Saturday, February 27, 2016


Hello, dear friends!

I am so happy you decided to join me again for Part 3 of my Sewing Room!!  

Let's get to it, shall we?

Next to my bookcases filled with fabrics and books is a wonderful little washstand
that holds some of my pincushions in blue, and a wonderful stack of nesting boxes!
They hold sawdust, old cotton batting, white snippets of fabric and black snippets of fabric,
 all used for stuffing!! 
 I just love stacking boxes!!

The old washstand has a small drawer and a bottom shelf....home to some
 Ball jars of buttons and spools!
It fits perfectly between the bookcases and a black cupboard!!

Here is the black cupboard and you can see the space next to it on the right where the 
washstand  fits!  It actually  hides the cord that goes up the wall to the light fixture!! I HATE wall cords and outlets and love to camouflage them when I can!!! 
 Do you do that too?

This black cupboard is home to lots more fabrics and books
 as well as a hand made angel that I have had for years! 
 She loves living there! 
 Notice the blue stacking boxes on the right? 
 They are the same ones in the earlier picture!
  I decided to move them after I took this picture!! 
 I don't have two sets, although I would love it if I did!

Above the black cupboard is an old wood box that I've made into a wall cupboard!  It holds old jars
filled with rusty bells and on the top are some pincushions and a framed poem by Emily Dickenson!
The pincushion on the the far left is my very first punchneedle piece! 
The tall  heart punchneedle piece was made by Lori Rippey, and the small coverlet piece on the far right was made by Mona Holland, both sweet friends and talented ladies!! Lots of old bobbins in buckets and some large spools of thread sit on the top of the black cupboard!

On the left side of the black cupboard is a special friend to keep me company!!  This little mousie made by me, lives in an old pewter sugar bowl, and holds his prize acorn!!  The bowl rests on a  little quilt square made by my dear friend, Lori Rippey!!
He thinks she made it for him and just loves it!!!

On the other side is another little mousie, who sits on his cushions, holding an old hat pin!!  This was made by my sweet friend Mona, of My Old Crow Primitives!  Isn't he just too cute??
He loves that old black shoe and thinks I should make it into a pincushion!!!  
My thoughts exactly!!!!

In the center are two wonderful old drawers I found, that hold lots of sewing treasures!!  I don't know if they originally came from an old sewing machine, or were from an old dresser, but they are really long and provide lots of storage!!!
I love little drawers, don't you?

Beside the cupboard is an old framed piece!  The watercolor is sweet, and I don't believe it is old, but the frame is and looks like it might have been used for spoons!!  I used it to hold some tiny cookie cutter dolls I made and think they look so sweet there!!! 
Three little maids in blue!!!

Below the framed piece is an old ironing board that I made  into a display piece for some old textiles!! It fits perfectly in the corner, next to the closet!!

The closet holds my hooking supplies and a cutting mat! 
Nothing fancy, but I hope to fix it up in the future!

Next to the closet (I did close the door) is an old school desk that fits perfectly on that little wall!!
It holds an old pickle jar filled with thread, some bobbins in a bucket, and an old wooden crate filled with more thread!!

Above the desk is a small peg rack with some hearts I made, plus a reproduction cheese mold!
Love all the touches of red!!

I collect old textile bobbins and use them in my creations as well as just love to display them, so I found an old bakery box that works perfectly as a wall cupboard for them!!  Love all of these old bobbins!!  The top shelf holds some tall make dos I have made!

Small walls can still offer great areas for display!!

I just love the graphics on this old crate that sits on the school desk!  It is such a wonderful piece for storage!!! I also have some smaller wooden boxes underneath filled with smaller bobbins!
Wooden boxes and crates make wonderful storage pieces!

So there you have it, my little space of happiness!!! 
 I am so happy you have enjoyed visiting with me and taking the time to leave such lovely comments!!! 
 I think we all need a special place to create, and hope you have been inspired to make a place for yourselves!! 
 It truly does the heart good!!!

Before I close, I wanted to share something with you that is

It has actually been ONE YEAR AGO this month that I had my STROKE!!! 
  My heart has been filled with SUCH GRATITUDE to the Lord for His Mercy and Grace to me this past year,
 to my husband Jeff, whose quick thinking and action saved my life,
 and to all of you who prayed for my recovery!!!  One year later, I am doing well, feeling great, and going strong!! 


I try to take each day as it comes and enjoy each moment for what it is...... A GIFT!!!
 I am Blessed!!!


Wishing each of you a day filled with special blessings,  simple gifts and a heart of gratitude~


Monday, February 15, 2016


Happy Monday, my friends!!  

I hope you all had a loverly Valentine's Day, complete with chocolate!!!  I certainly did!!!!

I loved reading all of your comments on my previous post and hope that you are ready for Part 2!


This is the corner as you face the front of my room!
Two old samplers under glass on either side of a small corner cupboard!

Shelves filled with pretties, putz sheep, brown transfer ware sugar bowl and saucer, old spools of thread and scissors, 
a red checked pincushion I made, and a sweet stitched piece from my dear friend
Lori Rippey!

Another shelf filled with old photos, spools of thread, painted heart box with old pincushion on top, heart shaped scissors and a heart pincushion I made!
Who says a corner has to be boring?

