Thursday, November 26, 2020

~Happy Thanksgiving~


Wishing each and every one of you a wonderful Thanksgiving, 

filled with love!

Blessings from our home to yours!

Happy Thanksgiving!!

Jeff and Julie xo


Sunday, September 27, 2020

~Two Simple Words~

Hello, Friends!!
Yes, those ARE two simple words, but are NOT the ones I was thinking of as I write this post!!

The two simple words I AM thinking of are the words.......


Two very simple words that seem so small, but can say SO MUCH!!!!

So, THANK YOU, to all of you who made my recent Update on Etsy 
so very successful, through your love of what I create,
through your kind words,
and through your many purchases!!!!  

Somehow those two simple words don't seem like they truly express how I feel
but just know that they come from my heart
and I am deeply grateful!!!!



Just in case you didn't make it to the Update,

Or missed it and thought it was over,

Or just plain forgot about it because of being so busy,

No Worries!!!

There are still pieces available and you can still visit and purchase anytime!!
So if you haven't been able to make it yet,
I would love to invite you to take a look!

Click HERE


These 3 little pumpkins are still available and looking for a good home!!!!


I have been S L O W L Y decorating and here are a few photos for your perusing pleasure!!

A wonderful pillow I made several years ago, using a Pineberry Lane design!
I love this pumpkin man's crazy eyes and have felt exactly like that recently!!!!
Please tell me I am NOT ALONE!!!

Don't you just love white pumpkins? 
These two are also available in my Etsy shop and are sold separately,
 but look so good together!!

This wonderful rye basket is quite large

  I have a wooden dipper filled with spinner gourds
and some grapevine inside!

Here is another view!!  I just love the texture and the weaving
 of this amazing basket!!

Nothing says fall like some sunflowers and a blackbird!!!
These are my personal sunflowers, but I also have some available in my Etsy shop,
perfect for a wooden bowl or basket!!

Speaking of sunflowers, I am in the process of making several more of them for some special orders!
I love the pattern I am using from Cinnamon Creek Folk Art!!


Another project I am working on and hoping to finish soon 
is this punchneedle design by Notforgotten Farm, called BEE WITCHED!

She has a fun polka dot dress and a very large Beeskep!!! 

Such a fun design!!!


I hope you are all doing well and enjoying some wonderful weather!!
Sadly for us in Arizona, we are STILL in the triple digits, 
But the mornings have been in the low 70's and so great for our walks
and the temps continue to be moving in the right direction,
 so that makes me very happy!!!

Many, many thanks again for your love, kind words, encouragement, support and purchases!!
With all the negative and discouraging things we face today,
 it truly is a comfort and a blessing
to have special friends who are there to lift you up along the way!!!  


Wishing you Blessings and Love, from our home to yours, my friends~

Julie xoxo

Sunday, September 20, 2020

Getting Ready for a Fall Update~

 Hello, friends!!

I hope you are all enjoying some cooler temperatures! It is certainly LONG OVERDUE!!

Here in Arizona, we are STILL dealing with TRIPLE DIGITS during the day,

but thankfully, the mornings are cooler and I am certainly LOVING THAT!!! 

BRING IT ON!!!!!!!

This time of year finds me at my busiest, with fabric and patterns everywhere

the sewing machine humming, needles flying, and scissors snipping away

at break neck speed!!!  I JUST LOVE IT!!!!!

With that said, I have been very busy creating and have quite a large amount of 

NEW PIECES to offer to you!!

In the past, we have sold on Picture Trail, and recently, on my blog, 

but this time we will be offering things in my Etsy Shop!!

This Tuesday Evening, September 22nd, at 8 PM, EST, will be my 


Here is a sneak peek of what will be available!!!

Click HERE

As always, there will be PayPal buttons to make

 things easier and you can even use your CC with PayPal by just following the prompts!!!  

Thank you SO MUCH for your continued support and friendship!!

Wishing you  All the joys and wonders of fall, my friends~

Julie xo

Monday, August 24, 2020


 Hello and Happy Monday friends!!

Yes, as my post title says, I AM THINKING COOL THOUGHTS


It is HOT, HOT, HOT, here in Arizona!!!  Did I mention that it was HOT???

We have been breaking records with our temperatures and have had more days over 110

than we have in a very long time!!  Of course, we always expect it to be hot this time of year

but it has been even hotter than normal and we don't see much change in sight!!!

This  is the 3rd or 4th EXCESSIVE HEAT WARNING we have had this month and it just 

doesn't cool down enough to get relief!!!  Did I mention it was HOT???


With all of that said, it has lead me to try to keep as cool as I possibly can,

so we have 3 ceiling fans going, several floor fans in strategic places

and of course our trusty AC that actually died for 3 terrible days, but is now working

and keeping me happy and comfortable!!! 

I am also doing LOTS OF THINKING ABOUT FALL and so I have been very busy 

creating things that put me in the autumn mood!!!

Here are a few things to share with you!!  


Sweet mini pumpkin I made from some orange linen with a real pumpkin stem!  The little checked patch adds a nice touch, don't you think??

Fabric sunflowers from a wonderful pattern by Cinnamon Creek Folk Art!  I just love them and they look so good in an old wooden bowl or trencher on your table!!! 

These sunflowers are made with long sticks and look great in an old crock or container of your choice!  I love how they fit perfectly in this old Peoria Waxer Jar!

A prim patch pumpkin I made a number of years ago and still love!! 

Little boot pincushion I made from a wonderful Netty Lacroix pattern that hangs from an old spice drawer knob!! So sweet!!!

Fancey Blackett loves to hang out all year long but she especially reminds me of all things fall with her little coverlet bag filled with dried goodies! I made her using a wonderful pattern from Pineberry Lane!

Three little stacked pumpkins I made out of different fabrics fit perfectly on a stack of old pantry boxes! I added a real stem to this set!!

Fanny Weed, another doll I made from a wonderful Pineberry Lane pattern just loves to hang out in my kitchen eating area! She reminds me of the fall harvest with the dried corn in her apron pocket!

I had so much fun making Jack in his Urn to hang on your door or in a wreath like I did here!  He is a wonderful design by Cinnamon Creek Folk Art!!  He makes me SMILE!!!

I loved making these little pumpkins in a wonderful burnt orange and vintage black velvet with army blanket green wool stems!!! 


Corn dryers are just perfect for fall and harvest time and the bare cobs are a wonderful color! I had so much fun putting these 3 together!!

Some of these items will be available in my next Update on my blog!  Be watching for that 

coming soon!!!

And I just had to share this wonderful book that I just received the other day, 

Finding Autumn Bliss, by Dan Weaver-White!  

It is so beautifully done and you will certainly want a copy for yourself! 

Just do a Google search to find where they are still available!


I do hope and pray that all of you are staying cool, and keeping well!!  It has been such a strange and different summer and we constantly face challenges , but hopefully you are finding

the strength to move forward with hope!  

Thank you so much for your continued friendship, interest, encouragement, and support over the years!! 

Wishing you Cooling Thoughts, Peaceful Days, and Autumn Bliss, my friends~

Julie xoxo