Friday, June 9, 2017

~One Down, One To Go~

Happy Friday, dear friends!!
This week sure did fly by!!!
Hope you are staying cool!
AC + Fans= Happy Me!!!


In my last post I shared two projects I was working on,
A new penny rug, and an applique piece!

Well, believe it or not, I actually got the penny rug finished!

Here is my newest penny rug!

I draped it over the back of my chair so you could see
one idea about how you could display it!

Love the colors, but again, my camera seems to like to
change the tones!!

This is a good size penny rug! 
It is 32 inches long by 11 inches wide!
Since it is backed with pennies, rather than a fabric
there are a total of 232 hand cut pennies!!
What happened to me NOT making a big rug??

Here is the back, a lovely dark brown wool from an old coat!!
You can see all the stitches joining it together!!

I was so happy the brown coat was large
so I would have plenty of pennies!!

Originally, I planned to make it to use under my large trencher filled with fabric strawberries
that sits on my coffee table!!
Do you see how different 
the colors look??

The trencher is so big is really hides most of the penny rug!!
Not sure I like it!
It also looks so washed out!
Silly camera, again!!

Here it is over the back of another chair!!!
The colors are much truer in this picture!!
It won't stay here, but just shows how versatile penny rugs are!
It also shows that it looks a bit different color wise!!
Amazing how the same rug can look so different 
with different lighting and location!!!

Let's see what it looks like on my old farm table behind my 

It looks really nice here, but I already have another penny rug I just love
that lives here!
  Again, the colors look a bit different!!

Let's see what it looks like with my old blue chair!!
It's a fun possibility!!

I finally decided to just drape it over the back of my old blue chair that sits in my dining room!
I REALLY love it here!!!
What do you think?
I think it will stay here for now!!!


My second project, an applique piece, is in process at the moment!!

I have already stitched the 2 bottom hearts, the rainbow, and the large center heart
using some black sewing thread!
I whip stitched them in place

Today I will be stitching some back stitching in brown floss
for the vine that the leaves are connected to!!
You can also see my chalk line to show me where to stitch!!

All of my little leaves and small pieces are in this old blue bowl,
all ready for when I need them!! 
Neat and organized so I don't accidentally lose them!!!

This will definitely take some time to stitch all of these little pieces in place
so I guess I had better get started soon!


Many, many thanks to all of you who left such sweet comments in my last post,
and for all of you who purchased my pattern!!! 
I am so deeply honored and appreciate your encouragement and support!!!
Thank you SO MUCH!!

Wishing you a day filled with Comfort and Creativity, my friends~


Monday, June 5, 2017


Happy Monday, dear friends!!

I hope you are staying cool where you are!!!

It will be a hot week here in Arizona.....
106 and 107 degrees.....HOT!!!
It's funny how 90 feels so much cooler now!!!
Does anyone want to trade???

I really felt a bit drained after my recent penny rug project
so decided I needed a bit of a break!!!

It didn't last very long!!!


My first project is an applique piece!

I have wanted to make an applique piece for some time
  and while looking around for a pattern,
 I suddenly decided to try my Butter Mold Heart pattern!

When I originally made it, I had punch needle and rug  hooking in mind, so only suggested those in the pattern but have come up with a way to make it into an applique pattern!

It you have already purchased it and want to make an applique out of it,
 please feel free to do so!

Here is how I made mine!!

Take your pattern provided and go to any print shop! 
 I went to Office Max!

Ask them to print it DOUBLE the size!
  You can see the difference with the original size on top!
 You could also use this size for a small rug or mat
 or if you wanted a larger rug,
 you could probably TRIPLE the size!!  
They were very helpful and worked with me!!

I had a large piece of black coat wool to use as the background and measured out the proper size from the dimensions of my new pattern!

I took a large piece of FREEZER PAPER, and traced over the design with a small Sharpie pen
and then cut each piece out and ironed it (shiny side down)  to the proper colors of wool I chose!

I tried to match the colors as closely to the original as possible
because I love these colors!
Feel free to choose your favorites!!

The colors in this photo are pretty close to how they really look!

This is the fabric I  have chosen to finish the back!!
I just love it!!
What do you think?

I also decided to stitch the small hearts to the big hearts first before pinning everything in place!!

I'm looking forward to getting started on my applique piece later today! 

If this looks like something you might be interested in and you would like to purchase my pattern, please see the sidebar on my blog! 
It is available in my Picture Trail Selling Shoppe!


My second project is another penny rug!!

When I cut out all of those pennies for my other rug, I also cut out lots of other ones
and had some others already cut, so when you have LOTS of pennies........
You make another penny rug!!!

This one will be a bit different than my last one and not quite so large!

The colors are brown, beige, dark cream, and barn red!

This rug will have pennies for the backing rather than a fabric foundation!! I love making these
as you sew each penny together using the back pennies!
These are not completely stitched together yet,
but you get the idea!!
 I've made a number of these and they hold up really well!! 
If you haven't yet tried your hand at making one,
 why not try one today??


I hope you are enjoying some kind of hand work project and if so,
 would love to have you share what you are up to!!! 
 There is just something so fulfilling and satisfying about using our hands to create!!!


Wishing you a day filled with Projects that make your hands busy and your heart sing~