Sunday, October 27, 2019

~Last Days of October~

Hello, and a most Happy Day to you, my friends!!
So very happy you took the time to stop in for a visit!

The month of October is very quickly coming to an end
and soon we will all be changing out our fall and Halloween 
treasures for Thanksgiving and Christmas!!!  
Hard to believe it is almost that time of year again, isn't it???

Before that happens, I thought I would share a few photos of my 
displays this year!!  
If you follow my blog, you know I love to decorate and I really enjoyed
all of the orange and black this year!

This is my new Pumpkin sign that I finally made for myself this year
out of a piece of old wood!

Love it on the old bench with all the pumpkins!!

Happy Jack gourd always makes me smile,
especially when I think of how I found him for
$2.50 at a Thrift shop!
He is a real gourd, too!!!

Sweet little witch I made with her mini pumpkin and dried corn!

Wonderful large dried gourds in an old trencher!

One of my Farmer's Field pumpkins that I made
a number of years ago!  Love how it has aged
even more each year! Pattern is by Sweet Meadows Farm!

Large rusty Happy Jack made from old tin
and a sweet little mouse I made in an old black shoe!

This big yellow ware bowl stays out all year
filled with lots of dried goodies!!

In honor of National Black Cat Day
here are two of my favorites!

Notice my cookie cutters along the top of my peg rack
all either Halloween or Harvest related!

Three more rusty cookie cutters with my little
Happy Jack Punched piece from my dear friend
Lori Rippey!
  A Notforgotten Farm design!!

A favorite pillow I made a number of years ago using
an old army blanket and orange wool!!!

Another blackish kitty and my Make Do witch!

Love this pillow I made from a Pineberry Lane design
with my very first punched piece,
a kit from Spruce Ridge studios!

Last but not least, a sweet cubby filled with
little pewter and silver cups and old cookie cutters
with some pumpkins on top!
What could be better??


I am still keeping very busy creating and am so happy I can do what I love!

Here are a few things that have just been listed in my Etsy shop!
To visit, click HERE

Between my Etsy shop, and special orders, it seems my hand are NEVER IDLE 
and that always makes me happy!!
  Busy Hands = Happy Heart!!!

Wishing  you Joy filled Moments and Happy Hearts,  my friends~

Julie xo 

Monday, September 23, 2019

~Happy Fall~

Hello, dear friends, and a MOST HAPPY FALL  to you!!!

You see, here in Arizona, we look forward to this time of year because it means
 The dreaded heat of summer is finally over!!!!

I know that many of you are dreading the coming season, and I truly am sorry about that, 
but it is my FAVORITE TIME OF YEAR and I confess I couldn't be happier!!!

Bring on the Pumpkins, dried gourds, dried corn and beautiful fall colors!!!
I am READY!!!! 

Here are just a few of my fall displays
using my favorite dried pieces!
Hope you enjoy them!

An old chair with a large dried gourd, dried corn, and the perfect slice of wool!

Love all these colors, don't you??

Lots of dried gourds in an old wooden measure are perfect for fall!!

Bumpy or smooth, crooked, or round, I love them all!!!

Old bowl filled with dried pomegranates, oranges, and pumpkin stems!

Even my grand dog Charlotte approves!!!
She loves fall, too!!!

I will be sharing more displays soon so I hope
you will be sure to come back for a visit! 


This is such a busy time of year for me as I have many projects and special orders going
and it feels like one day just blends into the next!
  Does anyone else feel like that?

By the time I am ready to call it a day, I am so happy to rest my head on my pillow....
and then it all starts up again the next day!!! 
 But it truly BRINGS ME JOY
 and I LOVE 
being able to work with my hands and my heart!!!

Speaking of working with my hands, here are a few pieces I have created recently and would love to share them with you!!

Fall Time Punchneedle Pillow Tuck
designed by Notforgotten Farm!
Halloween at Raven's Hollow Punchneedle Pillow
Design by With Thy Needle and Thread

Santa Who Hornbook
Design by Notforgotten Farm

These were all such fun pieces to work on and have all gone to happy homes!!!


