Wednesday, January 17, 2018

~Happy 2018~

Hello, friends!!

My family and I want to wish each one of you a Very Happy New Year, 2018!!

This picture was taken on the Polar Express, a train located in William's Arizona
and it was so much fun for all of us!!!

Our granddaughter's Bella and Sophia,
 wore the cutest elf pj's and were so excited to be riding the train with daddy!!
 This is one of Santa's helpers who had more energy than a young child!!
 Must have been all that chocolate!!

We saw Santa's village, had a cookie and hot chocolate, and sang songs!

We even had a visit from Santa himself!!

It was a special memory we will always treasure!!


I have been very busy working on a new design that I am hoping to offer very soon!!

I'm calling it  FOLK ART HEARTS, and I am really loving the colors!!!

Hope you like it, too!!!

Even though Valentine's Day is coming soon,

I always think hearts are perfect ALL YEAR LONG!!!!

Don't you??


I love old wooden bowls and was so happy to find one for my dining room table!!

This one is HUGE and measures 20 inches across on one side as it is not perfectly round,
and 9 inches high!! 

Though there are several cracks due to it's size and age, I still love it
and will enjoy displaying it in my home!!

Do you love to collect old bowls, too?
What are some of your favorite things to collect?
Would love to have you share them!!


Thanks so much for following along with me again for another year!!

Wishing you Brightest Blessings, my friends~



marly said...

How much fun that train would be!

And what a bowl. Great rim on it, lucky girl!

Mugwump Woolies said...

Hi Julie...This looks like so much fun! Who doesn't love a train ride?...especially a ride to see Santa! Your grands must have been over the moon! They look so sweet in their Christmas pj's. What a wonderful memory for them...and for you and your husband and son. Perhaps a new Christmas tradition?
Love you big bowl. I have a big old bowl, too. I made the mistake of storing it in the the heat and the small crack in it grew...and then grew some more. They are fun to fill with all sorts of seasonal goodies!

Love the new pattern...lots of red, of course!


Saundra said...

That looked like a lot of fun for not only the kids but adults as well. Great bowl and you can fill it with various items depending on the season or holiday.

Winnie Nielsen said...

Happy New Year, Julie!! Your train ride with Santa photos are just so sweet!! Those little girls in their Christmas PJs were just so cute. It sounds like such fun for everyone. Christmas with little ones is so much fun!!

I DO LOVE that new big bowl! It is splendid and perfect for imagining the many ways you will enjoy filling it. I would love to find a nice old bowl but so far, all I have seen are new ones or bowls that are fairly young (like within my lifetime!! LOL!!!) Finding primitive items is challenging because the area seems to have more turn of the Century stuff like graniteware, and other metal items. I am sure the stuff is here somewhere, I just need to stumble across it. Wish me luck!

Prims By The Water said...

Julie that Polar Express train reminds me of the one we have here in Michigan. My mom rode it one year. How fun to wear pj's on the train ,just like the movie! Loving your new wooden bowl. Looks prim perfect on your table. Was just thinking about your butter mold pattern and trying to decide how big to enlarge and what colors to use. I keep changing my mind...decisions decisions. LOL Janice

old crow said...

Hi Julie, looks like you had a wonderful holiday!! The girls are gettting so big!! So glad you were able to take them on such a fun train ride!! Your new bowl is great!! I especially love the cracks!! So primitive!! Your new design is lovely!! Looking forward to your finish!!
Happy New Year!

Ronda said...

Happy New Year!!

That looks like so much fun! I love the bowl.


acorn hollow said...

my husband and I use to volunteer for the polar express here in NH (we dressed up as elves) the charity was believe in books. but the kids got on the train about 20 minutes away and got out what they believed was the north pole. How I enjoyed those kids telling me where they were from and what they wanted for Christmas.
I love wooden bowls also and have several that I change out for the seasons.I am also in love with handmade wooden spoons.

Kurt Schindler said...

Hi Julie,

I have seen the ads for the train trip and always thought how much fun it would be to take grandchildren. No grandchildren just grand dogs. Oh well. I am glad you had a great time. I am sure it will be a life time memory.

I have three wooden bowls. The first belonged to my mother in law, so it is special. I bought a small one at a vintage shop. The third one I purchased (for fifty cents) at a garage sale. I couldn't believe it when she told me the price. My lucky day. It is very large- 17 inches diameter. Right now, I have ornies of hearts and snowmen in it. Yours looks great on your penny rug - very striking.

Thanks for sharing.

Julie - My Primitive Heart said...

Hi Everyone,
I truly appreciate each one of your comments and thanks so much for visiting!
The train was SO MUCH FUN, and there were many people there without children...just big kids at heart!! One man was dressed like Will Farrell from Elf!! If you ever get the chance to go to one in your area, do try to go as it is worth it!! The gal in the photo who was our Baker has so much energy and really made us laugh with her antics!! How fun for you to have been able to volunteer, Cathy!! My granddaughters will never forget their train ride!!
Seems like many of you love old bowls, too, and they are so great for display!
This bowl was such a great deal and being under $50.00 made it a real bargain, but I have to admit that Charlotte's bowl for .50 cents has me beat!! All I can say is just keep your eyes open when you are at Thrift Stores and Garage Sales and you might just hit the jackpot!!
Collecting things can be so much fun and doesn't have to break the bank!!
Hope each of you have a wonderful week and thanks again for your visit!!
Heart Hugs~

Merry Wind Farm said...

Hi, Julie, love your new bowl! Cracks and imperfections make it perfect! My son loved the book The Polar Express, and that was 25 years ago. I wonder if he still has it. Melinda

Rugs and Pugs said...

What fun the train ride must have been for Bella and Sophia and the grown ups, too!
I am obsessed with wooden bowls and have more than I can count. I have more collections than I can count, too. Crocks, treen, featheredge, samplers, spice boxes, wooden boxes, pin cushions, little scissors and the list goes on.
Hugs 😊

moosecraft said...

That Polar Express is so darn cute! I'd love to be able to experience that for Christmas! Looking forward to seeing more of your new design! :-)

Julie - My Primitive Heart said...

Hi Melinda, Lauren, and Sharon,
Yes, the train was just so fantastic and there were LOTS of the "young at heart" riding it, too!! They do such a wonderful job and that crazy baker gal we had seemed like the energizer bunny, running up and down the aisle and getting everyone excited!! She was the best part of the evening, besides Santa!! So happy we went and if you find one in your area, I encourage you to go as you won't be disappointed!!!
Wooden bowls are a favorite with me and I am like you Lauren, loving so many things, and sharing many of your same favorites!!
Hope each of you have a wonderful week, and as always, many thanks for your kind and encouraging words!!
Heart Hugs~