Wednesday, December 26, 2018

~A My Primitive Heart Christmas~

Hello, dear friends!!

I hope you had a wonderful Christmas,
celebrating with family and friends,
making special memories together!!

Each year, we bring out our treasured decorations and display them around our home
and this year was no exception!!

Sadly, my plans to share them with you did not happen 
so I decided it is never too late to share,
and have added a new album to my 
Picture Trail called 
Christmas 2018!

You can visit it if you are so inclined by clicking HERE!

We hope you will take some time to stop by for a visit and we welcome you 
with open hearts into our home!!

Many thanks to all of you who visit my blog and take the time to comment!!
I appreciate it more than you know!!!

Wishing you a joyous week as you get ready for 2019!!

Heart Hugs, my friends~

Julie xo 

Tuesday, December 25, 2018

~Merry Christmas~

Santa Deer Punchneedle design by Lori Brechlin
made by me! 

Merry Christmas, dear friends!

May you sense and know the Wonder of this Blessed time of year!

May your hearts be filled with Love and Laughter!

May you enjoy each and every magical moment spent with those you love!

Wishing you all the joys and peace that this season brings!!

With Love~

Julie and Jeff

Sunday, November 18, 2018

~Christmas Goodes Update~

Hello, dear friends!
Hope you are doing well and getting excited for 
I can hardly wait!!!!!

My turkey is defrosting, and my pantry is
FULL, with all the delicious things we love to eat
during this wonderful time of year!
Did I say I can hardly wait???


As hard as it is to believe,
it IS that time of year again for my 
Christmas Goodes Update!!

Here is a small sampling of what I will be offering!

I would love to invite you to come by my Picture Trail
Monday, November 19th, at 8 PM, EST!
You can visit by going to my sidebar and clicking on the picture!
The album will be closed for now so that I can get everything ready,
but will promptly open at 8 PM on Monday!

Hope to see you then!!!!

Wishing you a Blessed Thanksgiving, my friends~

Julie xo

Thursday, October 25, 2018

~The Winner Is.....~

Hello, and Happy Thursday to you all!!!
It is a beautiful day here in Arizona,
with sunshine and temps in the mid 80's!!
It just doesn't get much better than that
and I will certainly enjoy each moment!!
This is the time of year when it really is a JOY to live in Arizona!!

It seems that I am NOT ALONE in my love of pumpkins
and so many of you shared some I have never even heard of before!!!
Munchkins, Long Island Cheese, Orange sparklers, Blue Hakkaido
Baby Boos, and Warty Goblins, to name a few!!
Who knew there could be SO MANY??

Photo Compliments of Pinterest

The white pumpkins, or Ghost, seemed to be a favorite,
as well as the Jack B. Little, Cinderella, and Warty Goblins!!
Orange is still the hand's down favorite, but blue and green
are close behind!!  

There were also a number of you that love the folk art fabric pumpkins
and all the many things that can be made from real pumpkin,
including breads, cookies, and pies!!!  OH YUM!!!!


Thank you to all of you who entered the Giveaway!
There were 48 entries in all and I really enjoyed 
reading about your love of pumpkins, the type and color you love,
and how you like to display them for the holiday!!
Seems we ALL really do LOVE PUMPKINS!!!!

The winner of the little pumpkin pillow is:

Darlene L.

I have sent you an email and will wait to hear from you so I can get your 
package in the mail!!

Thanks again SO MUCH, to all of you who entered my Giveaway, for all your comments and emails and for following along on my blog!!

I will be back in a few days to share more with you about what I am working on so stay tuned!!

Wishing you Autumn Joys, my friends~


Sunday, October 21, 2018

~It's Giveaway Time~

Hello and Happy Sunday to you!!

Though it is the middle of October and many of you are dealing with 
cold temperatures and even some snow flurries,
here in Arizona it has actually been quite warm,
climbing into the high 80's and low 90's the past few days!!

