Wednesday, February 7, 2018

~My First Dye Day~

Hello and Happy Wednesday, dear friends!!

This is the time of year when it is just perfect here in Arizona
with a bit of a breeze,
temperatures in the high 70's to low 80's, and of course,
Doesn't it make you want to come for a visit??

With the weather being so nice, it was the perfect time to have
Dye Day!!!

We met at Janet Carruth's beautiful studio last Saturday, 
bright and early, and got ready to do some serious dyeing!!

Janet hosts a rug hooking group the third Wednesday evening of each month
and I am so happy I can be a part of this wonderful group of ladies!

I have always wanted to see this done and be a part of it and was so happy 
I was able to attend!

Janet is a teacher and is very organized and knowledgeable, 
and did a great job of explaining everything to all of us newbies!

Here is her table with all the wool booklets and cards to write out the recipes!
I felt a bit like I was in chemistry class!!  

Here are all the dye choices!!  

We all picked out a favorite and got those pots ready!

Lovely purple wool!!

Beautiful peacock blue!

Long john red!  I wanted to put a piece of wool in this pot but it was full!!
Maybe next time!!

Cheddar! Notice all the different shades!  My piece of wool is in the middle!

Maggie's red!  I actually mixed this one up myself and have several pieces in this pot!
Love the color of this one!!

Don't I look like I know what I am doing??
How can anyone NOT have fun when they are wearing an apron advertising chocolate,
playing with wool??

This is Janiece (on the left) and Janet, our host and teacher, 
taking a break on the beautiful patio and chatting while the wool was cooking!

Wonderful pieces of dyed wool, drying on the brick fence!!
Aren't they pretty??

Another view of the wool from a different angle!  
The peacock blue wool is on the right and notice how some of it
actually looks teal even though it was all in the same pot!!

Mimi, Ginger, and Chris are admiring our handiwork!
Isn't this the perfect place to dye wool??

Ginger was also taking a picture of the cheddar wool
as she had several pieces in there, too!!

Here is the cheddar wool with my piece being the lightest one of the group!!
Amazing how they all were in the same pot but all dyed differently!!!

This is what it looked like drying!
Again, all this wool was in the same pot but look at all the different color results!
Mine is the lightest one in the middle!

Somehow in the hustle and bustle of the day, I forgot to take a pictures of my red wool drying.
Here it is, all folded and ready to use! Sadly, the cheddar and the color next to it were very hard to photograph! They are both darker and warmer in person! 
 It is SO HARD to get the TRUE COLOR!!

I decided to take a picture on an old white bench with my 
old books in the background, hoping that might help
to show the difference from the last picture!!

I am so happy with each piece I dyed and really feel like I learned a lot!!

If you have not dyed wool before and get the opportunity, I hope you will give it a try!!
It really helps to have someone who can show you the process!!!

My thanks to Janet, Chris, Ginger, Mimi, Janiece, and Sophan,
for all helping me and making the day extra special!!!

This was one of the things I had really hoped to be able to learn and do this year and I am so happy I can check it off my list!!!

Have you been able to accomplish something you have wanted to do this year?

Would love to have you share it!!

Wishing you Many Opportunities To Try Something New, my friends~