Thursday, June 27, 2013


Just when I think I have things all figured out, "THEY" change it!!  Who "THEY" are, I don't know, but for some reason, "THEY" think it will make it easier, better, faster or, WHATEVER!!  For me, it is JUST PLAIN CONFUSING!!!  With that said, due to all the changes with GOOGLE READER, I have jumped on the BLOGLOVIN wagon and hope you will join me there, if you still would like to follow my blog!  I confess that I still don't understand it all, but thanks to my very smart husband Jeff, I am attempting to get with the program! 

So, if you want to "hitch up your wagon", just click on the BLOGLOVIN symbol!  I have also done the same for many of my fellow bloggers because the deadline is July 1st!  I still have lots of other blogs to follow, so lets all do it together, shall we?  Many, many thanks for following along and taking time out of your busy day to check in!!  It is such an encouragement!!  Also, a BIG THANK YOU to all who came by and visited my newest offerings!!  I appreciate it so much and still have some things available if you would like to take a peek again!!

I also have some news to share about something very special I was able to do and hope to share that in the not to distant future!  Please check back for all the details!

Wishing you a wonderful week my friends!!


Monday, June 17, 2013


Yesterday was a very special day for all of us as we celebrated those men we call FATHER, and I hope you made some new memories or cherished the ones you already have!I  I know I did!!

  Speaking of new memories, what made the day even MORE SPECIAL for me, was due to the fact that my son finally got his BS after 12 long years!!!  Graduation just happened to be on Father's Day, and he is also a father, so it was almost like a "two for one" kind of day!

His smile says it all!!

Here is a view of the stage from the big screen!  Paul Anka was a special guest who sang a rendition of his famous song, "MY WAY", with words especially for the graduates!!  It was a HUGE HIT!!!

Quite a turnout!!

The Proud Graduate!

The Proud Daddy!!

Jeffry began his journey back in 2001 and due to some setbacks in his life, then joining the Marines, two tours in Iraq, having two daughters and now being a single dad, it has been a LONG, BUMPY ROAD, but he FINALLY crossed the finish line yesterday!!!!  Well done, son!!!  We are so very proud of you!!

Proud Dad

Proud Mom!!

I am so very thankful that we could share this special day with him, and with you, celebrating this HUGE ACCOMPLISHMENT!!  It is such a reminder to me that HARD WORK DOES PAY OFF and GOOD THINGS COME TO THOSE WHO WAIT!!!  I hope this will give someone encouragement to keep working toward that goal!!  You CAN DO IT!!!! 

Wishing you a week filled with GOOD THINGS, my friends~~


Monday, June 10, 2013


I actually did finish a few more things for my UPDATE tomorrow and thought I would show you a little peek! 

 It seems the creative juices have finally been flowing AND I have had some extra time, so that has been refreshing for me!!  Perhaps I may even squeeze out one or two more just never can tell!!!

If you have a moment tomorrow, I do hope you will join me to view my newest offerings!  My Picturetrail album is closed for now, but will be open June 11th, at 4 PM, Pacific Time! 

Till then, I wish you a most lovely day, or as a very dear friend always says, " A LOV-ER-LY DAY"!

With a Thankful Heart~~


Tuesday, June 4, 2013


These birds are so excited to announce that they will be part of an UPDATE, coming soon!!  Yes, you heard correctly.....AN UPDATE!!  After 6 months, I FINALLY have some things completed, to be offered next week on my PICTURE TRAIL!!  Believe me when I say it has been " A LONG TIME COMING", and I am so very excited!!!  Many of you have inquired and no doubt have just about given up on ever hearing from me again!!  Well, here is a glimpse of what I have been (laboriously) working on, and I do hope you will be sure to stop by for a closer look on Tuesday, June 11th! 

I may be able to finish up a few more things between now and then, and my album will be closed in order for me to get all of the pictures and descriptions added, but do please drop by with any questions you might have!!  Many, many, MANY THANKS to all of you for still being interested and stopping by!! 

 I must confess that life have been so VERY different for me since moving to CA and I am STILL trying to get the hang of ALL the MANY CHANGES!  Being a Grandmother has certainly been a HUGE CHALLENGE for me and I am still trying to get the hang of it!! My two sweet peas certainly do keep this Gramma running!!  Any helpful hints and ideas for spending time with 2 very active children, ages 23 months and 3 years old would be MOST GLADLY WELCOMED!!! 

Thank you for taking a wee bit of time out of your very busy day to stop in for a visit!!  It cheers my heart to hear from you and I appreciate your friendships so much!!  Thank you too for following me and wanting to be a part of my life!!!  I hope you will be sure to stop in for my update as well!!  More details to come!!

Wishing you a most wonderful week, filled with hope, joy and birdsong~~