Not exactly fall weather, but I still bought several pumpkins for 
my front porch because I just LOVE PUMPKINS!!!!
Don't you????

Because of my love of pumpkins and fall, it seemed like the perfect time
to have a little Giveaway of a sweet little pumpkin pillow!!
This is a wonderful design by 
Pineberry Lane and I made an extra one that 
I would love to share with you!!!

If you would like to be entered, you can either share with me
on this post, or email me at:
if you follow me by email!
Please share with me your favorite type of pumpkin you love to decorate with
and the color!  There are so many to choose from!

If you are a no-reply blogger, please be sure to leave your email address in the
comments so I can get in touch with you!  I will choose a winner on Thursday 
the 25th.  

Many thanks to all of  you for following my blog!!!

Wishing you brilliant colors of Autumn and "frost on the pumpkin" days, my friends~


Tuesday, October 9, 2018

~Fall Update 2~

Hello friends and Happy Tuesday!
It has been absolutely GLORIOUS here in Arizona this past week
and I have been doing Happy Dances each morning as I walk!!
So very thankful to finally be saying goodbye to the heat
to AUTUMN!!!

Since we still have several weeks of October left
I have decided to offer a few more of my creations
recently finished and if you are interested
please join me on THURSDAY, OCTOBER 11th at 8 PM, EST
for my Update on my Picture Trail in the album called 
Fall Update 2!
You can visit by clicking on the picture on my sidebar on the right!

The album will be closed till then so I can get everything ready
but will be open promptly at 8 PM!


Here is a sneak peek at what will be available!

Hope you can join me then!!!

Wishing you all the Glories of Fall, my friends~


Thursday, August 30, 2018

~B is for Bowl~

Hello, dear friends, and Happy Thursday!!

Today is my daughter Janelle's Birthday and we will be 
celebrating it later with
steaks on the grill and chocolate cake,
all made by her "cook extraordinaire" hubby, Austin!!!
HAPPY BIRTHDAY, sweetie!!!  Can't wait!!!


My Picture Trail is back to normal again and though I still don't know what happened
I'm glad it is now working, at least to visit!!
  Someone did try to sign my Guest book and it was not 
cooperating!!!  Hope it will start playing nice, soon!! 
Thanks so much for your patience and understanding!!!


The title of my post today reflects a love I have for bowls
and I decided to share some photos of bowls
around my home and how I use them!!

Large black bowl filled with pieces of Stone fruit
that sits on my kitchen table!

Tiny little Yellow ware bowl filled with dried orange slices!
Anytime I eat an orange I save and dry the slices!
They smell AND look wonderful!!!

Large trencher that holds a number of my old bobbins and spools!
Love the handles on this beauty!

Another old trencher that is home to old butter presses and paddles!
Love the patina of the old wood, don't you?

This very large Yellow ware bowl has a practical use
in my kitchen as it holds potatoes!!

This is my grand dog Charlotte's favorite bowl
as it is home to her doggie treats!!

A Birthday gift this past year and it is very heavy wood
called a Burl bowl!
It it the perfect home for some Stone fruit!

This is perhaps my favorite wood bowl!
and holds my dried pomegranates
quince and dried pumpkin stems!!

My favorite Yellow ware bowl is also 
very large and filled with dried
potpourri and oranges!
A spicy candle nestles in the middle!

Yet another bowl filled with old tin cutters,
another thing I love to collect!!

Bowls even look beautiful just stacked up 
ready and waiting to be used!!

Or how about a Bowl rack?
Three old bowls make a wonderful statement
all by themselves!!

Or filled to overflowing with 
fabric strawberries
in this old trencher with make do repairs!


As you can see, I REALLY DO LOVE BOWLS and 
enjoy all the many ways to use them,
whether they are filled with special treasures or collections,
are stacked up, or even empty!!

They are wonderful to collect, not only for their practical and functional use
but also because they are beautiful!!

Just keep your eye out for them at Thrift stores and garage sales!!  You never know where you might find one, just waiting for you!!!  I have found most of mine that way and am always looking!!!

