Wednesday, September 22, 2010

In A Word........Beautiful!!!

Several posts back, I mentioned a Giveaway I won and yesterday Fed Ex delivered it to my door!! My hands were shaking as I unwrapped ( okay, I actually ripped) the tissue paper and unrolled the most BEAUTIFUL RUG imaginable!!!! Words Fail Me!!!! I am even having a hard time typing this right now!!!! For some reason I was thinking this was small, but NO, it is HUGE!! As in 24" x 37" huge!! And the COLORS........they are so much richer and deeper than the picture showed! It just sat there on my table, and I just kept shaking my head and honestly felt like crying, it was so wonderful!!

All of a sudden, I realized I needed to find a place of honor for this gorgeous piece of artistry, especially since my DH Jeff asked me where I was going to put it?? Put it?? Oh, yes, I do need to have a plan for it, don't I?? In all the excitement of waiting for it and finally getting it, I never even gave it a thought as to WHERE I would put it!!!! Suddenly, I remembered I had done some redecorating the day before and had a big, empty place on a wall (very unusual for me) and decided that was the PERFECT PLACE for it!! I have a supply of plastic rings that I use for hanging textiles and decided to sew 6 of them to the back (very carefully, I might add) even before I threw away the box and paper!! I was in such a hurry, I almost missed the note inside and am so glad I found it!! Phew! I was in such a state, as you can imagine!!

Armed with my trusty hammer and 6 nails, I hung this Beauty in the perfect place.............right over my bed, where I can look at it each night before I head to dreamland, and see it again when I wake up to start each day!!! What is even more amazing is just how perfectly it matches my bedding.....just like it was made for it!!!!

I can't thank Joanne (Snippets & Scraps of My Mind) enough for the AMAZING and MARVELOUS GIFT, and for the timing of it as well, as this has been a pretty rough past few months with lots of personal issues concerning my son, daughter and mother!! It has so helped and encouraged me and for that I am more grateful than I can say!!! I pray many, many blessings come your way Joanne, and hope that all of you reading this realize how a simple act of kindness can do more than you will ever imagine!! I certainly want to be that kind of person and will be looking for opportunities to be an encouragement to someone who may need it!!! Thank you Joanne, for being that to me!!!

Thank you all for sharing my joy~~



Monday, September 13, 2010

September Days Are Here!!

I am a story-teller by nature and LOVE descriptive language!! I don't want to just tell you the rosehips are red.....I want to tell you the EXACT shade and intensity.....after all, there are so many different shades of red!!! I want you to actually FEEL, and SEE, and UNDERSTAND, as I do, and I think that is something that artistic people really need to do, don't you? That is why we love color, working with our hands, savoring fragrances, feeling textures, creating, and then SHARING it with others!! And that is why we LOVE BLOGGING!! It allows us to be able to share our thoughts, our handiwork, our ideas and dreams, our pictures, our lives and our stories, in our own descriptive language!!!

So isn't it marvelous then, when we come across something that describes perfectly just what we are feeling, seeing, and experiencing?? This simple poem seemed to pull at my "heartstrings" and I hope it speaks to you as well!!!!


"When the goldenrod is yellow,

And the leaves are turning brown-

Reluctantly the summer goes

In a cloud of thistledown.

When squirrels are harvesting

And the birds in flight appear-

By these autumn signs we know

September days are here." ~Beverly Ashour, September

Wishing you Beautiful September Days, filled with autumn delights~


Wednesday, September 8, 2010


It it a foggy, wet, chilly Fall day here in WA, but I am all warm and tingly inside, bursting with joy and excitement as I share the most wonderful news with you!!! I WON the most AMAZING GIVEAWAY!!! I still can't believe it!!! Even as I am typing this I STILL can't believe it!!! Now all of you are wondering what I am so excited about, right??? Well......Here is what I won!!!!!!

This beautiful hooked rug was made by the very talented lady, Joanne, from Snippets and Scraps of My Mind , and when she contacted me, I was literally speechless!!! You see, I had just stumbled onto her blog as I was meandering through blog land, as all of us do, and loved it! She was having a Giveaway as well and my first thought was not to comment, since I got on so late, but I just KNEW I had no chance to win and just left my comment and went on my merry way, never giving it a second thought!!

Imagine my surprise when I received a notice that I had a comment on my recent blog post from Joanne, telling me I might want to check her blog for some good news!!!!
My heart was doing flip flops as I went to her blog and saw how her two kitties had picked my name!!!!!! Oh, how I love those two amazing felines!!!!

Anyway, I have received so many sweet emails from this very generous lady and can not believe the blessing I am receiving!! If you have not stopped by for a visit yet, please do so as she has a wonderful blog and you will truly enjoy your time there!! I have hosted a Giveaway myself, and seen many others out there, and have always wondered what it would feel like to actually win one........and NOW I KNOW!!! THANK YOU SO MUCH JOANNE!!! I can't wait to receive your GORGEOUS RUG and want you to know that I will TREASURE it always!!

Wishing all of you a JOY-Filled Day!!