Greetings from Zurich, Switzerland where we are on vacation for a few days!! Europe has been in a heat wave and drought the past few months and this trip has been intensely hot. Apparently, this weather is drifting northwards from the Saraha Desert in Africa and has been unrelenting. Everyone over here is. Urnig up just lie,we have had in the US.

Anyway,I miss d you and glad to hear that your computer and electric problems seem resolved now. I totally understand how hard it is when we all lose power. Last fall when Hurricane Irma hit us, we lost power for 7 days. We were in a constant pool of sweat that week! It is scary when we realize how dependent we are on electricity!!!

Pretty soon we will be able to turn our thoughts to Fall. What have you been thinking about for the next season?? Isn’t it such a beautiful thing to see pumpkins piled up at the grocery stores? And those first cool breezes that have us running to prepare the first batch of chili with fresh cornbread? And then one of my favorites; Jelly Belly fall mix that has two flavors of candy corn, maple flavored candy, candy pumpkins, and little ears of corn candy. I love how it looks in a jar and love it even more to enjoy a few pieces at a time! What little seasonal things give you a smile and perk?

Winnie Nielsen said...

Julie, I see a bunch of typos on my post!!! I seem to make a lot of errors on this iPad when I type. Maybe gremlins under the keys? Or more likely the typist ! Lol!! Please excuse !

Julie - My Primitive Heart said...

Hi Barb and Winnie,
So very nice to hear from both of you and thanks for taking the time to leave your lovely comments!! We all seem to get so busy, don't we???

Barb, Yes, losing power is never fun, but we were so thankful the temps were not as unbearable has they could have been!! Just happy that the power has still stayed on lately!! You are so sweet about my new piece and I truly appreciate it, especially coming from you!! Lori has so many wonderful patterns and I love making them!! So happy you love them, too! Speaking of talent, YOU have a boatload of it and your new designs are wonderful!! I have some ideas for some new things but always seem to fail to get them on paper!! You are so inspiring!!! So sorry for your issues with comments!! I feel like there are so many weird glitches and changes lately and just can't seem to keep up!!! Sure hope you can find a fix soon!!!
Take care and keep cool, my friend!

Winnie, I am so honored that you took the time to visit while on your vacation!!! I'm so sorry you are dealing with the unexpected heat, too!! Hope you are managing to keep cool as much as possible and that some cool breezes will find their way to you!!! I can't even imagine what you dealt with during the hurricane and weather an sure be scary, can't it??
I am also looking forward to fall, my favorite time of year, and really miss all the changes, but still enjoy it!! I have been busy punching some fall and Halloween pieces and getting excited for cooler weather!! Pumpkins really make me happy, plus the smell of orange, cloves and cinnamon!! Yum!!
Hope you enjoy the rest of your vacation and get home safely!!

Thanks again to both of you for your sweet words and visit!! Have a wonderful week!
Heart Hugs~
Julie xo

Kurt Schindler said...

Glad to hear that you made it through some horrific weather. We live in CA and have Wildfire season. The nearest one is about 15 miles away. Very scary.

Love your pillow - the colors are so striking. Will look forward to seeing more of your creations.

Enjoy creating.

Julie - My Primitive Heart said...

Hi Charlotte,
So nice to hear from you!! Yes, it is definitely Monsoon season here!! Hoping for no more power outages!! I am so sorry to hear about all the fires in CA and would certainly be scared to be so near to them!! Stay safe and hope you don't have to be evacuated!!
I'm so happy you love the pillow, too!! I agree about the colors and just love the black background!! I have been really busy working on new things to share for an update soon so stay tuned!!!
Hope you have a great weekend and again, stay safe!!
Heart Hugs~

moosecraft said...

Good to hear from you Julie! Sounds like you've had your fair share of excitement! No electricity is a horrible inconvenience, but it sounds like you made the best of it....and will probably intentionally cook your quiche on the grill from now on! ;-) You did a fine job on the Coxcomb pillow....your friend will cherish it!

HomeSpunPrims said...

Hi Julie, oh my you have had some excitement! So glad you are safe and your food didn’t spoil. Love your punched piece. Will write soon. Love and hugs, Lori

Julie - My Primitive Heart said...

Hi Sharon and Lori,
It is always so nice to hear from you and thanks for taking the time to visit and leave your sweet comments!

Sharon, Yes, we have certainly had some crazy weather here and am hoping it is over, but we may still see more storms again soon! Just happy to have a roof over our heads!!! Was so happy the quiche worked out but I really do prefer the over method best!! lol I was very happy with the Coxcomb pillow and know my friend loved it!! Such beautiful colors!!!

Lori, Yes, we did have some excitement, but I really do love having the power stay on and having my oven working rather than being a pioneer woman! We are so happy there was no damage outside and that the food stayed cold in the fridge and freezer, especially since we had just gone to the store!! Truly a blessing!!! Happy you love my punched piece!! I just love the colors! We keep you and Brian in our prayers each day!!!! xoxo
Hope you both have a wonderful week, my friends and thanks again for your visit!
Heart Hugs~
Julie xo