Do YOU love bowls, and do you collect them?  I would so love to hear about it and also about your favorite bowl, too, if you have one!!  

As always, thank you SO MUCH for stopping by and visiting with me today!!!  

It is a Joy to hear from YOU!!!

Wishing you a "Bowl Full" of Blessings, my friends~

Julie xo

Tuesday, August 28, 2018

~Picturetrail is Down~

Hello, dear friends!
Hope you are enjoying your week!

Just wanted to share a quick post with you 
that my Picture Trail Selling Site is currently down!
I recently had a Fall Update with many pieces
for sale and for some reason, the site is not working
at the moment! 

If you try to go to my sidebar or use the link from your Tell A Friend Invitation
or the link from my previous post
it will show an error message!! 

It is an internal error that only they can fix, 
so no one is able to visit, or make purchases at this time!

If you have been trying to visit, had a question about something
you were interested in,
or wanted to make a purchase,
Please let me know!!
Email me at:
and I will get back to you, answer your questions, 
or send you a Paypal invoice!

This was totally unexpected, just like my power going off......AGAIN, last night!
There was NO STORM, WIND, OR RAIN, and am still not sure WHY, 
but this has been the 3rd time now in the past 2 months that this has happened!!
At least I didn't have a quiche in the oven!!!
Just very thankful that it only lasted about 2 hours instead of 10!!!

So, life seems to be presenting challenges today, but I will choose to
THINK POSITIVE and Hope the problem will be corrected SOON!!

Many thanks for your patience as this gets taken care of!!!!

Wishing you Positive Thoughts in Challenging Circumstances~

Julie xo

Sunday, August 26, 2018

~Floss and Thread~

Hello, dear friends!
Happy Sunday to you!!

It looks like another week is ready to begin and if you are like me
you are thinking about what to create!

Do you have a project you are just finishing up?
Perhaps, you are thinking of starting something new?
Or, maybe you even have MULTIPLE THINGS 
you are working on?

Whichever one of these may describe you, you ALL will no doubt
be using some kind of floss or thread in your project, yes?

I'm curious to know WHERE you store your floss and threads
as they are a HUGE part of creating
and wanted to share some ideas for storage with you!

One important tool to have on hand is a basket!!

They are easily transportable as they are lightweight
and if they have a handle that is even better!

This small Longaberger basket is perfect for holding some 
Valdani balls of floss for my punch needle projects,

Larger baskets, like this old gem, are great for holding 
balls of embroidery thread!  Not only practical
but so pretty!!

What about using a wire rack for holding
old bobbins and spools wrapped with dyed threads?

Here is a drawer in a cupboard that hold 
specialty threads, both old and new, when I want
something unique for a project! It makes it
so easy for me to find that perfect thread when I need it!

An old pickle jar is another great storage option
and makes a nice statement with all the white 
threads and red bale handle!

This is another very old jar for those smaller balls of
old floss!! I just love to see them all grouped together, 
don't you?

Until recently, I kept all of my DMC floss in plastic containers
like this one! Look familiar?

The positive about these is that you can get a lot of floss in them and 
keep them all together, but the downside is that you 
have to constantly root through them to find what you want!!!
I knew I needed to find something better!!!

Several months ago while celebrating our anniversary
I found the perfect solution to my floss dilemma! 

This sweet little pine table top cupboard!

It is 24 inches tall and is 23 inches wide with 4 large drawers
so it offers a lot of storage space!

It was hard to get a good photo as it is in my hallway,
but it is just perfect for what I was looking for
and I couldn't be happier!!

Each drawer hold small baggies of floss in color groups
and makes it SO MUCH EASIER for me to find them!
Don't we all need to find those ways to make life more


After putting all my DMC Floss in my new cupboard, 
I knew I also needed a new home for my Valdani pearl cotton!
All this time I have had the PERFECT SPOT for it and didn't even
realize it!!!

