Tuesday, July 21, 2020

~Summer Fruit Update~

Hello Friends!!
Hope you are all having a wonderful week and keeping cool!!!
We are so very thankful for our air conditioner during this time of year!!!!

Just a reminder that my Summer Fruit Update is tonight,
Tuesday, July 21st, at 8 pm EST
here on my blog!!!

To visit the Update tonight, just come to my blog,
go to the very TOP LEFT and look for the tool bar
right under the large header picture!!
You will see the tab SUMMER FRUIT UPDATE!
Just click on that and it will take you to the correct page!!

The page will not be open until 8 PM, EST,  to give us time to get things ready!

Once there you will be able to see all of my offerings
and each one has a description and a PayPal button for easy purchase!!

I hope you will join me tonight!!!

Wishing you a wonderful day, my friends~

Julie xo

Sunday, July 19, 2020

~Summer Fruit and an Update~

Hello, dear friends!!
It is a BLISTERING HOT DAY here in Arizona
and I am happy I can stay inside where it is safe and cool
from the excessive heat we are dealing with today!!

Normally, we are used to the hot temperatures this time of year,
but when the local weather service posts a warning about 
excessive heat, YOU KNOW IT IS HOT!!!!

Hoping that wherever you are, you are staying safe and cool and
enjoying your day!!!!  


With summer and the high temperatures upon us,  I find myself eating 
lots of fruit, don't you??
I love most fruit anyway, 
but the ones I seem to really crave right now are
strawberries and watermelon!!
My, have they been delicious this year!!
What are your favorite fruits this season?


Speaking of fruit, that led me to thinking about 
just how much I also love to decorate with it, 
and so I walked around the house with my camera
taking pictures of all the different fruit I have on display!!
I never realized before just how much fabric fruit I have made!!
I guess you could say I LOVE FRUIT!!!

Old wire basket filled with lots of fabric strawberries!

Big bowl of  stone fruit!

Rye basket with velvet fruit!

Large Strawberry Makedo and some small strawberries!

Pear Makedo with a large strawberry in wonderful old velvet!

My large trencher filled with strawberries 
sits on my coffee table all year long!
I love the colors and made the penny rug
especially to go with the strawberries!!!

Finally, here is where you will find me working on these little beauties,
while I watch movies at night!! 
Like I said, I LOVE FRUIT!!!!


With that said, I would like to invite you to join me for a small Update
this coming Tuesday Evening, July 21st, at 8 PM, EST
on my blog!!
Look for SUMMER FRUIT UPDATE, on my tool bar
under the large header picture!!
It will be closed for now, but will be open promptly at 8 PM!

Here is a sneak peek of what I will be offering!!!

Hope you can join me then!!!

Thank you so much for your love, encouragement, friendship, and support 
of what I love to do!!! 
 You make it all worthwhile 
and I appreciate each one of you so much!!!!

Wishing you all the bounty that summer has to offer, my friends~

Julie xo

Friday, July 3, 2020

~Happy July 4th~

Hello, my friends, and Happy 4th of July to you!!!
Hope you are enjoying some nice weather, good food and times with 
loved ones!!

It will be a quiet day here with just Jeff and I
as Arizona has been put on more restrictions
due to a rise in Covid cases!! 
We are hoping and praying that things will improve
and try to keep each other encouraged 
by staying positive!!

Recently, we celebrated our 39th anniversary
and still can't believe where the time has gone!!!
So many years together and we are so grateful for each one,
and each other!!!

Since we weren't able to go anywhere special,
Jeff surprised me with a wonderful gift!!

He ordered a cabin from Back To Our Cabin Primitives
and I just love it!!

Here it is on my old farm table behind my couch
with another little cabin I have had for years!
I am so happy it finally has a mate!
The new cabin actually lights up and smokes!
I love it with my flags and old wooden bowl!!

Here is a side view, to give you an idea of the size!! 
They had bigger ones, but this one was just right for my table
and my other cabin!!

Both of the cabins have tin roofs
and chimneys!!
I just love little houses and cabins
and love my special gift!!

I hope that each of you have a wonderful 4th of July celebration!!

May God Bless America!!

Julie xo

Saturday, June 13, 2020

~Heartfelt Thanks~

Happy Saturday, Friends!!!
I hope it will be a Good one for each of you!!!

I want to take this time to express my Heartfelt Thanks
to all of you who stopped by my Update last night!!
Your interest, support, kind words, and purchases
made it a Huge success and for that 
I am Deeply Grateful!!!

There are SO MANY DETAILS that go into doing these Updates
and they can be quite stressful at times 
because of all the technical issues,
at least for me anyway!!!

I want to especially thank my hubby Jeff,
who helps me every step of the way
with his calm and peaceful spirit,
his expertise with the computer 
and all those technical things 
I don't understand and HATE,
and for all his love and support!!! 
He is the one behind everything 
Thanks SO MUCH Honey!
You are MY HERO!!!


There are still some pieces available
in case you weren't able to visit last night
so I would love to invite you to stop by!
Just go to the top left hand side of my blog and look for 
the tab titled RED, WHITE, & BLUE UPDATE
located in the tool bar under my header picture!!

All items have a Paypal button for easy purchase, and can be used with a CC
even if you don't have a Paypal account!!
If you have any questions or problems, just send me an email
at myprimitiveheart@gmail.com and I will get back to you as soon as I can!
The Update page will be open for the next week
and will close next Friday
so be sure to stop by if there is something you want!!

Many, many thanks again, for all of your kindness and support for me
 and what I love to do!
It means more than I can say
and I am Blessed!!!

Wishing you Heartfelt Thanks, my friends~

Julie xo