Monday, May 21, 2018

~Show and Tell~

Hello and Happy Monday, dear friends!!

Hope you are all enjoying some lovely weather in your "neck of the woods!"


It is hard to believe that it has been almost 2 months since my last post!!!

What in the world have I been doing all this time????


Yes, I have been working on hooking a rug!!!!!

It is a wonderful antique adaptation by my sweet friend Lori Rippey, of Homespunprims and I  have wanted to hook it for a very long time!!

Unfortunately, back in 2016, I tripped over some plugs in my front yard and fell over backwards!  It really hurt but I honestly didn't think I did any real damage!!  
Little did I know that that fall would lead to arm pain and then shoulder AND arm pain and finally
after x rays and the dreaded MRI, I was diagnosed with Frozen Shoulder!!!

Let me just say that if I could describe it with one word, I would say EXCRUCIATING!!!!
Thankfully, it was my left arm and so it still allowed me to do things, but I had many limitations and the pain was just constant!!!  I know that many advocate PT for it, but after doing lots of reading about it and talking to some friends who had dealt with it themselves and realizing it could take up to 18 or more months to go away whether I did PT or not, I opted to just use heat, Ibuprofen, and rest!
It was the right choice for me! 

During this time I could still do hand stitching and Punch Needle, and it just seemed to take me FOREVER to get projects done, but I was so grateful I could still do some of the things I loved!   
There were so many things I could no longer do and one of them was rug hooking!!!  

It certainly was a LONG WAIT!!!!

I'm was so happy for the day I could actually raise my arm over my head and knew then that rug hooking would again be in my future!!!
It took 16 months for me to heal and I can't tell you how good it finally feels!!!!  

Fast forward to this year!!!  I joined a new group here in Phoenix, lead by Janet Carruth, that meets one Wed. each month and have not missed a meeting!!!  It is SO NICE to be able to get together with other women who share my love of creating and I have so enjoyed making new friends, too!!

Then in March, I attended a Hook In in the area and actually started working on the antique adaptation!!!

I had so much fun color planning this one and was so excited to begin pulling loops!!

Here is some of my early progress!

This old measure sure is handy for holding lots of different black worms!!

Love this divided holder for keeping my worms separated!

More lovely red worms for the hearts and flowers!!

I admit once I started hooking, it almost became an obsession with me!!  I pretty much did only those things I had to do and just spent the rest of the time hooking this rug!!

I finally pulled the last loop about a week ago and then needed to
steam and bind it!! 

 I actually used 2 inch torn wool strips and attached them to the front folded linen,

 and then folded it over to the back and stitched it in place!!!

  I LOVE the wool binding so much!!

Finally finished!!!!  Hooray!!!!!

I even made a label for the back!!

Here it is hanging on the wall in my living room!!!
  It truly was labor of love and  I am so happy to have it all done!!!  


It is so good to have a pain free shoulder and arm again and now I can get back to more of a normal routine!!!  I think it just felt so good to be able to hook again that I just got lost in it!!!!  

Many thanks to those of you who asked about me and wondered where I was!! I am doing GREAT and it was nice to be missed!!!!  Now to get back to the business of creating some new things and hoping to post again soon!!!  

Thank you for following along and being part of my journey, dear friends!!!

Wishing you JOY in doing what you LOVE~