This piece has 20 long narrow drawers in it and I have had it for a long time!
I remember thinking that is was a great storage piece when I bought it,
but have just never put anything in it!!
I believe it might have come from a hardware store and held
nuts and bolts!

Now it holds all of my Valdani so nicely!!

I even added little wall paper liners to the bottom of each drawer
so it looks pretty, and even added sprigs of dried lavender!!!
So simple and sweet!!  

Now I feel so much more organized and don't have to dig
though all those containers anymore!!! 


So, do YOU have a special place to store your 
floss and thread?  
Do you NEED to find a good storage solution?
I hope I have inspired you to be on the look out for
just the right piece that will make your life easier!!
The solution may be even closer than you think!!

If you have a unique way of storing your threads, 
won't you share that with me?  I would love to hear about it!!

Thanks SO MUCH for stopping by and visiting with me today!!
It truly warms my heart!!

Wishing you Simple Solutions to make life Sweeter, my friends~

Julie xo

Tuesday, August 21, 2018

~Fall Update Now Open!~

Happy Tuesday, dear friends!

Just wanted to give you a friendly reminder
about my Update tonight!

Fall Update Now Open!!!!
My Primitive Heart
Picture Trail Selling Shoppe


Just click on the link to visit the Fall Update Album!

Wishing each of you a Fabulous Day~


Monday, August 20, 2018

~Some Finishes and an Update~

Good Monday Morning, dear friends!
Hope your week is starting well and that you have 
plans for some fun and creative time this week!
We certainly all need that in our busy lives!!

August is moving by so swiftly and it has been especially hot and muggy here in AZ right now
so I have been keeping busy and cool inside with both my needle and thread and my punch needle 
working on projects!  

Here are just a few of them that have all gone to good homes!!

Sweet little Log Cabin Pincushion I made from an old cutter quilt!
It is stuffed with sawdust and embellished with old pins!

Backed with a piece of coverlet and finished with tiny X's around the edge!

Chums Pillow by Pineberry Lane
 with red stitching and a fat velvet strawberry!
So yummy!!

Finished with a plaid wool heart and red stitching!

Tiny black wool pumpkin pincushion
stuffed with wool snippets!!
Love the wrapped army blanket wool stem!

Black Jack Punch Needle Pillow by Pineberry Lane!
The pillow is stuffed with wool snippets and I have attached
4 handmade tassels to each corner!!

The back is finished with a small wool heart and tiny X's 
around the edges!

Tulip Heart by Notforgotten Farm is such a lovely design
and is stuffed with sawdust and has a black twill tape hanger!

The back is finished with a large black wool heart stitched to some
old army blanket green wool!!

Hex and Frex Punch Needle Pillow by Notforgotten Farm!
I've stuffed the pillow with wool snippets and backed it with 
black wool and a stitched heart!

I especially love Notforgotten Farm and Pineberry Lane Designs
and these pieces were a joy to create! 
Lori and Wendy are both such talented ladies and I thank both of them
for sharing their designs with us so that we can create these wonderful pieces!!


I am also excited to share that I am having a Fall Update 
this Tuesday,  August 21st, at 8 PM, EST
that will be offered on my Picture Trail Selling Shoppe
and here is a sneak peek of what I will be offering!

I hope you can join me then!!!


Thank you so much for following along with me and supporting my work!!
It truly fills my heart with Joy!!!  

Wishing you Creative Moments in your Busy Days~

Julie xo

Thursday, August 2, 2018

~Computer Issues, Power Outages, and Quiche~

Hello, dear friends, and Happy Thursday!!!

Hope you are all enjoying your summer and staying cool!!

It seems like FOREVER since I have blogged or commented on my favorite blogs
and as you can see from my post, there certainly have been reasons why I have been absent!!!

I'm sure the title of my post grabbed your attention and made you wonder 
where Quiche fits in with the other two things, but believe me, it does!

