Wednesday, October 26, 2016


Happy Wednesday, everyone!! 

In my last post, I shared about the mysterious black plugs that I tripped over and wanted to somehow disguise!

So many of you offered your kind concern and ideas too, all greatly appreciated!!
I am feeling back to normal and only have a few bruises left which will fade in time!!!

Here is my solution!!

A rustic bench angled just right, filled with pumpkins and mums!

A small pile of stones hides one plug and a very big boulder was moved in place to help balance the bench!  The boulder was in the front part of our yard and is so heavy that Jeff actually had to roll it, end over end, to get it in place!!  What a manly man he is!!!

I left a bit of the other plug visible so you could still see it,
 but it is covered up pretty well by those stones!
I'm really pleased with the way it all came together and no longer have to worry about those nasty plugs, which I found out are used for drainage, so they really are important, even though I don't like them very much!!! 
  I'm just so happy they are hidden from view!!

What do you think??


As I was getting ready to work on this post, I noticed that it will be number 200 for me!!!

It seemed like the perfect time for me have a Giveaway, to show my appreciation to you for visiting my blog,  and sharing in my journey!  

Since the Christmas season will soon be upon us, I decided to offer

 a Christmas stocking to you!

I made this from some old ticking, and it is filled with dried rose hips, large cinnamon sticks, dried twigs, faux greens, and a stuffed paper Santa! This is a Kentucky Primitives design and I just love mine so I hope you will enjoy owning one, too!!

The stocking is 21 inches long, including the hanger!
It also has a paper tag pinned to the front, vintage tinsel garland and rusty bells hand stitched to the top and a rusty wire for hanging!!! 

If you would like to be entered, please leave a comment and share a special Christmas Stocking memory with me
on this post! 
  I will chose the winner on Wednesday, November 2nd! 
 Please be sure to include your email address with your comment so that I can contact you if you win!!!  

Even though blogging may not be as popular as it once was,  it has been such a joy for me and one I hope to continue!  When I think of all the many special friends I have met along the way, my heart is glad and I feel truly blessed!!!! 

Wishing you a day filled with Happy Thoughts and Warm Smiles, my friends~


Monday, October 17, 2016


Happy Monday, dear friends!
I hope you are doing well and enjoying some beautiful weather!

My post title has to do with these two black plugs, or at least, that is what I call them!!

I'm sure they serve an important purpose but are located right in my front yard and have always irritated me! 

After what happened several days ago I now HATE THEM!!! lol

I decided to change out my small porch area and add some fall touches!
First I swept the porch and removed all the things I wanted to store!
So far, so good!!

Once everything was in place, I decided to take a step back to admire my work!!

The next thing I know, I am falling backwards, and land with a thud to the hard ground!

Apparently, my foot caught the first plug, and then as I was falling backwards and tried to save myself, my other foot hit the second one! 

I must have used my left arm and hand to catch myself, as they have been extremely painful and sore, plus, I have lots of bruises in places I won't mention, but am just so thankful that I didn't hit my head on the sidewalk or break any bones!
 I guess those eyes I always told my son I had in the back of my head when he was growing up must have been on vacation!!!

All in all I am still a bit sore, but will certainly be a LOT MORE CAREFUL around those stupid plugs in the future!! 

Here is my little bit of porch decorating for the season!!! 

Hand painted pumpkin sign!  Love the colors!

Yes, tis the season for all things HARVEST!

Lovely yellow mums and a nice plump pumpkin to welcome you!!

Old tool carrier filled with pumpkins!

Primitive pumpkin made from old pallet wood!

Watch out for those plugs!

A most Happy Autumn to you from AZ!


My newest punchneedle project is a design by Primitive Betty called OLD CAT!!  I made this once before and sold it and decided after I made Hex and Frex that I wanted to make this again for myself!! It is a bit different than the one I punched earlier, but I am having fun with it and love the colors!!!!

I have also been working on some new items for Christmas and always enjoy the creative process so much!!!  More about that soon!!!


Thank you so much for stopping by and visiting with me!!  It always brings a smile and I appreciate it so much!!!

