Thursday, December 31, 2015



And now from yonder hill the sun's bright beams
Shine through the mist, and flood the world with light;
The path winds on, leaving our broken dreams
Of tangled briar and brake far out of sight.
The dawn of hope has come our heart to cheer;
The path before us shines in the sun's ray.
We follow on, into the coming year,
And in hope's sunshine greet each op'ning day.
~Lilian Pearce


Wishing you a Sparkling New Year, filled with the Wondrous Rays of Hope~


Friday, December 18, 2015


Hello, dear friends,

No doubt ALL of you are very busy right now,

doing all of those important things that need doing!!

I am right there with you!!

One of those important things was DECORATING!!!

I am happy to say I am finally done and if sure feels good!!

I have shared my decorating on my Picture Trail for the past several years

and thought I would share with you once again!

The candles are lit, the music is playing and the coffee is on (that would be Jeff's coffee!)

I would love to invite you to stop by for a visit

when you need a chance to rest,  and hopefully,  be inspired!!

Wishing you a Hope, Joy, Peace, Rest, and Inspiration this Christmas Season!

Christmas Hugs~


Friday, December 11, 2015


Hello, dear friends!

Tonight at 7:00 PM, EST, I will be having a small Christmas Update 

Hope you can join me then!!

Wishing you a beautiful and creative day, my friends!!


Monday, December 7, 2015


Happy Monday, dear friends!

After the hectic move, I have been pulling some loops on my rug each evening as I watch some TV!

Here is my progress!

I am just loving the colors and how it is all coming together!

This is so much bigger than the other two I hooked and I am learning much as I go along!

What do you think?  I hope you like it as much as I do!!! 

 I can't wait to get it finished, but am just enjoying the process as I pull each 
piece of wool!! 

 Stay tuned for my progress!! 

 I know I will be a bit scared when it comes to binding so I may have some questions for my fellow hookers out there!!!


I will be having a small Update on my Picture Trail later this week, and thought I would share a few pictures of what I will be offering!! 

 I made these late in the season last year so I had them all ready!  

Sadly, due to the move, I was not able to make anything else, but I still have some things on other albums that would make perfect gifts for a special friend!! One suggestion would be the fabric pears! They look wonderful on a tree and are in the Fall 2 album!

I will post the day and time soon, so stay tuned!!


Thanks so much for all the lovely comments and emails on my last post and for your thoughts, prayers and friendship!!  It truly warms my heart!!

Wishing you a Loverly Day, sweet friends~


Sunday, November 22, 2015


Hello, dear friends!

Yes, we survived the stress of packing, loading, driving, unloading, unpacking and setting up!!


Our new home is now Peoria, Arizona!!!  

Thank you so much for stopping by!!  You are most welcome!!

Won't you "Sit a spell?"

Our new living room!!

Really high ceilings to hang lots of stuff!!!

Yellow ware cupboard in the dining room!

Someone is waiting patiently for her milk!!

Pantry boxes and firkins!


Breakfast room off the kitchen!

The perfect wall for my old basket collection
and my wonderful hooked rug made by my sweet friend
Lori Rippey!!

My Studio, in progress!  

All organized and ready!


It has been extremely tiring to set up a house in a short time, but somehow everything just seems to fit and belong!!!    

Thank you for the prayers and thoughts during this transition time!!  They have meant so much to us!!

I want to take this time to wish each of you a Wonderful and Blessed Thanksgiving, 

filled with 

Good Food, Good Friends, Good Times and Good Memories!!

With a Thankful Heart~


Sunday, October 25, 2015


"Brown paper packages tied up with string,
These are a few of my favorite things!"
~ My Favorite Things, by Rodgers and Hammerstein.

I have always loved that song and have my own list of favorite things, packages being one of them!!
Who doesn't love the idea of a box, all wrapped up and with hidden treasures, just waiting to be opened!!  Such a lovely thought!! 


Unless those packages happen to be PACKING BOXES!!  


Yes, we are moving, and we have packages and boxes EVERYWHERE!!!

Different sizes to hold our treasures!

Bubble wrap, packaging tape and paper are tools of the trade!

All neatly labeled and carefully stacked!

Upended chairs on top of stacked boxes!

All ready to be placed in our new home!!


As I type this, I am feeling a mix of emotions.........sadness to be leaving our son and our beautiful granddaughters, but also peace and excitement about the future!!

We knew this day would eventually come but it has happened a lot sooner than any of us expected and we have been working hard to be ready to move a week from today!!!

Jeff has a job change that will be a much better situation for us and our son agrees, even though he hates to see us go!!  We will be moving to Peoria, AZ, a suburb of Phoenix!  We have never lived in AZ before and know it is going to be HOT, but right now is the PERFECT TIME to move there and for that we are truly grateful!!!   We will be about 5 hours away so will be able to visit and still see them on a regular basis!!  We are excited about that!!!


During my break times in the evening, I have been working on this.......

It is a bigger rug than I have currently hooked and I am really enjoying it!!

I have LONG admired this pattern and knew when I learned to hook that it would be on my list!

