Sunday, April 10, 2016


Hello, friends!

I have been on the look out for a long while for a comfy stitching chair!

Sadly, the ones I really wanted were way beyond my price range........Sigh!!!

While looking around at a favorite thrift store I came across this very sweet chair!

Right fit, check!
Right style, check!
Right color, check!
Right price, check!

So it came home with me and now sits in my little corner in the living room!!

As I was moving it in place I noticed a tag on the bottom that I had missed at the shop!

The chair was made by Sam Moore Furniture

A La - Z - Boy Company from Bedford, Virginia!  Whoo hoo!!!  

I am beyond pleased!!!


I also finished my little flower mat that I shared a few posts back!

I made it into a pillow and really love how it turned out!!

I used an old army blanket for the sides and back and think it really coordinates beautifully!

I made two short and two long pieces as a frame for the hooked piece and hand stitched them in place!

I took some old seam binding and gathered it for a ruched effect and hand stitched that to the front!

The back has been machine stitched to the front and then stuffed firmly with polyfil!

I hand stitched some dyed embroidery floss to the sides of the pillow 

and also to the seams of the framed pieces!! 

You can display the pillow vertically or horizontally!

My new chair seemed the perfect spot to display my new hooked pillow and I think it looks so pretty there!  What do you think?

After much debating, I have decided I am going to offer the pillow for sale and if you might be interested in it, please send me an email at and I will be happy to give you the particulars!!  It really adds a nice pop of color and looks like Spring, something we all seem to be needing right now!!

I was feeling so badly yesterday as we were enjoying such beautiful weather and I wanted to send some to those of you with snow, but today it is cool and actually RAINING here!!!  Quite the change from 85 degrees to 63 degrees!!  We can certainly use the rain though, and now I don't feel so badly about our nicer weather, since now it is NOT so nice!!!  What a difference a day makes!!!!  I sure hope it is also changing and warming up where you are!!

Thank you so much for stopping by, for leaving your encouraging comments, and for your sweet friendship!!  It TRULY warms the heart!!!

Wishing you Clear Skies and Warm Spring Days, my friends~