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Saturday, April 1, 2017


Happy April to you, dear Blog friends!!!
No Foolin!


It is so beautiful here in Arizona right now, with very pleasant temperatures,
and there are so many signs of Spring, everywhere you look, and listen!!

The birds sound so happy, twittering away,  and on my walks I see so many bunnies, 
happily hopping to some important destination!!  Hope they aren't late!! 


I also have some favorite bunnies who tend to make an appearance this time of year in my home!!

A sweet bunny pillow I made from some wonderful reproduction sampler fabric, 
tucked in an old bowl among old darners and stuffed sampler strawberries!!

Woodley the Rabbit with his prize carrot and small watering can!
 He sits next to some stone fruit, but thinks his carrot is 
so much better!!

Winslow the Rabbit holds his prize tulip and spade!  I made both Woodley and Winslow
 a number of years ago using a wonderful Netty Lacroix pattern
 and am so happy I kept them instead of selling them!! 
They have a brother who lives in Canada
 and they sure hope he is enjoying Spring as much as they are!!

Love this Punch needle piece I made using a pattern by Notforgotten Farms,
 grouped with some of my hand made carrots!! 

A tiny little bunny sitting on a pincushion, made by my friend Mona from My Old Crow Primitives, is tucked in a nest next to some carrots I made!

This Rabbit Make Do was also made by Mona and I've added some of my hand made carrots along side him!! Notice some fabric eggs I made in the small Yellow ware bowl!

Mama and Baby Hare are always together and are tucked in cloth baskets! I used a Pineberry Lane pattern for the rabbits and a Netty Lacroix pattern for the baskets!! 
I sure hope Baby Hare shares her carrot with Mama!!!

More of my carrots in a large Yellow ware bowl, with my friend Lori Rippey's rug in the background!
Can you tell I LOVE CARROTS!!!!

A sweet bunny I purchased a number of years ago
 with some of my hand made fabric eggs in a nest!!

Love this rabbit with his bell collar, favorite book,
 and one of my large hand made carrots!
 He is planning on snacking on that while he reads
as his mama told him they are good for the eyes!

Two old tin rabbit molds and a small rabbit cookie cutter
I keep out all year! 

Love this rabbit next to my red ware plate! I made him using a Stacy Nash pattern!
He would love to share one of his wool carrots with you!! 

Last but not least is a tiny little velvet bunny, sitting with some other friends!
 He is made using a Kay Cloud pattern! 

I hope each of these rabbits bring a smile 
and inspire you to "Hop to it" and Welcome April!!!!


As a Thank You to those of you who read my blog  I wanted to share a special gift with you to help you Welcome April, so what better way to do that than with a Bunny Pillow!!

If you would like to be entered, please share with me
 what your favorite thing to decorate with is
 for this month!!

I will draw a name on April 8th!
Please be sure to leave an email address so I can contact you!!!


Thanks so much for taking the time to stop by and visit with me!!!

Wishing you a beautiful day, filled with all the wonders of Spring~



denise said...

my ceramic easter /springs eggs that my mother started getting me over 40 yrs ago

Fran Caswell said...

Bunnies! I just love them.

Anonymous said...

Hi Oh I am like you I love rabbits some I leave out all year
And yours did put a smile on my face they are all so adorable.
I would love to win your bunny pillow. It's so cute!
Thank you for the chance.
Enjoy your evening
Darlene N

Saundra said...

Oh be still my heart.... surely enjoyed the tour around your house and the wonderful items you've made and either purchased or given by friends. Didn't realise Netty had a rabbit pattern like that but guess I'd stopped making things by then. Love the wired ears and the tulip.

This year I'll decorate with a hooked rabbit and will look thru my plastic containers to see what fun stuff I have left from my crafting days. BTW, love that bunny pillow with the touch of blue... must be a boy bunny hopping (hoping) to find his soul mate. Ya notice the play on words there, lol?

Farmhouse prims said...

Hi Julie, Love all of your Spring decor, you have a wonderful collection of bunnies. I esp. love your needle punch. I love putting out my bunnies in Spring, they are my favorite thing to decorate with in the Spring. I also love the tulips that grow in a container of water, I always like to buy them in the Spring. Happy Spring, Hugs, Lecia

Anonymous said...