In my last post, I shared that I opened a new Etsy shop and have appreciated your kind comments and visits so much!!  If you haven't had a chance to come by yet, 
 You can visit it HERE!
  Thanks so much for stopping by and for your interest and support!!!!

Wishing you a Happy Fall, filled with Crisp, Sparkling, and Creative days, my friends~

Julie xo

Saturday, August 24, 2019

~Out With The Old and In With The New~

Hello, dear friends!!! 
Hope you are enjoying a relaxing weekend and doing something creative and fun!

Here in Arizona, we are dealing with some higher humidity and some toasty days,
but that doesn't stop us from dreaming about the cooler temperatures of fall!
I sure can't wait for the changes that the seasons bring!
I truly do have thoughts of autumn on my mind!!!

Life has been busy as usual, and there are so many days when I feel like
I have a list a mile long!!!  Does anyone else feel like that??

I have enjoyed creating some new pieces recently and wanted to share them with you!
The first is a design my Notforgotten Farm called Hester!!

Here she is, all punched and ready for Halloween!
She really is a sweet kitty and promises
No Tricks
 but loves Treats, please!!
Such a sweet pattern by the very talented Lori Brechlin!

Another design I recently finished is a wonderful pattern by Doreen Frost
of Vermont Harvest Folk Art!
 This one is actually for harvest/Thanksgiving
but November will be here before you know it, so it is never too early!!

Love the colors of this one and it just takes me to a cooler place filled with
changing leaves, wood smoke, and all things harvest!!! 
That is especially helpful when the thermometer reads 102 degrees today!!!


Many of you have been following me for quite some time and I am so deeply grateful for all of your
friendships, kindness, and support over the years!!!  It has been a fun journey together!

Sometimes though, we go through changes and need to make choices to be able to move forward!
Many times change can be hard, but it is a time for real growth and challenge and that is always good to grow!!

After much thought and prayer, and with the encouragement of my husband and daughter, I made the decision to close my Picture Trail Shop where I sold my hand made creations under the name 
My Primitive Heart!!
 So many of you have become my friends through that and it was so sad for me to say goodbye to it after 13 years!!  If you have tried to visit it recently, you will see it is no longer there! Very sad but it was time!

Lest you feel like I am leaving, please know that just as I am saying goodbye, I am also going to start something new and am happy to announce that I have now opened an Etsy Shop, called 
My Primitive Heart Shop! 
You can visit it HERE

You can also visit my shop by clicking on the pictures on my side bar
of my blog!
 I hope you will stop by for a visit and let me know you were there!!
My husband Jeff is really the one who is making it happen and he truly is my biggest support and hero!!  I am just not a technical person and thankfully, he is, so we truly are partners in this new venture!  I hope to bring you the same quality pieces I have made in the past and also hope to be able to add more new things as well!!!  It will be a challenge for me but I am ready to move forward and embrace "the New!"

Sometimes it is hard to let go of the "old and familiar" but we are never too old to learn something new (or, at least I tell myself that!) and I am excited to start this new chapter!!!
Hope you will join me along this new journey!!! 

Wishing you Growth and Joy with each new challenge that you may face, my friends~

Julie xo

Sunday, July 14, 2019

~Small Summer Update~

Hello, dear friends, from HOT Arizona!!!
We are in the full heat of summer here
and believe me, whether it is dry heat or not,
it is STILL HOT!!!!
Also believe me when I say I am truly thanking God each day 
for AC!!!!


One of the benefits of staying indoors where it is cool
allows me to be able to do what I love and so 
I have a few new pieces that I will be making available to you if interested!

Here is a little sneak peek for you!

My Small Summer Update will be on my Picture Trail Selling Shoppe, 
Tuesday, July 16th, at 8 PM, EST!
To visit the Shoppe, click HERE

The album will be closed till then in order to load all the pictures, descriptions
and Paypal buttons!

I hope you can join me Tuesday evening!!
In the meantime, please stay cool and hydrated!!!


Wishing you cool moments during the lazy and hazy days of summer, my friends~

Julie xo