Wednesday, February 8, 2012



Any of you who have ever seen an Arnett Doll know just how wonderful they are!!  They were created in 1982 by Maynard Arnett and are a doll collector's dream doll, with their sweet expressions and amazing outfits!! Each one is hand made, right here in the USA!!!

Recently a long time collector decided to sell their extensive collection and we have them on display at New England Saltbox!  There are 88 dolls in all, many dating back to the early 80's, some with cloth hands and feet!! Maybe we have the one you have been looking for??

Here are just a few of them for you to view!  I had so much fun creating this display!  They look like they are on their way to a party or picnic!!!  So many dolls to love!!

Look at those faces.....ADORABLE!!!

Lots of Boy dolls!!!

Lots of Girl dolls!!!

Big Dolls!!

If you see one you just can't live without or know someone who collects and is looking for a "hard to find" one, please be sure to contact Marlene at New England Saltbox!
She will be happy to help you!!

These dolls are truly amazing and speaking of amazing, I wanted to show you another picture of Mt. Rainier from my bedroom window!  My earlier post showed it in the morning and here is what it looked like by the end of the day......


I never cease to be inspired by this majestic view!!

Wishing you inspiration, whatever your view~~


Thursday, February 2, 2012


Good Morning Everyone and Happy Thursday!!  Living only 50 miles away from Mt. Rainier, I am constantly amazed by what I might see from my bedroom window each day!!  This morning was no exception!! 

 The clouds are covering the whole mountain today, almost as if they are playing a game of peek-a boo, but if you look closely you can see the outline and the smaller mountain ranges on either side!!  Perhaps the clouds will lift and we will be able to see this beautiful mountain just like you see on all the postcards!!  I am certainly hoping for some sunshine here today, and I hope it is shining where you live too!!  Even if the groundhog says we are having 6 more weeks of winter I don't mind, as long as there is a bit of sunshine!!

I have FINALLY got all my pictures updated and uploaded to my Picture Trail and if you have some time, please stop by for a visit!!  Just click on the Picture Trail link:

 Here is one of the new items you will see there!

Thank you so much for stopping by!!  I have been so blessed by your kind emails recently, for your sweet comments, for the new followers, and for all of you who continually encourage me by your interest....what a blessing you all are!!

Wishing all of you a "SUN-SHINY" Day~~