Back in late June, my computer decided to die!!!  Sadly, I lost so many things on it as it could not be opened to save anything!!!  It has been so frustrating, to say the least, but things seem to FINALLY be fixed and I can now blog and comment again!!!  It is amazing to me HOW MUCH we have come to depend on technology and when we don't have it, it REALLY affects us!!!!! 

This past month we have had some very crazy weather here in the Phoenix area and the winds have been horrific, uprooting trees and causing lots of damage!! 
We have also had 2 major power outages and as it happens,  we were affected by it BOTH TIMES!!!

The first storm was several weeks ago and just came up out of nowhere!!  Jeff had just left for a short trip to the Safeway, about a mile from us and I had just put a quiche in the oven for dinner!  About 15 minutes later the wind whipped up and things were blowing everywhere!!! The windows were rattling and trees were almost bent over and I felt like Dorothy in the Wizard of Oz!!!!
It felt like the house was going to start blowing away!

Then to make matters worse, the Power went out!!!!

At first I thought it might just be a breaker, but then realized it was  more serious than that when I called Jeff and found out the power was out at Safeway, too!!!  He said the wind had knocked lots of things over and people who worked there had to let you out as they had to stay by the doors!!  It was just CRAZY, as you can imagine!!!!  Then the rains came and it just POURED, and since our power was out, we couldn't open our garage door, so he got SOAKED!!!!  I was just happy he got back safely as you could hear sirens everywhere!!!!

If you recall, I mentioned I had just put a quiche in the oven before all this started and it had been cooking for about 15 minutes when the power when out, but WHAT DO YOU DO TO COOK IT WITHOUT POWER????

I hated the idea of wasting all that good food and all of a sudden I had a thought and shared it with Jeff!!!  What if we try to finish cooking it on the GRILL??????

Well friends, let me just say that we did try it and IT WORKED!!!!!!

I took a round pizza tin, wrapped it well in foil, and then covered my glass pie plate in foil, too!!!
Jeff put on his rain jacket and hat as it was just pouring outside and put the quiche on the grill and closed the lid!  Sadly, we forgot we had not cleaned it off from our last time using it so there was LOTS OF SMOKE, but once that cooked off, it was fine!!!!  
I was really worried that the pie plate might shatter, or blow up, but it miraculously survived and the quiche cooked perfectly, though had a noticeable smoky flavor!!  Even the crust was done and flaky!!  
I felt like an early pioneer woman and was so happy it turned out okay!!!!  If you ever need to finish cooking quiche, you now know doing it on the grill IS POSSIBLE!!!!!

We actually had quiche, applesauce, and bread, by candlelight!!!  

Believe it our not, the power stayed off for 10 hours, but we are so thankful that due to the rain, the temperature dropped, allowing us to open windows and stay cool and also that our fridge and freezer kept things cold enough so we didn't lose anything!!!  

At 3 AM our power came back on and we both happened to be awake and both said, "THANK GOD!"  We truly were thankful, I can tell you!!!!!!

We had another storm this past Monday and had almost the EXACT SAME THING happen, only this time, I didn't have anything in the oven!!!  Very happy about that!!!!!  We were without power again for almost 10 hours and again THANKED GOD when it came back on!!!   Our food survived and we didn't suffer any damage!!!  SO MUCH TO BE THANKFUL FOR!!!!

So you can see why I have been absent for a while and just hope that things stay normal now!!  Too much excitement for me, to be sure!!!!!  


I have actually been working on some things and will share them later but here is a little pillow I just finished recently for a friend!!!  It is a pattern by Lori Brechlin called Coxcomb and Tulips, and I just love how it turned out!!! 
 Hope you like it, too!!!

Thank you SO MUCH for visiting with me today and catching up with all that has been happening here!!!  I hope to be back very soon with some finished pieces, so stay tuned!!!!

I'll leave you with a fun picture of my Grand dog Charlotte!


Wishing each of you Sunshiny Days filled with Creative Bliss~

Julie xo