Thursday, July 20, 2017

~Two Finishes~

Happy Thursday, dear friends!!

Are you surviving the temperatures?
It sure has been a HOT SUMMER, at least for us,
so I am hoping you are keeping cool and keeping yourselves hydrated!!

I finally have two finishes to share and it ALWAYS feels 
to take the LAST STITCH, 
don't you think??

Here is my applique piece from my pattern
Butter Mold Heart
and I am SO HAPPY WITH IT!!!

It measures 15 inches W x 14 3/4 inches H
and is all hand appliqued with tiny whip stitches!

The red wool in this piece is a bit brighter than I normally use, 
but I had a lot of it and thought it would look good
 with the other red wool
 I used in the piece!!

There are 4 different colors of mustard/gold wool
and brown floss that I back stitched for the vine!

I decided to add the same black to the back 
and also stitched on two plastic rings for hangers!

For the final touch I added a red wool heart
with the initials MPH (My Primitive Heart)
and the date!

I decided to hang it in my bedroom
under an old sifter with one of my stuffed velvet hearts!

What do you think??

I'm really happy with it and hope that it gives you some ideas 
if you have purchased the pattern and want to try to make your own
applique piece!!!  

If you do make one, or do the Punch Needle version, or even 
make it into a rug, I would so love for you to share your creations
with me!!!


My second project is...........

Another Penny Rug!!!!

After I made my last rug, I decided my coffee table REALLY needed one!!!

I have a large trencher full of cloth strawberries
sitting on the top
and they are made using mostly plain red and red print cotton fabrics, velvet, or wool
with army green or brown caps

So taking inspiration from those berries, I used the same colors in my new penny rug
plus adding tan wool to add contrast!

I made a rectangular one that measures 38 1/2 inches L x 20 1/2 inches W
and used red cotton for the base and the back!

There are diamond patterns using the different stacks of colors and I am really 
happy with it!!

It really sets off the trencher and berries and is easy to just scoot to the side
if we need to use the top!!

Even though this penny rug is smaller than the one I made for my dining room table
I believe there are more pennies in this one since it has triple penny stacks
rather than the double stacks in the larger one......115 large, 115, medium, and 115 small,
so that make 345 pennies in this one!!
That's a LOT of PENNIES!!!


It was really fun to make and I actually used wool from an old army blanket, two old wool blankets
and some older brown wool, plus the red cotton was also old fabric, so my New Penny Rug
is made from ALL OLD FABRICS!!!

If you haven't tried making a penny rug yet, it's a great time to start!!!

Thanks so much for stopping by and visiting with me today!!!  
Take care and STAY COOL!!!!

Wishing you days filled with Creative Accomplishments, my friends~


Wednesday, July 5, 2017


Happy Wednesday, dear friends!

I hope you had a wonderful and safe 4th of July!
I spent the day still recuperating from a nasty bug I got almost 3 weeks ago!
It's NEVER FUN to get sick!!
I'm finally feeling more like my old self again!!!

Our son and his two precious girls came for a visit and a small vacation earlier last month 
and it was SO GOOD to see them!!!!

We certainly did have a GRAND TIME as we went to the 

Sophia and Bella in our Pink Jeep!

Grammy and Sophia, all ready for our adventure!

Grandpa and Bella being silly, as usual!!!

Our first look!!! WOW!!!!

Absolutely BREATHTAKING!!!!


Our son Jeffry and Bella, taking it all in!!!

Glorious colors!!!

There are not enough words to describe the beauty!!

God's MARVELOUS Handiwork!!!


Daddy and Bella enjoying the view!!

Grammy and Sophia taking a little rest!

Jeff and I enjoying this amazing moment together!!!

There are just NO WORDS!!!!

The Zakrzewski Family Vacation!!

I hope you have enjoyed your visit along with us and would hope that if you have never made the trip
to see this marvelous wonder, that you will add it to your bucket list!!!

It was TRULY GRAND!!!!

I am so happy that I did not get sick till after we got back from our trip!!!
It would have spoiled our time together!!!

Hope you are all doing well and trying to stay cool during this especially HOT time of year!!
Our highest temperature so far was 120 degrees!!!! 
What has your high been?

Take care everyone and stay well!!  
I will be back soon to share my progress on my applique piece 
and another new project I have started!!!

Thanks so much for taking the time to visit and leaving your sweet comments!!
I appreciate each one of them, and YOU!!!

Wishing you GRAND TIMES, my friends~