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Thursday, July 20, 2017

~Two Finishes~

Happy Thursday, dear friends!!

Are you surviving the temperatures?
It sure has been a HOT SUMMER, at least for us,
so I am hoping you are keeping cool and keeping yourselves hydrated!!

I finally have two finishes to share and it ALWAYS feels 
to take the LAST STITCH, 
don't you think??

Here is my applique piece from my pattern
Butter Mold Heart
and I am SO HAPPY WITH IT!!!

It measures 15 inches W x 14 3/4 inches H
and is all hand appliqued with tiny whip stitches!

The red wool in this piece is a bit brighter than I normally use, 
but I had a lot of it and thought it would look good
 with the other red wool
 I used in the piece!!

There are 4 different colors of mustard/gold wool
and brown floss that I back stitched for the vine!

I decided to add the same black to the back 
and also stitched on two plastic rings for hangers!

For the final touch I added a red wool heart
with the initials MPH (My Primitive Heart)
and the date!

I decided to hang it in my bedroom
under an old sifter with one of my stuffed velvet hearts!

What do you think??

I'm really happy with it and hope that it gives you some ideas 
if you have purchased the pattern and want to try to make your own
applique piece!!!  

If you do make one, or do the Punch Needle version, or even 
make it into a rug, I would so love for you to share your creations
with me!!!


My second project is...........

Another Penny Rug!!!!

After I made my last rug, I decided my coffee table REALLY needed one!!!

I have a large trencher full of cloth strawberries
sitting on the top
and they are made using mostly plain red and red print cotton fabrics, velvet, or wool
with army green or brown caps

So taking inspiration from those berries, I used the same colors in my new penny rug
plus adding tan wool to add contrast!

I made a rectangular one that measures 38 1/2 inches L x 20 1/2 inches W
and used red cotton for the base and the back!

There are diamond patterns using the different stacks of colors and I am really 
happy with it!!

It really sets off the trencher and berries and is easy to just scoot to the side
if we need to use the top!!

Even though this penny rug is smaller than the one I made for my dining room table
I believe there are more pennies in this one since it has triple penny stacks
rather than the double stacks in the larger one......115 large, 115, medium, and 115 small,
so that make 345 pennies in this one!!
That's a LOT of PENNIES!!!


It was really fun to make and I actually used wool from an old army blanket, two old wool blankets
and some older brown wool, plus the red cotton was also old fabric, so my New Penny Rug
is made from ALL OLD FABRICS!!!

If you haven't tried making a penny rug yet, it's a great time to start!!!

Thanks so much for stopping by and visiting with me today!!!  
Take care and STAY COOL!!!!

Wishing you days filled with Creative Accomplishments, my friends~



Jan Conwell said...

Gorgeous--the wall hanging and the penny rug both. I think the bright red wool is perfect because you paired it with such dark and / or somber colors, so it just works. I totally don't have the time I want to do applique for my house. And your project makes it just that much harder to pretend I don't have umpteen patterns in there, calling my name. Hmph! Stay cool as you can down there--fall is coming!

The Eveningstitcher said...

Oh my goodness, Julie! Your work is perfection! I love the penny rug and the heart mold hanging is simply beautiful! It's been hot here too, in Michigan....but nothing like Arizona...UGH!! I would be staying in the whole time, I think! I love all the strawberries in your trencher!! Have a great weekend and stay cool!

Saundra said...

Gorgeous finishes and the wall looks fantabulous with your designs hanging on it. I purchased the pattern but haven't done anything with it yet. Will eventually get there.

Julie - My Primitive Heart said...

Hi Jan,
Thanks so much, my friend!! I am really happy with the red, too, and agree that it works with the other colors!! I know what you mean about too many patterns and not enough time!!! Guess it is good to keep us busy and not bored! So happy to know that fall IS coming soon!!! Thanks so much for your visit and sweet comment!!

Hi Bobbie,
I'm so happy you love both pieces!! It feels so good to have them come out as I hoped they would and they were both really fun to create!! That's what creating should be......FUN!!!!! Yes, I remember those hot and muggy days in MI and hope you have some AC to keep you cool!!! I actually saw my neighbor yesterday for the first time since May!!!! Isn't that crazy?? It's just TOO HOT!! I think I might need a bigger trencher!! lol
Thanks so much for visiting and leaving your sweet comment!!

