Sunday, April 7, 2013


This is the view that greets me each time I find myself at the kitchen sink,which is quite often, I might add!!  It is a wonderful bay window that overlooks the patio into the back yard and is THE PERFECT DISPLAY SPOT for some of my treasures!! Right now, it is filled with rabbits, birds, brown storage jars and yellow ware bowls!!   Those two extra large rabbits (and gigantic carrots) on either end are Winfield and Woodley Rabbit, (a Netty Lacroix pattern) made by me!  

Come take a closer look, won't you?? 

Albany Slip Storage Jar! Love the brown glaze!!

Sweet bird I made using a Stein pattern (from a magazine) with my own wing and tail pattern added. I love feather stitching, don't you??

Another brown jar! Love the shape and patina of this one!!

Very large yellow ware bowl gifted to me by my sweet husband!! 

Another smaller yellow ware bowl!  Love the wide brown stripe on this one!!

Another storage jar with some texture that I really love!!

One more jar for balance!!

Another bird that I made with the same Stein pattern!!  I am actually making more of these in different colors!!

A wonderful bird that was a gift!!  Would love to find the pattern for this one!!  Two more yellow ware bowls!!

Red bird I made, sitting on another yellow ware bowl  (a very special gift from a dear friend),  next to a small redware bowl filled with strawberries I made from a Kentucky Primitives pattern!!

Baby Hare (a Pineberry Lane pattern) in his basket ( a Netty Lacroix pattern) with a primitive strawberry ( a Kentucky Primitives pattern) all made by me!!  Don't even think about eating that strawberry!!! 

Mama Hare (a Pineberry Lane pattern) in a basket (a Netty Lacroix pattern) with a primitive strawberry (a Kentucky Primitives pattern) all made by me! Mama has her own berry too!!  Maybe she will share??!

Another red bird sitting in her nest with her velvet strawberry and feather stitched wing (a Stacy Nash pattern) made by me

As you can see, this is ONE BIG WINDOW, and I have definitely filled it to capacity, getting even more space with my little pine bench!!  I will probably keep the bowls there all of the time, but will change out the handmades as the seasons change, or as I want a new look, especially since I do see it quite often each day!!  Somehow though, I don't seem to tire of looking at this multiple times daily and truth be told, it brings a smile to my face!  I hope it did the same for you as well!!!

Thank you for stopping by and looking through my window today!!

Wishing you a Beautiful View, my friends~~