This little stool/bench sits below the cupboard and hold my Valdani threads in the drawer, as well as a small ruler box gifted to me by Sharon of Moosecraft Blog!  I filled it with buttons and just love it!

Another corner cupboard sits below, holding the small bench, a stand filled with ornaments I made, and also has a lower shelf!!  

Here is a closer view of the bottom shelf, holding glass jars filled with old spools of threads and old clothespins, with two old flower frogs!  Two old brown transfer ware platters hold more hand made pincushions!!

Beside the corner cupboards is my mannequin Millicent!!  She feels right at home here in my sewing room!!!

I just love her wire skirt, don't you?  She keeps me company as I stitch away, with never a cross word!

This old gal has been with me for 35 years now and still stitches beautifully!  

I hope she keeps running for many years to come!!!

What would a sewing room be without some sewing projects, waiting patiently to be worked on?

I also have some sweet little birdies to keep me company!!   Normally I have the blind open, but the light was just too bright for my photo!!!  It really is a lovely view outside my window!!

Above the window is a long shelf filled with lots of pincushions I made, including my version of a Milliner's Head with an old bonnet!  Love all the shadows!!

Next to my table on the right are two bookcases, filled with all manner of sewing, stitching, craft,
home decor, rug hooking, needle punching, and quilting books AND Fabric!!  A girl can NEVER have TOO MUCH!!!

The round boxes on the top are also filled with different colors or fabric snippets, buttons, and various other supplies at the ready!  One never knows what one might need!!

And finally, another orphan chair, complete with an old coverlet and an enamelware pan filled with little baby shoes!!

  Love the ones stuffed with pink tissue paper!!!


I  hope you enjoyed your visit today and got lots of ideas and inspiration!!  I still have more to share, so I will be doing another post soon on Part 3!  It is hard to believe I have so much packed into this little room!!!  Please do be sure to come by soon!!

I am working on some new items for Spring and Easter as well, and will share a little "sneak peek" soon!!!  

Thank you so much for your friendship, interest and wonderful comments!!!  They really do touch my heart!! 

Wishing you a Creative and Inspiring day, my friends~


Tuesday, February 9, 2016


Today, as I was planning on writing a new post, I was inspired by someone who 


Lori Brechlin, of Notforgotten Farm!

She wrote a wonderful post about where she spends her time being creative....

Her Sewing Room!!!

Her photos are wonderful, filled with SO MANY lovely things to look at!

True textile eye candy!  A feast for the eyes and food for the creative soul!!

Thank you, Lori!

She invited her readers to share their own creative spaces

and so I decided I would share mine with you!


Won't you come in??

I just realized I am living in the past!!  Love the pictures in this calendar but I think I need to turn the page, don't you??

I collect silhouettes and thought these looked wonderful with this old stitchery sign!

It says, "Well Begun is Half Done" and seems like a perfect saying for a sewing room, yes?

I LOVE little chairs, all kinds, shapes and sizes, and have them everywhere!
I've never met a chair I didn't love!!!
This one holds some stacking boxes filled with fabric scraps for stuffing!  One of these days I will paint them or cover them with fabric!!

Here is a very unique cupboard that I use to hold wool!  It has two sliding glass doors and sits on an
old piano bench!  The old crate under it is a favorite that hold lots of old spools and wooden candlesticks!  The top is great for display as well and holds more treasures!

My favorite primitive black cupboard, FILLED with old sewing related treasures! 

Pincushions in old sugars and creamers that I made, old photos, thimbles, old books, velvet strawberries, old daguerreotypes, and a sweet putz sheep!!!  I often wonder if any of these women loved stitching as much as I do?

Old scissors in a flower frog, velvet strawberry, an old metal shoe pincushion, and old photos!

More old scissors, an orphan high topped shoe with a tomato pincushion tucked in the top, surrounded by more old tomato pincushions!  These things make my heart smile!!!

Another old black chair with old school slates and a basket filled with old cookie cutters!  Notice the screen on the side of the cupboard filled with wool!!!

Above the chair is a lovely old wall box....perhaps used for candles back in the day, but for now, it holds special treasures.....some Doll House Dolls I made, a lovely pinkeep made by my dear friend
Lori Rippey, an old photo, and an amazing old boot pincushion, filled with pins!!!

Here is a closer view with the whole boot showing!!  Tattered, torn, worn, and well loved!!!

Here is a view of the wool cupboard as you face the door!

The top hold more special treasures.....a stack of old document boxes and a large star make do that I made that has Merry Christmas stitched on the other side!

Lovely painted box with old framed photos and some sweet red velvet shoes, rug hooks in a flower frog, and an old tin candlestick!

Finally, a wonderful little box I recently found that I just love but want some opinions of what might have been used for!  It has a hole in the top, with two drawers, and I believe it was used for sewing, but can't figure out what the hole is for? 

 It seems like a pincushion might have originally been on it, but would welcome anyone's opinion!!!  Thanks so much!!!


Well, I hope you enjoyed your tour of my Sewing Room, and will be sure to come back to see Part 2!!  I had so many pictures, I felt it was better to break it up into several parts!
I will be posting more soon!!
Thanks so much for spending time with me today!!!


Wishing you a day filled with inspiration, creativity, and the things you love, my friends~