Wednesday, April 26, 2017

~Penny Progress~

Happy Wednesday, dear friends!!
It is a lovely day here in Peoria with the windows open and a gentle breeze blowing!
Later the temps will climb a bit but the blinds and fans
 help me stay cool
 while I stitch!!


I so appreciated all of your comments regarding my penny rug
 and wanted to share my progress!
  I also wanted to say the some of you thought the rug was Americana colors!
  I know that cameras and computer monitors don't always give you a true picture of the colors
 and I'm sorry about that!! 
 Just know that the real colors are BLACK, RED, and GOLD, with tan thread!! 

I started with the center and the large red pennies!

The tan floss is a bit hard to see on the center gold pennies in the photo,
 but you can see them in person!

There are a total of 9 large pennies all stitched in place!!
  The large pennies are 2 1/2 inches and the small pennies are 1 1/2 inches! 

I am so happy I  decided to stitch the smaller pennies in place first,
 as it is really a lot of work to turn this big rug around!!
I also decided to use my plastic cutting mat underneath to keep it from slipping on the table!

Another thing I did was to actually fold the sides up to make it smaller,
 allowing me to get closer to the pennies
and also protect my arms from all those sharp pins!!
My arms looked like a kitty got a bit too rambunctious with me
after the first session of stitching!!

I thread 7 large eye needles
 (I would thread more if I had them)
 with my tan crochet thread and have them at the ready 
so I can just stitch each penny without having to re-thread!
  It really helps to keep a rhythm
 and also makes me feel like I have accomplished something!!

After I use up all the threaded needles, I take a big stretch, re-thread,
 and then decide if I will do some more
 or call it a day!!

I was a bit worried that I might not have enough of this thread but after counting what I have left, 
I am happy to say that I actually have a bit more than I need!!!
Each large penny uses one long thread!! 
What a relief!!!

Here is what it looks like on the back, as you can really see the tan threads!!
I actually did stitch some of the large gold pennies as well as the red ones!


My next stitching session involved working on more of the large gold pennies!!  
It seemed easier this time as I had worked out all the "kinks"
 and with the rug folded up my arms looked much better!!

Yesterday I started working on the large black pennies and after stitching only 2 of them,
 I decided to stitch the red ones below, and then ended up stitching the final gold and black ones!! 
I just couldn't help it!!!

It really helped me to see what it would look like to have a corner stitched
 and now I am so excited to get started again today and stitch some more!!

Here is another view of the back!!  Look at all those stitched pennies!!! 

The black pennies are very hard to see when stitching on the black background,
 so I brought out my large OttLite and it really helped!! 

I also noticed that the light helped make the true colors stand out more,
 so I'm hoping you are seeing the right colors on your computer screens!!

This really is a BIG PROJECT, but I am truly enjoying the challenge
 and will just take each day
 and see how much I want to stitch on it!!  

Some of you mentioned that you were inspired
 to want to start your own penny rug,
 and I do hope that if you are working on one,
 you will share it! 
 The nice thing is that you can work on whatever size you want,
 and whatever color you want!!
 Just HAVE FUN!!


Thanks so much for your visit today and for following my progress!!!
I will be back soon with more to share!!

Wishing you a day filled with Happy Stitching, my friends~


Friday, April 21, 2017

~Playing With Pennies~

Happy Friday, dear friends!!!
It is supposed to be a pretty warm one today in Arizona,
but I don't mind as the sun is shining, the birds are singing,
and it is still 84 degrees!!

My windows are open to let in the cool breeze for now
but will be closed later with the blinds drawn when the temps reach 89,
climbing to 93 later in the afternoon!

So far the fans are all we need to keep cool,
but the days of AC are coming soon!!


I love penny rugs and decided I wanted to make one for our dining room table!

I have some large bins in the garage, filled with all kinds of wool that I have collected over the years!
Most of it is coat weight wool or old wool blankets
 and they are just perfect
 for cutting up and making pennies!

Here are some of my old blankets that I decided to work with!!

I also used some black wool from an old coat! You can get lots of good pennies from this panel!
All of this wool has been washed to make sure it is clean and ready for use!!

I love to use freezer paper and keep reusing it over and over again!! 
It works great, but just be sure to use old scissors the first time
 so you don't ruin those good sewing scissors cutting through paper!!
 After I use it the first time, I just cut around it with my good hinged scissors
just cutting the wool!!

Here are some of my pennies!

More of them

And some more!!

I think I went a bit crazy and even after cutting so many, I still have so much wool left!
That is why old wool blankets and old wool coats are so great to use!!!

I finally decided on my color combination of black, red and gold! 
I wanted to make a diamond shaped rug and because I cut so many pennies, it will be pretty large!!

There are a total of 169 large and 169 small pennies in black, red, and gold!!

Originally, I was thinking of using a lighter backing
 but was so happy to find a very large piece of black cotton fabric that I had forgotten about
 and am really happy with it!!
I will also be using some dyed crochet thread that matches the pennies already stitched!

I laid out my pennies first in the shape I wanted and measured it!  
Then I cut out a rectangle of those measurements from the black cotton,
folded it lengthwise and ironed it, and then folded it in half and ironed that as well!
I had to take all the pennies off the table so I could lay the cotton on it and check it to make sure I had measured it correctly!!

