Thursday, October 31, 2013


My two Sweet Peas, Sophia and Bella, want to wish all of you a very Happy Halloween!!

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Boo Blessings~~


Monday, October 28, 2013


October is one of my favorite months of the year, with all the gorgeous colors, the crisp mornings, warm afternoons and chilly evenings, and the start of all the wonderful holidays,  plus all the yummy goodies one thinks of during this month.......warm apple cider, apple and pumpkin pie, cobblers, stews and other comfort foods!!!

  Here is a little spot in my backyard, all decked out with some fall pumpkins tucked in my old tool carrier, and two more all lined up with painted birdhouses on my long primitive bench!  Old watering cans hang from hooks on the wooden fence, with a primitive wooden flag,  two rusty stars and two more birdhouses!!  Simple and inviting!! 

Sadly, the not so favorite part of October is when I have a most unwelcome visitor pay a call!! It seems that this is the time he chooses to pay a call and I am NEVER HAPPY to see him!!  Who might this be, you ask??  It is my old nemesis.......FIBROMYALGIA!!  I don't really like to talk about it much but it has been the reason I have been absent for a time! 

It is so hard to believe that I have been acquainted with this foe for 23 years and the relationship has never been a good one!!  There is lots of info about it now and many different treatments but back when I first found out I had it, there was little info and support, as well as few who even accepted it as being real!!  I have had many years of pain, frustration, fear and despair associated with this ugly syndrome, but let me just say that through my faith in God, MUCH PRAYER, understanding Dr.'s and a prescription that seems to work for me, and all my stitching and creating, I am usually feeling almost normal, most of the time!!!

Unfortunately, this past month, fibro reared it's ugly head and I had a pretty bad flare, that kept me sitting in my favorite chair with a heating pad, getting lots of massages from my understanding husband, and sadly spending less time with the Sweet peas!  They sure felt sorry for Gramma, but had fun with Daddy and Grampa!! The upside was that I was able to get lots of hand stitching done and was able to make a new litter of Sock Cats!! 

  They are now available on my Picture Trail if you would like to come for a visit!!  You would be MOST WELCOME INDEED!!

 I guess there is a blessing even in the pain and I am so happy as I type these words that I am once again feeling almost normal again and I have shown fibro the door!!  I hope he does not pay me any more visits and I am NOT LEAVING THE LIGHT ON FOR HIM!!!  I know many suffer from this and it seems to affect everyone differently, but the main commonality is PAIN!!  I don't know if they will ever find a cure but am just so thankful for all the good days I have been blessed with and THANK GOD EACH DAY that I can still do what I love!!  I hope that if you suffer from this that you find relief, comfort, and support from friends and loved ones!!  It makes all the difference when this UNWELCOME GUEST comes to call!!  Next time, I am just not going to answer the door!!

Many, many thanks to all of you who left such lovely comments on my last post!!  I appreciate your kindness and support so very much!!  There is nothing so wonderful as hearing from you!!  It truly makes my day!!  

Wishing you a lovely week, filled with WELCOME VISITS from special friends~~


Thursday, October 10, 2013



My large kitchen window has once again been decorated.....this time with all things Autumn and Halloween!  I love that I have this wonderful space to use for those special seasonal times!  Don't you just love the colors of Indian Corn??

Taking center stage is MR. GOURD!  He is a large dried gourd with a removable cap and is just the most wonderful burnt orange color!!  Believe it or not, he was a bit damaged (okay, a LOT damaged) where his mouth and nose had BIG CRACKS and someone decided he was no longer usable!!!  That did not deter this Make-Do gal one bit!!  I decided I could fix him and even if it didn't work, I still thought he was amazing! As you can see, he came through surgery just fine!!  I had a battery candle to put inside him and he now sits proudly on my metal stand!  I just love him, don't you??  The best part of the story is that he was only.....$2.99!!!

 Right next to Mr. Gourd is my Oil Can Cat!  I made him from a wonderful pattern by Lori Brechlin and he and Mr. Gourd have become the best of friends!!  They both love being the center of attention too! 

Who said that cats and mice can't be friends?  Mr. Folk Mouse just loves Oil Can Cat and is even willing to share his prized acorn!!  He is all cozy and snug in his nest of flax, tucked inside an old pewter sugar bowl!! I made him from a Kentucky Primitives pattern and am happy to report that he stays in his bowl and does not like to scare anyone since he is a very mannerly fellow!!

The happy trio!

Below the bench where Mr. Gourd is sitting is my Crow on a Pumpkin!  He has a string of old buttons in his beak and loves his special pumpkin with patches!  The pumpkin rests in a old rusty pan, filled with corn husks, quince slices and rose hips!  He is kind of protective of his pumpkin so he loves to be by himself!

 MR. CAT loves name tags, so no one will forget his name!  I love his expression, don't you!!  I purchased him years ago and forget who made him, but still smile each time I see his bent tail!

He also has a special pumpkin (made by me) and wanted to be sure you knew it was his, so he had to be sure to get in the picture again!! 

Behind Mr. CAT is the happiest little fellow, a tiny little pumpkin bucket that I won from THE PRIMITIVE HEART in a Giveaway several years ago! He reminds me of those old antique ones and just loves to sit and smile on his little mustard box!  You would never guess that he just loves STARS, would you?

Presiding over this little group is my witch Make-Do!!   As a small bit of trivia, when I was in High School, I actually played the Wicked Witch in our school's production of The Wizard of Oz!!  Unlike that witch, she really is a good witch and loves to give candy out on Halloween with her special friends!!  She NEVER says things like, "I'll get you my pretty!"

On the other side of the bench sits a sweet little Pumpkinhead Man, made by Steins Country Collection!!  I just fell in love with this little guy and his long nose and collar!  He loves crows and this small stacking box was just perfect for him!

Next to him is my Farmer's Field Pumpkin, made by me from a wonderful SweetMeadow Farms Pattern.  Little Pumpkinhead hopes he can be just like that when he finally grows up! Love the painted bowl and vintage scale!

SOCK CAT decided to join in the display, even though she is still waiting to see if anyone will take her home.  I think I just might have to keep her, as she fits right in on her sweet little box with the willow tree!

SMILE for the camera!!

 Here it is, all together!!!  

I had so much fun putting this display together and hope you have enjoyed it as well!!  I have to say that AUTUMN  is one of my very favorite times of year, and from what I am seeing and reading around blog land, I think it is many of yours too!!  Guess I am in good company!!!  

Wishing you a Happy October, my friends~~


Tuesday, October 1, 2013


Good Morning and a very Happy October to you!  I just wanted to let you know that my Update is now open on my PictureTrail.  Click HERE to view the album!

Thank you so much for stopping by!

Wishing you a Perfectly Glorious Fall Day, my friends~~