Sunday, May 24, 2020

~Memorial Day~

Hello, and Happy Memorial Day to you, dear friends!

I hope you are enjoying the weekend and celebrating
as well as taking the time to honor and remember those
who served our country and gave their lives
so that we can enjoy our freedoms!!

Both Jeff and I have family members who served
and know that you do as well!!
We certainly have much to be grateful for
and say a BIG THANK YOU!!!

The flag is a big part of this celebration and remembrance
and I wanted to share with you some of my displays
around my home
using the flag,
the symbol of our country!!!

My dining room table was the perfect spot to place these two flag holders
along with my old bowl and a flag pillow I made!! 
I love how they all look together!!!

Here is a large coverlet pillow I made with an old flag hand stitched in place!
Two red birds I made
 add a pop of color!!!

Another flag pillow in front of an old brown jug with a little flag!
The stitched piece behind it was made by my talented friend
Lori Rippey
and all the colors are perfect together!!

Even my doll wanted to get in on the celebration with her own flag!

My corner cupboard is right above my TV in the living room
 and was the perfect spot
for this old flag and my handmade Star and Flag MakeDo! 

I get to see it as I stitch, punch, or hook, while watching TV!!

Finally, my dry sink is the perfect spot for a patriotic grouping!
More large flag pillows, small flag pillows,
  some flags in an old brown jug
and a twig wreath with a flag!!
Three cheers for the RED, WHITE, and BLUE!!!


I hope you enjoyed your visit here today
and that you are also enjoying your weekend!
May we all be reminded
 that we have so much to be grateful for!

Freedom truly is a gift and one we are so blessed to have
because of the sacrifices of so many!!!


Oh, say does that star spangled banner yet wave
O're the land of the free
and the home of the brave! Francis Scott Key

Wishing you all the joys of freedom, my friends~

Julie xo

Sunday, May 10, 2020

~Happy Mother's Day, and a Reveal~

Hello, dear friends, and a most Happy Mother's Day to you!
May you sense and know how special you are
and hold tight to those memories of 
those special women in your life!

I'm truly happy that they have set aside one day in the year as Mother's Day
but in my humble opinion,
I really do think it wouldn't be asking to much to make it
Mother's Day Week, do you??
Just a thought.........

My hubby Jeff bought me some lovely red tulips today
and so I thought I would share them with you as well!

They are in an old redware pitcher
sitting in my dry sink in our living room!

I just LOVE tulips and used to so enjoy
seeing them on our trips to Holland 
when we lived in MI!
Are you a tulip lover, too??


And now, for those of you who have asked,
I can happily say that my rug is all bound!!

I chose to use black wool and really love how wool binding looks!

I think it just gives the rug such a lovely finish!!
What is your favorite way to bind a rug?

This is my hand made label!! 
I actually had to make it 3 times
because I kept making mistakes!
I guess the 3rd time was the charm!!

This is a closeup of the background colors of the rug

I used 9 different antique black wool colors
so it would look old!

The camera doesn't always show what I see
but I think this time we were working on the same page!

I love all the movement those colors
 bring to the background!

I am SOOOOO HAPPY to get this rug done!!!
It just seemed like it took me forever!!!

This is where it now lives,
up on the wall in my dining room
above my big black cupboard!!

I was not sure if I could leave the old Albany slip crocks and jug up there
but feel like they really look great with the rug
 and was happy I didn't have to find them a new home!!

It is so funny because now the rug looks so small to me, 
but it is actually my largest rug and due to the height of the wall, 
it looks smaller than it really is,
but it sure felt big when I was hooking it!!!

This is the view from the kitchen as I look into the dining room!
I am so glad I can see it everyday!!!

I couldn't be happier with it and it was so very nice to get it all done
for Mother's Day this year!!!
It really made the day extra special for me!!!
I feel such a sense of accomplishment and contentment
and my heart is filled with pure JOY!!!

Thanks to all of you who have been following along and asking about my progress!!
It feels SO GOOD to have this project completed and now on to other things!!
I have SO MANY PROJECTS to work on.........

What will You be working on today??

Wishing you contentment and joy in whatever you choose to do, my friends~

Julie xo

Thursday, April 23, 2020

~Making Progress~

Hello, and a most Happy Thursday to you, dear friends!
The sun is shining here in Arizona, and it's a beautiful day,
even though the temps are steadily climbing!!
Hope things are going well with you, too!!

As promised, I am finally ready to share the progress on my rug!
I am one of those, SLOW AND STEADY, rug hookers,
with the emphasis on S L O W!!! 
But that doesn't bother me, as I really want to enjoy the process
and get the rhythm back for rug hooking
since it has been so long since I have actually hooked something!!!

The rug is called THE HOMESTEAD, by Terri Leamer, of Winter Cottage Studio on Etsy!
I just love the folky and primitive feel of it!!
She has some other wonderful designs if you want to stop by for a visit!

The sweet farm couple was a challenge for me as I just wasn't happy with the original colors I chose,
but really love them now,
 and especially love the heart that joins them together!
You can find these same colors in some of the scallop shapes around the border!

The trees in this piece are really different and fun and I love how they look as well!
I also love the numbers in this rug,
the year my son was born,
plus 100 years!!!

The horse turned out just like I hoped it would and when hubby Jeff saw it after I had hooked it,
he told me he loved the movement!!  Hooray!! Music to a rug hooker's ears!!

I hooked the barn with the same wool as the house but added more gray for the trim and did the windows in a darker brown wool!! I'm pleased with it!! The house and barn
 both remind me of old stone!

The chickens were fun and I ended up using a technique that you would use on letters called a SERIF!  I didn't want big clunky feet so the serif was a perfect way
 for me to achieve the look I wanted
and I learned something new as well!!
 is the book where I learned how to do the serifs
and she has other very helpful tips, too!
I would recommend the book, if you don't have it!!
 I think the chickens are really sweet
with their dainty feet!!

Since I love black backgrounds, I really had fun choosing the colors
 and there are actually 9 different antique blacks and I am just loving
 how they all blend so well together!!
They are showing up with a blue cast, but are definitely black, 
although there are some with both blue and green in them!!
 I wasn't going to use that many initially,
 but was afraid I would run out of some of them
 and so I just decided to use all of them together!!

I actually bought some of the wool from my sweet friend
Mary Johnson, of Designs In Wool, on Etsy!
She has the best wool and also sells patterns and other 
needfuls! If you haven't found her yet, 
I hope you will stop by for a visit!!

Here are all the black worms in my little wood carrier, 
along with my cutter, and stand!!
Who says men are the only ones who use 
power tools????

This carrier was a find at a Thrift store and is
so handy for keeping my wool separate,
plus it is lightweight and easy to carry!!

I am really, really happy with how my rug is coming along and can't wait to get it finished......
SLOW and STEADY is the way I work and so it may be a while longer
before I can show you the finish!!

In the meantime, you will find me here,
 enjoying pulling each loop and realizing that I am getting closer to being done.....
with the hooking, anyway!!
The binding is another story!!!
But for now, my heart is happy!!!


I hope you have enjoyed seeing my rug in progress and that you are also spending your time
working on something, 
or perhaps, even learning something new!!!
This is THE PERFECT TIME to get those projects done,
or finally take the step to that new piece you have tucked away somewhere!!

Whatever you decide, I hope you just enjoy the process!! 

Wishing you Creative Moments and Happy Hearts, my friends~

Julie xo

Sunday, April 12, 2020

~Blessed Easter~

Wishing all of you a Blessed Easter!!!

He Is Risen!!  He Is Risen, Indeed!!!

Be Safe, Be Well, Be Blessed, my friends!!!

Julie xo