It is called BIRD IN FLOWERS, by Anne Nichols, and you can find it at 

I am using some of my favorite colors to hook it with and it helps me to deal with all the confusion and stress we are under right now!!!  Those of you who hook know exactly what I mean!!!


Also, if any of you decide to purchase something from my Picture Trail during this next week, I will still try to get it mailed to you in a timely manner, but if there is a problem, I will certainly let you know and do my best to take care of things!!  I still have plenty of paper, boxes, bubble wrap and tape at the ready!!!  

I will post my new address soon and if you need to contact me in the meantime, my email will stay the same!  

We would truly appreciate your thoughts and prayers for us as we continue to pack, say goodbye, travel, and set up our new home!!  We both aren't as young as we used to be and having had my stroke earlier this year, I want to be careful!!  My husband and son are loading and unloading the truck so I am mainly packing and then unpacking!!  Just think of all those brown paper packages I get to unwrap!!!  One of my favorite things for sure!!!

We have so loved being here with our son and his daughters and though it will be sad to say goodbye, we know there is a new life waiting for us as we walk through this new door!!


"When the dog bites, when the bee stings, when I'm feeling sad.....
I simply remember my favorite things,
and then I don't feel so bad!"

Wishing each of you your own VERY FAVORITE THINGS~


Tuesday, October 6, 2015


Good morning to you!

The temps. are in the low 70's here and I am just LOVING IT!!!  It truly feels like Fall......


As promised, I will be having my newest Update TODAY!

Please visit my Picture Trail at 6 PM, EST, or 3 PM, Pacific time, to view my newest pieces!

The new album is titled FALL UPDATE 1!  Please be sure to check out FALL UPDATE 2

 while you are there!! 

I look forward to seeing you then!!

Wishing you all the pleasures of Autumn, my friends~


Monday, September 21, 2015


Hello, my friends!

Look who came to live with me recently!!

The sweetest little pumpkin pinkeep, complete with beaded face, real stick stem and a wool leaf!

Isn't he just ADORABLE!!!

He was offered as a Giveaway on Tammy Black's wonderful blog, SCATTERED SEED SAMPLERS,  and I was the very lucky winner!!!

Tammy is a Needle artist extraordinaire, and does beautiful work!  She has the most marvelous collections of pincushions and sewing related items and her posts are filled with lots of inspiration!

If you  have not visited this lovely blog, please be sure to stop by!!  I know you will be so happy you did!! Click HERE to visit!

Thank you, So Much Tammy, for this lovely gift!  I will certainly treasure it!!!


It is so hard to believe that it has been a month since I last posted!!!  The time just seems to slip by, doesn't it??

So, what have I been up to??  Let's find out, shall we??

On a recent visit to a favorite antique shop, I found a hidden treasure!  It was buried in a corner, and filled with so many nic nacs that I am surprised I even saw it!!  Boy, am I ever happy I did!!!

It is the most wonderful hanging corner cupboard!!

It now hangs in my dining area, filled with my collection of old tin cookie cutters and molds!!

Now I can enjoy them, rather than have them all piled up in old wooden bowls!!

It fits perfectly in one of my favorite corners!!


Another treasure that made it's way home with me is this beautiful rocking horse!!

He is not an antique, but is a nice reproduction and proudly stands in front of an antique game board on top of my fabric cupboard!

He almost touches the ceiling!!  Such a stately fellow!!!  I just love him!!


I have also been creating and have a few things ready for another Update....coming soon!!

Here are a few pieces ready to go......

Two Fancey Blackett dolls by Pineberry Lane!  The mustard Fancey is already spoken for and will be on her way to her new home today!!!  I love Pineberry Lane designs!! Thank you, Wendy!!

Mrs. Begg, another doll by Pineberry Lane!

Tildy and Hildy, two little witch sisters by Kentucky Primitives, and a Fancey Blackett pillow tuck, by Pineberry Lane!

Little wool punchneedle pillow tucks, by Pineberry Lane!

A sawdust stuffed punchneedle velvet pillow by Pineberry Lane!

Oil can Jack, created by me!

Another Mrs. Begg doll by Pineberry Lane!

I also hope to have this wonderful punchneedle piece by Lori Brechlin done as well!  I will be working on it today!!!  I just love her designs!!!  Thank you, Lori!!

Lori is so very talented, has a lovely blog and business called NOTFORGOTTEN FARM, and is a finalist in the MARTHA STEWART AMERICAN MADE CONTEST!  If you want to know more about it, just visit Lori's blog for all the details and be sure to vote for her and her talented husband Peter!  I sure hope they win!! Click HERE to visit!

I have several more things too, that I hope to have finished and will post soon about when the Update will be!!  Stay tuned!!!

Thank you all so much for spending some time visiting with me today!!!  We are all certainly SO BUSY, and it is always a good thing to slow down, put your feet up, take some deep cleansing breaths, and pick up a needle, hook, or punchneedle to take us back to a slower and simpler time!
We ALL need that, so please, take some time for yourselves!!

Wishing you all some quiet, peaceful and restful moments, my friends~