Saturday, August 24, 2019

~Out With The Old and In With The New~

Hello, dear friends!!! 
Hope you are enjoying a relaxing weekend and doing something creative and fun!

Here in Arizona, we are dealing with some higher humidity and some toasty days,
but that doesn't stop us from dreaming about the cooler temperatures of fall!
I sure can't wait for the changes that the seasons bring!
I truly do have thoughts of autumn on my mind!!!

Life has been busy as usual, and there are so many days when I feel like
I have a list a mile long!!!  Does anyone else feel like that??

I have enjoyed creating some new pieces recently and wanted to share them with you!
The first is a design my Notforgotten Farm called Hester!!

Here she is, all punched and ready for Halloween!
She really is a sweet kitty and promises
No Tricks
 but loves Treats, please!!
Such a sweet pattern by the very talented Lori Brechlin!

Another design I recently finished is a wonderful pattern by Doreen Frost
of Vermont Harvest Folk Art!
 This one is actually for harvest/Thanksgiving
but November will be here before you know it, so it is never too early!!

Love the colors of this one and it just takes me to a cooler place filled with
changing leaves, wood smoke, and all things harvest!!! 
That is especially helpful when the thermometer reads 102 degrees today!!!


Many of you have been following me for quite some time and I am so deeply grateful for all of your
friendships, kindness, and support over the years!!!  It has been a fun journey together!

Sometimes though, we go through changes and need to make choices to be able to move forward!
Many times change can be hard, but it is a time for real growth and challenge and that is always good to grow!!

After much thought and prayer, and with the encouragement of my husband and daughter, I made the decision to close my Picture Trail Shop where I sold my hand made creations under the name 
My Primitive Heart!!
 So many of you have become my friends through that and it was so sad for me to say goodbye to it after 13 years!!  If you have tried to visit it recently, you will see it is no longer there! Very sad but it was time!

Lest you feel like I am leaving, please know that just as I am saying goodbye, I am also going to start something new and am happy to announce that I have now opened an Etsy Shop, called 
My Primitive Heart Shop! 
You can visit it HERE

You can also visit my shop by clicking on the pictures on my side bar
of my blog!
 I hope you will stop by for a visit and let me know you were there!!
My husband Jeff is really the one who is making it happen and he truly is my biggest support and hero!!  I am just not a technical person and thankfully, he is, so we truly are partners in this new venture!  I hope to bring you the same quality pieces I have made in the past and also hope to be able to add more new things as well!!!  It will be a challenge for me but I am ready to move forward and embrace "the New!"

Sometimes it is hard to let go of the "old and familiar" but we are never too old to learn something new (or, at least I tell myself that!) and I am excited to start this new chapter!!!
Hope you will join me along this new journey!!! 

Wishing you Growth and Joy with each new challenge that you may face, my friends~

Julie xo

Sunday, July 14, 2019

~Small Summer Update~

Hello, dear friends, from HOT Arizona!!!
We are in the full heat of summer here
and believe me, whether it is dry heat or not,
it is STILL HOT!!!!
Also believe me when I say I am truly thanking God each day 
for AC!!!!


One of the benefits of staying indoors where it is cool
allows me to be able to do what I love and so 
I have a few new pieces that I will be making available to you if interested!

Here is a little sneak peek for you!

My Small Summer Update will be on my Picture Trail Selling Shoppe, 
Tuesday, July 16th, at 8 PM, EST!
To visit the Shoppe, click HERE

The album will be closed till then in order to load all the pictures, descriptions
and Paypal buttons!

I hope you can join me Tuesday evening!!
In the meantime, please stay cool and hydrated!!!


Wishing you cool moments during the lazy and hazy days of summer, my friends~

Julie xo

Thursday, July 4, 2019

~Happy Birthday, America~

The United States is the only country with a known birthday!
All the rest began, they know not when, and grew into power,
they know not how.......
There is no "Republican," no "Democrat,"
on the Fourth of July, -
all are Americans. ~ James Gillespie Blaine

Wishing you a Safe, Happy, and Blessed Independence Day, my friends~

Julie xo

Monday, July 1, 2019

~Hit 'n Miss~

Hello and Happy Monday, dear friends!!
A beautiful, but HOT day here in Peoria, AZ!
I was able to enjoy the cooler temps at 5 AM
during my morning walk, 
but will be staying inside for the rest of the day
as the weather will be a toasty 110 or more!!
Hope you will be doing the same, too!!!

Recently, I entered my friend Lauren's blog Giveaway
and was absolutely shocked and delighted to hear from her that I was the 
very lucky winner!!! Hooray!!!!!
Lauren is the author of Rugs and Pugs blog
and I enjoy her blog so much!!!
She always has something interesting to share about her life, her rug hooking,
and her beloved pugs!!! 
If you don't already follow her, I know she would love to have you!!!
You can visit her HERE! 


The package arrived in the mail the other day and after opening up the envelope
this is what I found!!!!!

Almost too pretty to unwrap, tied up with a piece of wool 
with a wool bow and tag!!!  

This is what I won!!!!!
A Gorgeous Hit 'n Miss hooked rug!!!!

Such BEAUTIFUL colors and beautifully hooked by Lauren's talented hands!!!

Even though I read the dimensions and she said it was a mat, it is a rug to me!!!

I love how she finished it on the back with the wool binding!
It looks just perfect!!
Such a labor of love and so beautifully hooked!!!


I had two spots in mind where I thought it might work and will share both of them!!

The first one is on the top of an old wash basin/commode dry sink!   
It sits in the living room by a big window and is an old red color!
The rug fits on the top perfectly!!

Now to add the accessories!!!

I really love it here, except for that big old window with those big old blinds!!!

Sadly, we really NEED those blinds due to our very hot weather, so there isn't much I can do about them!  sigh.....

The other place is a small jelly cupboard that sits at the end of my counter in my kitchen!!
Again, it fits perfectly!!!

Now to add an old basket of cookie cutters!

Finally, this old red divided carrier filled with old cutting boards!!
Simple and oh so primitive!!
I love it!!

What do you think of both places?
Do you have a favorite??
Would love to hear your thoughts!!


For now, I will leave it here and live with it for a bit and see what I think!
Your ideas and input may change my mind, though!!!
It is always fun to change things up and I know that no matter where I decide to put it, it will look wonderful!!!

I just want to say how much I LOVE this special gift from you, Lauren, and please know that I will cherish it!! Thank you SO MUCH for your very kind and generous gift!!!!!

Blogging friends are THE BEST!!!!!!

Wishing each of you kindness, generosity, and unexpected blessings, my friends~

Julie xo