Monday, May 16, 2016

~B is for BASKET~

Happy Monday, dear friends!
I hope this is the start to a wonderful week!!!


I don't know about you, but I LOVE BASKETS!!  I have been collecting them for a while and especially love the antique ones!!  They seem to have such a story to tell!  

This basket was no doubt used for gathering, but now holds lots of balls of crochet thread!  I don't actually crochet, but do use it in many of my creations as it stains beautifully!!

I also LOVE chairs and the basket sits on a sweet old black ladder back with woven seat!!  

Large splint picnic basket tucked under an old bench!  It holds lots of my "I'm going to finish that" things!  I love the size and the handles!!

This is a tobacco gathering basket and is quite large!  I was so excited that we had a wall big enough for it to live!!

Here is another picnic basket that lives on a ledge in my bedroom with some crocks!  I am so happy that this house has these great ledges for display!!

This basket is not actually old, but I needed a larger size to balance the other one and it was perfect!   On the right you can see a small Nantucket basket holding some old spindles too!!

I have a special place in my heart for old mending baskets and these three are a bit worn, but I love how they look stacked together!!  Notice the middle one with the checked pattern!  So wonderful!!! 

I have another wonderful ledge that passes between my kitchen and my living room and it is home to some very large baskets!  This is the view from the kitchen!!

Wonderful splint basket for gathering, still in really great shape!

Love the patina on this very large buttocks basket!

My newest and tallest basket!  It was owned by a collector for many years and is so unique! 
 Does anyone know what it might have been used for? 

 It is 20 inches tall with the handle!  A real beauty!

Another wonderful basket with two carved wooden handles and a raised center on the bottom! 
 Love the patina on this one, too!! 

Another large buttocks basket that might be newer, but it goes so well with all the other large ones!!

Below this ledge is a very long black peg rack that hold some of my other smaller baskets, including this apple basket!

Another buttocks basket, perhaps used to gather farm fresh eggs?

Old corn dryer used for holding lots of tiny baskets and another small woven basket on the right!

Basket with a swing handle!

Small buttocks basket hanging over my beautiful rug hooked by dear friend Lori Rippey!!

Another small gathering basket!

Tiny basket with swinging handle!

Very dark buttocks basket!  Love the patina on this one!!

Another gathering basket!

Baskets, baskets, everywhere!!!


I hope you have enjoyed viewing my collection and have been inspired to perhaps start your own, or rethink how you are using yours already!!! 
 I would love to hear about your collection if you have one!!

Thank you so much for coming by for a visit today!  Your kind words always make me smile!!

Wishing you a Basket full of Blessings today, my friends~


Monday, May 2, 2016


Hello, my friends!  A most Happy Monday to you!!  I fully intended to write this post much earlier, but as they say, "Better late, than never!"

I have been a bit absent from Blog land of late, due to the fact that my daughter Janelle and her hubby Austin have actually moved to Arizona, and are living here with us for a short while!!!   It certainly has changed things a bit around here, but Jeff and I are enjoying our time together with them and we take turns cooking meals, watching movies and going on outings! It has been so much fun and has reminded me just how much I love having a daughter!!  My SIL is pretty special too!!!!


With Mother's Day just around the corner, I wanted to have a small update in honor of Mothers and Daughters!  I hope you will join me Tuesday, May 3rd at 8:00 PM, EST on my Picture Trail to view my new album, MOTHERS AND DAUGHTERS!

Here is a little sneak peek for you!

Wishing you special moments and memories, my friends~