Hi Saundra,
I was not sure WHERE I was going to put my new applique piece as my walls are so full, but that space seemed to be the perfect spot and I'm happy with it!! Glad you like it, too!!! I know that you will do a fabulous job with the pattern and will look forward to seeing it!!! Hope you and Ben are staying cool!!!

I hope you all have a great week and thanks so much for leaving me such encouraging comments!!! Take care, my friends!!
Heart Hugs~

Prims By The Water said...

Julie, your creations are breathtakingly gorgeous! I so love how the colored penny rug goes with your trencher filled with strawberries. And butter mold...just WOW. Bought the pattern just now, so I am going to create one for myself. Hope you have a great weekend my friend! Stay cool. Janice

marly said...

Your heart piece looks fantastic on the wall. Perfect spot. Your berries are the best. Perfect! And all coordinate so well with the pennies. Nice nice nice!

Julie - My Primitive Heart said...

Hi Janice,
Thank you so much for your very generous words, my friend!! I was really happy that both pieces came out as I hoped they would!! All the wool used in the penny rug is the same I used to make most of the strawberries, so was happy I had enough and still more left besides!! Thank you for purchasing my pattern and I hope you really enjoy using it!! Would love to see your finished piece, too!!

Hi Marly,
I was so afraid I wouldn't have a place to hang my heart piece when I was all finished, but that spot in the bedroom was just right!!! So happy you like it, too!! Many of the berries are made with the same wool and fabric I used in the penny rug, so was happy I had plenty to play with!!! I appreciate your kind and generous words so much!!!

Hope you both have a fantastic weekend and thanks for visiting and leaving your sweet comments!!
Heart Hugs~

Barbara Shores ~ Village Folk Art said...

Oh Julie ... the wool applique is 'Outstanding'. What a creative mind and hands you have. The penny rug is beautifully done to coordinate with the wall hanging and trencher full of strawberries too. You did a great job with that old wool. I find good, old wool hard to come by in my neck of the woods. Maybe I just have to hunt more often. See? You have inspired me again. What is on your agenda for your next spectacular creation? Can't wait to see, whatever it will be.
No sight of kool weather here either. Just have to keep indoors with the AC going full blast.
Take care my friend, enjoy the weekend.

Peace and Blessings for all,

Julie - My Primitive Heart said...

Hi Barb,
I'm so happy I get a "thumbs up" from you, my friend!!! I am really pleased with how the piece turned out and know you understand that as sometimes what we THINK, might not actually happen!! lol I have been so fortunate to find old wool and old fabrics and wonder if you shop Thrift Stores? Sometimes I hit the jackpot and it is even better if the tags are the 50% off color! Found some wonderful wool yesterday, a huge piece, for only $2.99!!! You would have thought I found gold!!!! So happy to help inspire and know you always create such beautiful things!! Thinking of moving on to fall and after and hoping to have an update in the works soon!!!
Still hot and now humidity has been added with Monsoon season!! Still being a hermit in the AC, just like you!!!! Oh, for cooler temps!!!!
Take care and thanks so much for your sweet comments, my friend!
Enjoy your weekend and I'm sure those talented hands are busy!
Heart Hugs~

Winnie Nielsen said...

Julie, your new heart appliqué piece is just beautiful and I like where you have it placed in your home under the old sifter! And that bowl of strawberries with the penny rug sure does your coffee table proud! Wow, the colors are so rich!

Yes, the heat AND HUMIDITY here in Florida is raging on without any hope of change. Even the 10 day weather.com forecast shows no change happening! sigh. I've been creating some easy fall sewing projects to work on for some swaps and biding my time. The problem is , we won't see any changes until possibly the very end of September or the first of October. In addition, we have august and September that are the biggest hurricane months of the season to contend with. I just hope we don't float out to sea this year because our daily rain showers can easily exceed an inch of rain. The ground is saturated around here!

Julie - My Primitive Heart said...

Hi Winnie,
Thank you so much for stopping by and letting me know how much you love my new pieces!! My coffee table really needed a penny rug to warm it up and keep those strawberries company!! I am really enjoying it!! I love where the applique piece lives, too, and am happy I was able to find the perfect spot!!
We are also having lots of humidity here and it makes it feel so muggy AND HOT! I lived in FL for a year and well remember those days!! Hope you stay safe from any hurricanes and stay on DRY LAND!!! Glad you have some fun projects to keep you busy and happy while in the AC!!! That is how we manage to endure it, I think!!!
It is always so nice to hear from you and hope you have a wonderful weekend!
Heart Hugs~

Rugs and Pugs said...

