Monday, March 24, 2014


We have all been waiting with bated breath for Spring's long overdue arrival, including Miss Grey Rabbit!

She has been somewhat doubtful, as seen by her solemn expression!! 

Her friends have all tried to offer her some reassurance!

Woodley Rabbit showed her his prize winning carrot and his tin watering can!

Primitive Bunny is sitting on his favorite twig bench!

Winfield Rabbit also has a prize winning carrot, his trusty rake and even a bowl full of fabric eggs!

Woodley sees she still doesn't believe it!!

Maybe this bowl with old cookie cutters and wooden eggs will convince her!

Winfield thinks he can show more proof with this turnip!

Miss Grey and her sweet lamb are starting to get a glimmer of hope!!

So are these two bunnies! 
 The large one was made by Country at Heart and the small pincushion is from the talented hands of my friend Mona Holland of My Old Crow Primitives!
 Love them both!

Herbert Hare agrees!!  He even has a bag of carrots to prove it!!
 Another wonderful rabbit made by Mona!! 

Mama and Baby Hare are believers!!

Yes, it definitely looks like Spring Has least in this dry sink!

A table full of the signs of spring!


Happy Spring everyone!!!

Wishing you all the wonderful signs of Spring~~


Monday, March 17, 2014

~ I DID IT! ~

Happy Monday, dear friends! 

 I am so very excited today because I was able to check something off of my "to learn" list!!  It has been a LONG TIME in coming but I DID IT!!!  Can you tell I am thrilled, giddy, and yes, maybe even a bit "punch drunk?"

  Yes, I FINALLY learned how to do PUNCHNEEDLE!!!

Here it is.......

My sweet little Heart Punchneedle Pinkeep!

I wanted to show you my progress, but once I started, I just could not seem to stop!!  I wanted to see how the colors all worked together and just kept punching away till it was finished!!

What do you think?  
Did I do alright?

I am so very grateful for so many talented ladies out there who helped me along the way!  I mentioned Ruth, The Wool Lady, in my last post and want to thank her again for helping me get started!!!  Next time I visit her shop, I will take my little pinkeep along for some Show and Tell!!!  Thank you Ruth!!!

These two books were also helpful!!  I checked them out from my local library and they answered some questions that I wondered about as I punched along!!  I'm sure you can find them at your library as well!!

The pattern I used is from THE OLD TATTERED FLAG and I just loved using it!  There is also a You Tube I found that she made and I watched that as well!  She and her mom are so funny and it was very helpful AND entertaining!  Thank you Julie!!

I also watched Lori Brechlin of NOTFORGOTTENFARM'S You Tube video and loved her calm and encouraging approach!!  She made it look SO EASY!  She is such a talented and creative artist and I admire her so much!!  Thank you too Lori!!  You always inspire me!!

I backed my little pillow with some old black velvet from my stash and decided to use that part as the pinkeep, so I wouldn't damage the front threads!!  

I played around a bit and even made the pins into a little heart favorite symbol!!


I hope if you have never tried this wonderful art, you will decide to try it......maybe even TODAY!!!  I am convinced that if I can do it, ANYONE CAN!!!  It feels so good to check that off of my list!! 

 I DID IT!!!


Wishing you the joy that comes from reaching a long awaited goal, whatever it might be~


Wednesday, March 12, 2014


Where man sees but withered leaves,
God sees flowers growing.  ~Albert Laighton

This poor little tree sits in our backyard, still a bit dry and almost brittle looking, yet it is bravely showing us that it is once again ready to produce new life........for now, beautiful pink blooms, but as the month progresses........Peaches!!! 

I can hardly wait!!!

But I guess I will just have to be patient!

For now, I will feast my eyes on these sweet pink promises of what is yet to come!!!


Wishing you hopeful glimpses of the promises of spring~~


Tuesday, March 4, 2014


Hello, dear friends!

  I had a lovely time celebrating my Birthday in Temecula and wanted to say a big "THANK YOU" for all of the Birthday wishes I received!!  Your well wishes warmed my heart and made the day extra special!!  Thank you again for thinking of me on my special day!!   It was indeed Truly HAPPY!!

Due to the rain we have been having here in SoCal, we were unable to take any pictures the first day we were there except this one!

 This is our lunch at a nice Mediterranean Restaurant, and believe me, it was yummy!!  Yes, Jeff and I did share this!!!

The antique stores we went to did not seem to have as many primitives as I love to look for, but it was really fun just wandering through each one and I did manage to find some special treasures!

Pages of tiny old photos!  I have some plans for these!

Two framed old photos!!  LOVE THESE!

Old clamps and old scissors!!  Love the patina on these!!  I have plans for the clamps too!  The scissors are for my collection!

Tin Types!

Sweet grouping of special treasures!!!

What a difference a day can make!!!  The next day dawned bright, sunshiny and warm!!

 This is a view from the deck of our room!!  Notice we were on a golf course!!  It was lovely!!!

We made our way back to Old Town and as we parked, we saw a shop we had forgotten was there!  It is called THE WOOL LADY, and I remembered she taught classes, so we decided to stop in!  

Boy am I ever glad I did!!  I have wanted to learn Needle Punch for years and she had lots of lovely patterns and supplies there, so I decided it was time to take the plunge and before I knew it, Ruth Molina, the owner, was giving me my very first lesson!!  According to her, I was a model student and PASSED!!!!  Hooray!!!  What a great Birthday Present!!

   Thank you so much Ruth!!  You were a great teacher!!

She has the nicest shop, filled with lovely wools,

  lots of patterns

great books 

more patterns
 and wonderful threads!

 If you have never been to her shop, please be sure to visit!!  You will be glad you did!!

 So I can now cross "learning to Needle Punch" off my list!!  Now if I can just remember all she showed me!!   I hope to start this soon!!  Wish me luck!!!

We had lunch here!  It is a Mexican Restaurant called THE BANK, and it was really delicious!!  Sadly, we were both so hungry we had things half eaten before we realized we didn't take a picture!!!  Trust me, it was wonderful!!!

After lunch we walked around a bit more and then headed home!!!  It was a really nice trip and a lovely way to spend my Birthday!!!  I guess getting one year older isn't all that bad after all!!!

Thank you again for being a part of this special day in my life and making it that much more special!!  Blogging friends are absolutely THE BEST!!!!

Wishing you a week filled with special treasures, special moments and special friends~~


Saturday, March 1, 2014


My Birthday is tomorrow and I get to spend it doing what I love to do........

Treasure hunting!!

 Temecula is a lovely little town south of where I live, filled with lots of fun places to visit!!

 Just a quick hop on the freeway, if the traffic is not too bad!

Who knows what I might find here?

Perhaps here?

 Or maybe here?

And I KNOW I will find LOTS of things 

Our son Jeffry was so generous to gift us (yes, Jeff is also coming with me) with this little getaway, and even booked us a hotel!!!  I feel really spoiled, really grateful and VERY LOVED!!!  It makes getting one year older just a wee bit easier!!!  Thank you son!!!!

The rain is supposed to stop later today and promises to be much nicer so I hope to take lots of pictures!!  Please stay tuned!!!

Wishing you the special warmth of loved ones~