Sunday, December 24, 2017

~A Blessed Christmas~

Dear Friends,

Wishing each one of you a 

Most Blessed Christmas

From Our Home To Yours~


Monday, December 18, 2017

~Christmas Around Our House~

Hello, friends!!
Christmas is actually one week from today!!!
Are you all ready??
Are you keeping a list of things to do?

My list seems to keep changing
as I add more things I forgot about
when I made it the first time!!

Hopefully, I can check off the last of the 
items today!!

One of them is:
Do a blog post with Christmas decorating!!

So here is my post and as soon as I publish this
I can cross it off my list!!!  

I hope you enjoy Christmas Around Our House!! 

Welcome to our home!!!

A red pair of long johns with two wool stocking I made from an old blanket
hang from a peg rack by the front door!!

This is a favorite vignette that I use each Christmas
with a sweet little old batting Santa, red velvet birds I made
and an old framed post card
tucked inside a Tiger Maple carrier
atop an old painted box in a fabulous red!!

Our Nativity Set has a place of honor on top of a black cupboard in the living room!!
We love to celebrate the birth of Jesus!!

My Mitten Strings I make are just perfect hanging from the top of an old black cupboard
and look so nice with the red on the horse!!

Noelle Angel I made hangs on my old pine cupboard!

Two little Santa Candy containers with a feather tree inside an old butter crock!!

The Cat Lady with all her sweet felines
to keep her company!!!

My old dry sink with some Arnett Santas and bottle brush trees,
my treasured rug hooked by Lori Rippey and old baskets!!
Love all the pops of RED!!!

An old scrub top table with a little tree decorated with cookie cutters in an old wooden bowl
and some old quilts and coverlets underneath!!

Our simple tree!

Large Yellow ware bowl filled with my handmade Plum Pudding
nestled in dried oranges and potpourri
sitting on an old red box!!

Simple Ginger man in an old basket with butter paddles!

Old cookie cutters in a wooden bowl with some greens and berries!

Two Santas I made sitting beside an sweet little house
filled with bottle brush trees and sheep!

Chalk ware Santa in my Yellow ware cupboard
with some Putz sheep and old butter molds!

My Ginger man on an old grater rests beside two old butter molds
an old Spice box and two firkins!

This is another favorite display with so many
fun pieces and holds my collection of pantry boxes and firkins!

A favorite print with some sweet Santa figures and old tin!

LOVE all the RED in this picture, don't you??

An old sled with some red stockings!!

An Arnett Santa!

Another one in a red coat!

A new one joined the group and carries some pantry boxes and a bottle brush tree!

They all say, "MERRY CHRISTMAS!"


Jeff and I hope you enjoyed your visit with us and want to wish each of you
our very best wishes!!!

May you sense and know the WONDER and HOPE of this MOST BLESSED SEASON
and may your hearts be filled with DEEP JOY and ABIDING PEACE!!!

MERRY CHRISTMAS, dear friends, 
from our home to yours~


Sunday, December 10, 2017

~Special Birthday Wishes~

December 7th is always a very special day in our home
as it is the day my dear husband Jeff made his debut
to our world!!

I have personally known Jeff for 39 years and have been married to him
for almost 37 years, and been able to celebrate each of those years
 with a thankful heart!

My husband is a very kind and gentle man,
with a great sense of humor
and he works
 very hard each day as an online professor!!

His office is his special haven, filled with many treasures that bring him comfort, encouragement
and joy!!

His desk is always neat and he plans out his days with his trusty
Daytimer AND a cup of coffee!!

Jeff likes to decorate it for Christmas and even has his own little tree!

This Santa is one I made over 20 years ago and though my style has changed over the years
he always brings it out and gives it a place of honor on his desk!!

Jeff was an art major in college and LOVES ART, so he has several prints on the wall that he really loves, plus a photo of me when I was still a young wife!! 
Can you believe those curls were natural??

Another favorite print above his desk!!

One of the few paintings from his art school days
that he gave to his mother!
When she passed away she left it to him!

He loves books and has bookcases to hold his collection of them!!
Notice his graduation picture on the left and his father on the right!!

I made him this Christmas stocking a number of years ago
and it hangs on the door!

All his diplomas from all those years of college!!  
I'm so proud of him for all of his hard work!!

We celebrated his special day by going to breakfast, seeing a movie, walking around the Antique Mall, and then dinner with Janelle and Austin at Cheesecake Factory!!!
Of course, I forgot to take a picture of our delicious dinner, but believe me,
it was AMAZING!!!

Chicken Madeira is one of his favorites and we love to share it on special occasions!
Topped the evening off with Lemon Raspberry Cheesecake
and that made the night just perfect!!!

Jeff is a wonderful husband, father, grandfather, brother, friend and an AMAZING MAN!!
I feel truly blessed to be part of his life and know how much he loves and cares for me
and his family!!!

Happy Birthday, dear Jeff, and may this be a year filled with good health, hope, and joy!!!
I'm so happy we can share this adventure together!!

With Love~


Saturday, December 2, 2017

~Christmas Goodes Update~

Hello, dear friends!!

Time continues to fly by so very quickly!!!

I have been so busy and am happy to announce

my Update is Now Open

Monday, December 4th, at 8 PM, EST,



on my Picture Trail Selling Shoppe!

Here is a sneak peek of some of the things that will be available!!

I do hope you can join me and please be sure to save the date and time!!

Click HERE to go to the album!


I had plans to share a Thanksgiving post and somehow it never materialized!!

My son Jeffry, and my two grands, Bella, and Sophia were in town,
as well as my daughter Janelle, her hubby, Austin, and of course, grand pup Charlotte
and we had a really wonderful time celebrating together!!

My son loves to take photos with his camera and then make them into collages
and he sent this to me, so I thought I would share it with you!!

During this season, we are continually reminded of So Many Blessings,
and indeed, my heart is full as I think of all that I  have to be Thankful for!!
I am truly thankful for family, good health and special friends.....
like you!!!

Wishing you Full Hearts, my friends~