Tuesday, February 24, 2015


What started out as a normal day on Friday,
turned into an unimaginable nightmare!

You see
I had a STROKE!!!

Even as I type these words, I am still in a state of disbelief
that this actually happened......to me!!!

Jeff, my granddaughters, Bella, and Sophia and I had decided to walk across the street to the school playground so they could ride their bikes and play for a bit before dinner!

I had almost stayed home to work on dinner, but at the last minute, thought it would be nice to go!

I remember beginning to feel like we were having an earthquake......like the ground was tipping,
and asked Jeff if we were!  He helped me sit down and so began the nightmare!

My left arm and leg were numb, and my speech became slurred!  I can still see the look of fear on Jeff's face as he called 911 and tried to hold me up so I wouldn't fall over, plus trying to watch Bella and Sophia!!

I was completely helpless and knew something was terribly wrong, but had no control over myself and when I tried to talk, my mouth would not work right!!

Poor Jeff was such a trooper and with his quick thinking and action, truly saved my life!!  He somehow managed to gather the girls, both hysterical, call our son, who was on his way home, and fill in the paramedics when they came!!  He is my HERO!!

I really don't remember much about the ride there or all that transpired during the next few hours, but I had all the signs of a stroke and then, miracle of miracles,

I was talking normally, could lift my arm and leg, and follow all the directions asked of me!!  Jeff said it was unbelievable how I changed from one minute to the next and all the nurses were amazed!

All seemed to be back to normal and then about 40 minutes later I began to have all the same symptoms on my right side this time!!  So the nightmare continued!!   

Originally, they were thinking it was what is called a TIA, or a mini stroke, one that will resolve itself, but because of the length of time I had the symptoms, they decided it was a CVA!  There is so much info on the internet about strokes that you can read about if you want to know more!
 They believe I had a blood clot in my brain that moved from side to side and then just dissolved on its own!  

Even so, I was given a special medicine called a CLOT BUSTER, to dissolve any more clots, and had to be watched very closely because it is quite dangerous!  It can only be given to patients during a small window of time and because my husband acted so quickly, I was able to take it!

I was admitted to the hospital and seemed to have wires and tubes everywhere!!  I spent the next 2 days being checked every half hour to make sure I was not in danger!! I had CT Scans, ultrasounds of my heart and carotid arteries, blood pressure checked, and all the other tests one gets, and each and every one came back clear and negative!!  I can honestly say that I felt such a peace and calm during this time and am so very thankful for the wonderful care I received from all the staff at Redlands Community Hospital!!   

Not only was being told I actually had a stroke UNIMAGINABLE, but the fact that after going though all of this, I am now home, and have NO DEFICITS from this experience is
TRULY UNIMAGINABLE!!!  The gratitude I feel can not even be expressed and I truly felt God's presence with me and still do at this moment!!

Many of the nurses told me that very few IF ANY of their patients ever go through what I did and come out with a happy ending!!  One nurse told me what a pleasure it was for her to have a patient be able to talk and do as well as I did!!  I cannot even begin to express how very humbled and thankful I am!!    

For now, I am just taking one day at a time, doing what I feel up to and resting, and just so very very happy my story has a happy ending!!  

Beautiful flowers from my  neighborhood

I have been working on some spring things and plan to still plug away at them, enjoying the process of slowing stitching, but not being in a hurry!!  

I know my life is a gift and that God has certainly been with me.......

Jeremiah 29:11 from The Message, says it so well.....

I know what I am doing,
I have it all planned out--
plans to take care of you,
not to abandon you;
plans to give you the future you hope for!

Local flowers that promise SPRING is coming!

May you sense and know that God has a plan for you as well, filled with HOPE~~