Then I started in the center of the cotton with the large red pennies,
 and used the creases to line them up!
I used long ball head pins to pin them in place along the grain of the fabric!
The next row was large gold, then large black, and back to red!

After getting all those pennies pinned in place, I took my yard stick and chalk pencil
 and traced a line from each side to the point to use as a cutting line!
  I will turn those cut sides under and stitch them under the outside row
 when I finish the rug!!

Believe it or not, I found these wonderful pinking shears in an old sewing basket that I bought at a local antique mall and they are in mint condition,
 so I used them to pink the edges so they won't fray as I am stitching the pennies in place!!!

All pinked and ready to stitch!!!

I have lots of needles in my pincushion that will be threaded with some of my hand dyed crochet thread!

This is going to be a BIG JOB, but I am excited to get started soon!!  


I made a much smaller penny rug several years ago and with this one
 I actually joined the pennies together with threads, rather than use a backing!!

Here is a close up of the stitching!

It has really held up well, but is much smaller than my new one will be
 and I don't move it much except to clean it!

Here is another rug I made using tongues 
and this one also stays put except to clean!!


If you get the urge to make your own penny rug,
 you can use any left over wool scraps you might have
 and even use old fabrics!  
So go check out your fabric stashes
 and see what you can come up with!!
Be creative and above all
Have fun!!

I would love for you to share if you plan to make a penny rug
 or if you have made one in the past!!

I will be back soon to share my progress with you!!!  


Thanks so much for visiting with me today! 
 I hope you were inspired to try your hand at making a penny rug, or perhaps even working on that project that you tucked away somewhere!!!  
Today IS THE DAY!!

Wishing you a day filled with lots of Creative Goodness, my friends~


Saturday, April 8, 2017


Good Morning, dear Blogging Friends!
I hope it is a beautiful one where you are!!

Today we picked the winner of my Bunny Pillow!!
I so enjoyed reading what each of you love to use to decorate with!!
Many of you love bunnies just like I do!!
So many fun things to decorate our homes with to welcome this time of year!!

Now to the winner of the Bunny pillow!

There were 34 entries and each one was given a number!
 My hubby Jeff used his trusty smart phone 
and to pick the winner!!

Random chose # 4 - Saundra!!

Congratulation to you, Saundra!! Please send me your address so I can get your pillow in the mail!!

Many, many thanks to all of you who entered!! 

I trust that each of you will have a Most Blessed Easter!!!

Wishing you a Sparkling Day, my friends~


Saturday, April 1, 2017


Happy April to you, dear Blog friends!!!
No Foolin!


It is so beautiful here in Arizona right now, with very pleasant temperatures,
and there are so many signs of Spring, everywhere you look, and listen!!

The birds sound so happy, twittering away,  and on my walks I see so many bunnies, 
happily hopping to some important destination!!  Hope they aren't late!! 


I also have some favorite bunnies who tend to make an appearance this time of year in my home!!

A sweet bunny pillow I made from some wonderful reproduction sampler fabric, 
tucked in an old bowl among old darners and stuffed sampler strawberries!!

Woodley the Rabbit with his prize carrot and small watering can!
 He sits next to some stone fruit, but thinks his carrot is 
so much better!!

Winslow the Rabbit holds his prize tulip and spade!  I made both Woodley and Winslow
 a number of years ago using a wonderful Netty Lacroix pattern
 and am so happy I kept them instead of selling them!! 
They have a brother who lives in Canada
 and they sure hope he is enjoying Spring as much as they are!!

Love this Punch needle piece I made using a pattern by Notforgotten Farms,
 grouped with some of my hand made carrots!! 

A tiny little bunny sitting on a pincushion, made by my friend Mona from My Old Crow Primitives, is tucked in a nest next to some carrots I made!

This Rabbit Make Do was also made by Mona and I've added some of my hand made carrots along side him!! Notice some fabric eggs I made in the small Yellow ware bowl!

Mama and Baby Hare are always together and are tucked in cloth baskets! I used a Pineberry Lane pattern for the rabbits and a Netty Lacroix pattern for the baskets!! 
I sure hope Baby Hare shares her carrot with Mama!!!

More of my carrots in a large Yellow ware bowl, with my friend Lori Rippey's rug in the background!
Can you tell I LOVE CARROTS!!!!

A sweet bunny I purchased a number of years ago
 with some of my hand made fabric eggs in a nest!!

Love this rabbit with his bell collar, favorite book,
 and one of my large hand made carrots!
 He is planning on snacking on that while he reads
as his mama told him they are good for the eyes!

Two old tin rabbit molds and a small rabbit cookie cutter
I keep out all year! 

Love this rabbit next to my red ware plate! I made him using a Stacy Nash pattern!
He would love to share one of his wool carrots with you!! 

Last but not least is a tiny little velvet bunny, sitting with some other friends!
 He is made using a Kay Cloud pattern! 

I hope each of these rabbits bring a smile 
and inspire you to "Hop to it" and Welcome April!!!!


As a Thank You to those of you who read my blog  I wanted to share a special gift with you to help you Welcome April, so what better way to do that than with a Bunny Pillow!!

If you would like to be entered, please share with me
 what your favorite thing to decorate with is
 for this month!!

I will draw a name on April 8th!
Please be sure to leave an email address so I can contact you!!!


Thanks so much for taking the time to stop by and visit with me!!!

Wishing you a beautiful day, filled with all the wonders of Spring~