Perfection as always! I wish I was half as productive as you are...sigh. Maybe if I stayed home more...lol!
Hot and humid in Ohio, but not like the oven-type heat you are experiencing. Not looking forward to going out and mowing the lawn.
LOVE that strawberry filled trencher but so much better in person!
Happy Sunday.
Hugs :)

Julie - My Primitive Heart said...

Hi Lauren,
Thanks so much, my friend! I feel like you do so many things and go to so many great places!!! I would love to be able to go with you!!!!
We are also having some humidity here along with the heat!! NOT my favorite time of year, but I will just stay inside where it is cool!!!
The strawberries keep growing so I may need a bigger trencher soon!!!
Thanks so much for your sweet words and for stopping by!!
Take care and stay COOL!!
Heart Hugs~

HomeSpunPrims said...

Oh Julie, your appliqué of your pattern turned out so wonderful and I love it below your sifter with heart. Just perfect! Your work is such perfection. Love your new penny rug too. It's beautiful under your trencher of berries. Keep cool my friend. Hugs, Lori

Kurt Schindler said...

Both of your new creations are beautiful but I especially love the penny rug. The trencher with strawberries looks great on it. I have only made a small penny rug - would love to make a larger one.

Keep sharing your projects and home - love to see what you do and how you display it.

Happy sewing,

Julie - My Primitive Heart said...

Hi Lori,
I am really happy with it and love how it just fit so perfectly there under the sifter!! I have so many things on my walls that I was worried I would not have a place for it!! lol The penny rug really came together since I still had so much of that wool left from other projects and from making many of those strawberries!! Don't you just love it when plans really do come together?! Thanks so much for your sweet words, my friend!! xo

Hi Charlotte,
I am really loving the penny rug, too!!! It was another BIG one but I really enjoyed making it and feel like it just belongs there!! You should really give a larger one a try and just give yourself lots of time to make it!! I found it helped to have it on a larger table that I could just leave there so I didn't have to keep moving it!! Let me know if you need any help if you decide to go for it!!! Thank you for your encouraging words about what I share!! It really means a lot to know that it inspires you!!!

Hope you both have a wonderful week and if it is warm, please keep COOL!!!
Heart Hugs~

Julia said...

Oh Julie, your work is breathtakingly beautiful. Wow, 345 pennies in that little applique mat. I love your Butter Mold heart applique. It really demands attention. You did a great job displaying it on your wall. You have such a great way to decorate your home.

I'm so sorry about being so behind in visiting, with all the goings on in the last couple of weeks, it's been hard to keep my head above water. lol...

Take care and stay cool my sweet friend. Hugs

Julie - My Primitive Heart said...

Hi Julia,
Thank you so much for all your sweet compliments!! I really love creating and am happy you enjoy what I do!! I wish I had a green thumb like you do!!!
You have SO MUCH going on and sometimes we all get behind with what life throws as us!!! Hopefully, things will get a bit slower and more normal for you soon!! Between, calves, hedges, and all the other work you do, you need some time just for YOU!!! Thanks so much for stopping by for a visit with me!!
Take care and hope your week goes well, my friend!
Heart Hugs~

Eri Sunny said...

So sweet design!
I`m following your blog with a great pleasure with GFC
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Munir said...

I love both your projects. I specially like the first one . lovely heart. Thanks four sharing.

Julie - My Primitive Heart said...

Hi Eri and Munir,
Thank you both so much for your visit to my blog! I appreciate your very kind comments and hope you both have a wonderful week!!
Heart Hugs~

Darlene said...

Such a beautiful wall hanging....great job!!

Julie - My Primitive Heart said...

Hi Darlene,
Thank you so much for your kind words!!! I am so happy it turned out like I hoped it would!!!
I appreciate you taking the time to stop by my blog!!!
Hope you have a lovely weekend!
Heart Hugs~

Kim said...

Where can I get the beautiful butter mold pattern? I would like to hook it!

Julie - My Primitive Heart said...

Hi Kim,
So lovely to hear from you!!!! Thanks so much for your kind words and interest!! I sent you am email and hope to hear from you soon!!!
Take care and hope you have a Happy and Blessed New Year!!
Heart Hugs~