Thursday, March 16, 2017


"Mid pleasures and palaces though we may roam
Be it ever so humble, there's no place like home." ~ John Howard Payne and Henry Bishop


That seems to sum up how we all feel about our home.....
A place where we are surrounded by the people and the things that we love
 and where we can totally relax and be ourselves!!

Lately it seems like home has been on my mind
and that is reflected by what I have been working on!! 

I found an old pattern that I had forgotten about and decided to punch it!
It was in Create and Decorate, a magazine I used to subscribe to for years and am not sure which issue it is actually from as it was removed from it and there is no date on the pattern!
 The design is by Becky Menges, and is just wonderful!

I chose different colors to fit my own decorating palette and decided to make the design larger by adding some rabbits and a heart, giving it a sampler look!

 I also added a black border and may finish it with a black wool back, but still not quite sure, so will just think on it for a bit!!

The willow trees are so pretty with the house, don't you think?

I really love it and will share how I finish it soon!! One more project to work on!!!


I also just love this sweet pattern by Pineberry Lane

                           It is called Little Brown House, so decided to work on this as well!!
                       I actually made several stuffed appliqued pinkeeps from this same pattern
 only I used red wool for the house
and still have one available in my Picture Trail Shoppe if you are interested!!

When I traced out the pattern, I actually traced several, but they just didn't fit well in my hoop,
 so I decided to make enough to actually fit on my frame
 and pieced them all together
 to end up with 6 of them!!!

  It has been fun to work on them and do little changes with each one!!

I love using different floss colors and using old wooden spools to wind it on!!
To keep track of which floss it is, I just tuck the paper tag in the top hole!

 I may make them into little pinkeeps, or ornaments, or frame them,
 and will offer them soon, too!!! 
 They are tiny,
 but oh so very sweet, don't you think?

I also have a new little design in the works that I am hoping to finish soon, too!! 

 It is a little rabbit on wheels and I am planning on making it available for punching or hooking!  I still need to choose the colors but hope to do that in the next day or so!! 


I had a visitor today and she is the sweetest and best girl to have around!!

Sweet Charlotte, my grand dog, who always makes me smile!!
She is Janelle and Austin's rescue pup
 and we are always happy when she comes to stay with us for the day!! 

She says, "Woo, woo, woo, to you!"


As you can see, I have been keeping busy and there is just no better place to work, play, and create, than here in my humble home!! 

Wishing you peace, joy, contentment, and creativity in your home too, my friends~