Monday, February 14, 2011


Valentine's Day has long been celebrated as a day of LOVE, when cards, candy, gifts, and even flowers have been given as tokens and expressions of our deepest feelings for another!! Who doesn't love to get a beautiful card, a box of candy (make mine Chocolate please!) a special surprise gift, or a bouquet of gorgeous flowers??? It is definitely a day to celebrate the HEART!!

If you have come to know me at all, you know that I LOVE HEARTS and use them quite profusely, in my blog name, my Picture Trail, and even in my home!! I have books about them, pictures of them, and many of them tucked here and there in bowls, sifters and hanging on pegs!! They are so special to me because they remind me how very important LOVE IS!!! They can be short and squatty, long and narrow, rounded, lopsided, and perfectly symmetrical, but they ALL represent one thing.......LOVE!! Something I am convinced we can never have too much of!!

As you celebrate this special day, remember two things: How much YOU are loved by others, and How much you LOVE others! Ahh, LOVE!!! It's a BEAUTIFUL THING!!

Wishing you LOVE today~~