Tuesday, July 26, 2011


Our weather in the state of Washington has been extremely “un-summer like” and with temperatures today only reaching the mid to high 60’s, one can easily have thoughts of Fall “dancing in one’s head!” Such are my thoughts today, and so I find my table full of pumpkin shapes…..lots of them…..all waiting patiently to be transformed!!

Each wedge is traced out, hand cut, and stacked together in groups of 12....

... to be stitched in units of 2, and magically these units become an orb, (don’t you just love that word) that will be stuffed and stuffed and STUFFED, till it becomes………a Fabric Pumpkin!!

I love to make pumpkins and have enjoyed making them each fall, but this year, I saw a new pattern I just had to purchase and really am enjoying it!! It is by SweetMeadows Farms, and promises to be a new favorite of mine!!

 It has several different styles of pumpkins and offers lots of stem options!! I chose the small curled stem and love the whimsical look!!

 I highly recommend this pattern if you are looking for a different twist on an old favorite!! My thanks to Maureen for a fun and amazing pattern!!

I want to remind you as well to be sure to sign up for my Giveaway! Just go to the sidebar and click on the picture and it will take you to the post with all the info on how to enter. There are a lot of other wonderful Giveaways going on right now as well, so be sure to go check them out! I have several posted on my sidebar to make it easy! Just tell them I sent you!!

As you contemplate your day, and all that you want to accomplish, let me leave you with this sweet and simple thought………..

Each morning see some task begin,

Each evening sees it close;

Something attempted, something done,

Has earned a nights repose. ~ Longfellow (The Village Blacksmith).

Wishing you a most Sweet Repose, my friends~~


Wednesday, July 20, 2011


When I first started blogging, I can remember being beside myself with joy when I had my very first follower!! Wow! Someone actually took the time to read what I wrote and liked it!! Gradually, that list continued to grow and each time someone joined, I still had that same feeling of unbelief and wonder!!

Now as I have actually reached 203 followers, it is time again to say Thank You, and as a way of showing my appreciation for all your sweet comments, encouraging words and interest in my little world, I would like to share one of my handmade creations with one of you!! It will be a Velvet Pear Pinkeep, made using a wonderful Stacy Nash pattern!

 The Pear is made using some lovely vintage cotton velvet, and has been firmly mounted to a distressed glass candlestick. I have featherstitched all three sides, and have added a variety of pins and a small emery strawberry as well! It is topped with a brown wool stem and will be signed and dated by me!

In order to participate for ONE chance please do BOTH of the following:
1) Be a follower of my blog (open to US and CAN)
2) Post a comment on THIS POST 

If you would like a SECOND chance, just add this to your sidebar and let me know you have done that and I will enter you again!

I will close it on Aug. 16th at 10pm Pacific time and will announce the winner on the 17th! I wish each of you the best of luck and thank you for entering!!

I have to honestly say that when I first started this blogging adventure, I NEVER would have expected to reach this milestone and am STILL amazed every day with your interest and support!! I so wish I could be a better blogger, posting more and always having wonderful and interesting things to say and to share, but alas, I have to just be content with BEING ME, and after all, that is WHO you are following, right?

I wish I could give each one of you a gift, but since that is not possible, please know that I am sending you my Heartfelt Thanks!! All of you are important, and make blogging so meaningful…from the newest ones…a BIG WELCOME, to the earliest ones….my humblest gratitude!

Wishing you a Joyous Day, my friends~~


Tuesday, July 5, 2011


Today’s post was actually intended for yesterday, along with best wishes for a Happy and safe Independence Day, but before I realized it, the day had passed and so I hope all of you had a wonderful day, filled with special moments, yummy meals and fabulous fireworks!!

I seem to have special places in my home that I just love, and wanted to share one of them with you, as well as some favorite things I collect!! I have a small collection of old baby shoes, different sizes, some orphaned, some worn, but ALL LOVED!! I think they are so sweet grouped together, don’t you??

Notice the top shelf of my special Pincushion Cupboard is the home for all of these sweet little orphan shoes, grouped with a Nantucket basket, a sweet little child’s bonnet, and a sign from the great shop where I work…New England Saltbox!

Below the cupboard is an old drop leaf red table, and more shoes can be found there as well. The tiny pair on the left are actually made out of velvet, trimmed with fur (perhaps rabbit?) and stuffed with cotton. They have leather soles and are a bit worn, but I love them!! On the other side is a pair of leather lace up shoes, in a wonderful tan color.

On the right side of the table, are a pair of tiny black leather MaryJanes, with shoe buttons for closing…..so very sweet! The white baby shoes are a soft leather and seem to almost be glowing…just like they were worn by an angel, which in truth, they no doubt were, in the eyes of this cherub’s mother!!!

The final shoes are a simple black lace up pair that will probably become the home for some little fabric mice! Till that time, I will enjoy them, as they sit together, and think about all those sweet tiny baby feet that once wore them!!

 Just thinking about that brings a smile to my heart and I hope it does for you as well!! I would also like to take this time to welcome all of my newest followers and to say THANK YOU for coming along with me!!

Wishing you a spring in your step today~~~