Wishing you a SAFE and SPARKLING DAY, my friends~


Thursday, October 6, 2016


Happy Thursday, dear friends!  

This post has LOTS of photos, because there was just LOTS of STUFF to share!!!
So sit down, put your feet up, and rest a spell!

Many of you that are bloggers and are readers of blogs are familiar with the name


Well, yesterday, I got the chance to actually meet Lauren, the owner of that blog and it was a very special day, indeed!!!!

Lauren and her dear Fritz have been making their way west and were going to be staying in Glendale, a very short distance from me, so she contacted me to find out if we could perhaps meet?  

I have known Lauren via Blogland for some time now, and have so enjoyed getting to know her that way, but let me say that actually meeting her IN PERSON was such a pleasure and blessing!!

She is the sweetest and kindest person, and was so interested in all the things I love!! The time just flew by and we (or I should say I) talked non-stop!!!  We have so many similar likes and she really seemed to enjoy her tour!!!  It made me feel so special and I still can't believe she took the time to come and be with me!!!!  We went to a local cafe for lunch and then back to my house again for some last minute pictures and sharing gifts together!!!

These are Lauren's gifts to me!

 A wonderful hooked pumpkin mat in the best muted colors,

 a lovely spoon bracelet with the words, Rug Hooker, stamped on the front, and two sweet little charms attached,

 and a fabulous paisley strawberry! I have not been able to find any paisley and was just so thrilled to receive one she made!!

Thank you SO MUCH, Lauren, for sharing the day with me and allowing us to make this lovely memory together, plus all these lovely gifts! I will certainly treasure them!!!

I hope if you ever get the opportunity to visit this area, you will follow Lauren's example and contact me to get together!!! It was truly a very special day!!! 


As promised, I finally got Hex and Frex framed and displayed!

There was a large empty spot in the hallway that seemed to be the perfect spot!

To keep them company, I added a small black shelf with one of my Sock Cats!

What do you think??

I just love them there and each morning when I leave my bedroom, they are the first things I see as I come down the hall!!! 

I have also taken a few snaps of some of my fall decorating!  I did share some of these already in an earlier post, but took different angles so hopefully they will look new to you!!  Hope you enjoy them!

Thank you so much for your kind words and comments, and sharing in my blogging journey with me! Life truly is a gift and we need to enjoy it and embrace it and live it to the fullest!!!

Wishing each of you Happy Moments and Special Friendships, Old AND New~


Sunday, October 2, 2016


A most Happy Sunday to you, dear friends!! 

In my last post, I shared my punchneedle piece of Hex and Frex, 
a wonderful design by the talented Lori of Notforgotten Farm!

After much thought, I decided to frame it!

The frame is primitively painted in flat black and then antiqued!

I stained Hex and Frex to add age and just love how it looks now, though I'm not sure you can truly see the difference in this photo!

This is a picture of the back and shows it better!!  The front looks just like this,  softer and warmer and looks old, which I LOVE!!!

For the background, I chose a tiny homespun in mustard check,
which really draws your eye to the mustard colors in the piece!

Black coverlet cloth is a nice backdrop to these wonderful colors!
I use this on my table under my old trencher!

Love these black scissors for snipping!

Love this sweet Acorn Needle holder, I recently found!

It opens to hold your needles for stitching those fall projects!

My handmade Velvet Acorn Pincushion, stuffed with sawdust and perfect for holding pins at the ready!  I still have one available in my Picture Trail Shoppe, if you think you might need one, plus some other goodes for your Fall/Halloween pleasure!! 

Normally, I hand stitch my punched pieces to the fabric background, but in this case, I am choosing to glue it in place due to it's size, and also the fact that I am making it for myself!

Once I have it all finished, I will share it with you!!!  It has been such a fun project and if you have been thinking about making it, hop over to Notforgotten Farm! 


Thank you so much for spending some time visiting with me today!  I hope you will be sure to stop back in the next few days to see the finish, as well as some other photos of some more of my Fall/Halloween decorating!!!  

Wishing you a day filled with Creativity and Inspiration, my friends~