Tuesday, March 29, 2011


I have a special fondness for bean pots AND old tin!! I know…you may think that is a strange combination, and perhaps it is, but somehow it WORKS for me!!

I LOVE the short, squatty shapes, the dark brown or two-toned color of the pots, and the dulled patina and interesting shapes of the old tin pieces!!

I love to display them around my home and have gathered a small collection of both of them!! They have been relatively inexpensive too, with the most expensive piece being under $20.00, so that makes it really nice for me!

Recently, I found that I had accumulated enough pieces to display together in a nice grouping but found I had a big problem……WHAT to display them IN?? After all, they would look so much better TOGETHER, right??

I knew I needed a large shelf or cupboard for that purpose, and so I decided I would have to keep my eyes open in the hopes I could find it!

Do you ever go somewhere and suddenly the very thing you are looking for is right in front of you?? There it was, an open set of shelves, with the look of a bucket bench, primitively painted, with beadboard on the back side, and best of all, A GREAT PRICE!!! In a word….SOLD!!!

It sits in the entry way of my town home…a long hallway of sorts…hard to decorate, but the perfect spot for just such a cupboard!! It has LOTS of extra room too, so I was even able to add some similar colored crocks I have, and some little favorite bowls too!!

The bench has 3 shelves, and since the hallway is narrow, I tried to take lots of pictures at different angles, so you could get an idea of how it fits!!

What do you think?? Above the bench is a black shelf with old door knobs and old coat hooks, that I have used to hang some little birds, hearts and a sawdust flag I have made. On top of the shelf is a collection of old bobbins that I was not able to get in the picture!! I guess that will be in another post!!

Here is what it looks like straight on and as you can see, it is quite roomy, and would hold more, but I didn’t want to crowd it too much!! Don’t you just love the old pudding molds, and the tea and cocoa tin??

Here is a better view looking from the kitchen to the stairway, back by the framed quilt squares. Notice the old wooden ironing board, complete with an old linen towel and two wooden clothespins!

This is what you see as you come in the front door and I couldn’t be happier!! I think it looks like it has always been there, resting beside my old chair (found by the side of the road one day), with redware crock, piece of homespun, and the old sifter above!!

I hope you have enjoyed this little “peek” inside my home, and that you will be inspired to find something you love and START COLLECTING!!! After all, it all begins with ONE PIECE!!!



Friday, March 11, 2011



I know some of you have been wondering that about me lately and lest you think I have disappeared, I want to reassure you that I am still here, still blogging, and still creating!! I feel like I just posted for Valentine’s Day (can it REALLY be that long ago since I last posted???) and now here it is March 11th!!!! I am so glad that there are no rules for blogging…..and thank all of you for checking in and staying with me even though I have not posted for a while!! I have the BEST INTENTIONS but sadly my follow through has a lot to be desired it seems!!! I guess the old saying, “better late than never” applies perfectly!!

Life has been decidedly busy……TOO BUSY, to be truthful, so because of that, I decided to take a break from Simply Primitives for a time!!! I have loved every minute of being with this amazing group of talented artists and consider Sharon Mitchell, the owner, a very dear friend who I am most grateful to for the opportunity, but because of my work schedule, and dealing with issues related to my fibromyalgia, I just felt like I could not keep up with everything!! Sometimes, you just have to say no and let go in order to stay as stress free as possible, and it is never easy, but so necessary!!! I say a fond “FAREWELL” to Simply Primitives and hope you will continue to visit there each month!!! Thank you Sharon, for making my time there so wonderful and for your amazing friendship!!

What else has been happening you ask?? Well, for one thing, I recently celebrated a birthday and found out after all these years that I share the same day with someone famous, who I LOVED as a child!!! Guess WHO???? Dr. Suess!!!!

Apparently, I loved his books, was always rhyming everything and drove my mother bonkers with all my sing song chanting!!! Perhaps that explains a lot about me………!! Anyway, rather than have “Green Eggs and Ham”, I had a lovely dinner with my husband and daughter, who had just returned from a trip to PARIS!!!! That would have been a WONDERFUL Birthday gift, hint hint!!! While there, she bought me a gorgeous scarf and some chocolate…..oolala!!!!

We celebrated at Cheesecake Factory, complete with a piece of what else…….Cheesecake!! The servers even sang (sort of) and we had a lovely time!! Also, just to make it clear, I said I share the same DAY with Dr. Suess, NOT the same YEAR!!! Lol

As to what I have been creating, well, I made LOTS of hearts for the shop, using some lovely vintage velvet, and some beautiful red wool from an old blanket!! I tend to be very methodical ( or slow) when I create, so I always seem to be behind, but still think hearts can be used anytime and if you are interested in any, just drop me an email! I also had some special orders to do, and still have one to complete, plus I am now working on some new things for SPRING!!! Hopefully I will get them done BEFORE Spring is past!!!

Thank you for letting me “catch you up” with my happenings and hopefully I will be much better at keeping things current!!! A special THANKS to all of you who faithfully follow and comment……such special gifts of encouragement, and a WARM WELCOME to those of you who have just recently joined in!!! I am AMAZED that you have and say a BIG THANKS for coming along!!!

Today is your day! Your mountain is waiting. So get on your way! ~Dr. Suess

I wish you JOY for your JOURNEY ~~