Love all of your bunnies. I'll get out the Mr. and Mrs. Rabbit that my
mother made for me many years ago. And I hope to make a baby
bunny to go with them ! Julia in SC

Amy Jepson said...

I love to decorate with handmade treasures. Every year my stash grows bigger. I love the way you used a floral fabric with your wool bunny....inspired. Thank you, Amy atudorrose@aol.com

Julia said...

For Easter, I usually decorate with Easter bunnies I found at thrift stores. They are mostly ceramics or porcelain. I don't have a particular style, I just use what brings a smile to my face and I give them away when I get tired of them. I don't go overboard as my busy life style keeps me on the go.

I love your bunny and carrots decor. It really has style.
Hugs, Julia

Vicki Jo said...

I have some folk bunnies and some prim eggs that I love so much and a little chick quilt that I made! Thanks for the generous giveaway! Vickiobenhaus@hotmail.com

elaine allerton said...

My favorite to de orate is my bunny rug hooking!! Have one on wall and a bunny mat on the floor,,,,
Feels like spring today,,,, getting laundry on line soon,,, yeah spring!!

jderouin55 said...

Daffodils and pussy willows. I made some prim daffodils and cut some branches from behind my house

Jo said...

At Easter & spring time, my favorites are several rug hooked bunnies I have made & a couple bunny hooked rugs. I'm always excited to put out the pretty colored eggs & items to brighten up the house after winter!

Lesley UK said...

My favourite decorations are bunnies and primroses. These just typify Spring for me. Blessed be!

Mugwump Woolies said...

Hello, Julie...love all your bunnies and carrots. I think my favorite Easter decorations are my German paper mache rabbits. Annie loves these old beauties and is always anxious to get them out each year. I also love the two bunnies I won in your giveaway several years ago. They are so sweet and prim! I have a collection of real eggs that my mother blew out and decorated that I also love. They are very fragile and are so dear to me.

Your home looks wonderful all decorated for Easter!


Cheryl Porada said...

For sure you will always find pussywillow in my house in the spring. I just love them and they speak Spring to me. I am fortunate to live in the country so I am able to stop roadside to pick them.

Margaret T. Zenk said...

I love to pull out my forsythia wreath and silk forsythia arrangements. The bright yellow flowers are a wonderful harbinger of spring!
Love the bunny pillow. I also get into a bunny groove once March hits!

Marcia said...

I only put a few things out. My Easter wreath on the front door, Tulips with my Iron Rabbit, a Bunny that wits on a child's ladderback chair and an Easter Greetings Tin with a few sprigs of early flowers.
Your rabbit molds are my favorite and I love the bunny with the book Billy Bunny, he's all decked out with his necklace of bells!

Linda said...

Oh what a wonderful bunny tour . I like to decorate with bunnies lots of eggs and I love my old postcards sitting in my flower frogs Ive added a new triple bunny and a cutie bunny from Michaels . Ill add bunny rabbits to my chalkboard and then Ill be ready for grands to search for the golden egg Thanks for the giveaway

linda m

Winnie Nielsen said...

Oh my gosh, Julie! What a wonderful collection of primitive bunnies of all shapes and sizes you have in your home. Nothing like Easter friends to bring out and enjoy every year. Here in Florida, we had a very early Spring but thankfully, the humidity has not arrived so the weather has been great. We have pretty much finished all the flowering part and now the trees all have their new green leaves. I love those gorgeous new bright greens of the early foliage. Beautiful!

I have a variety of prims I love to decorate with that include old cotton batting rabbits, little chicks from the Easer baskets growing up in the 1940s-1960s, decorated eggs, prim hare and chicks, and blown out real eggs nestled in real hay in an old basket. I guess I just can't say that I have one thing that I decorate with. I love everything!

Barbara Shores ~ Village Folk Art said...

Oh sweet Julie, You are surely all decked out in adorable bunnies and rabbits. Your home is so Easter tide and Spring time welcoming. I have just barely started to put a dent in my decorating. Thanks to my Sandy she keeps me on my feet. So next week we will be decorating. I So enjoyed the tour as it all inspiring. Enjoy the weather as we too are having a great weekend. Gots to go, buzzer on the oven just sounded. That means the pound cake for our Strawberry short cake is READY...Yaaa!
Have a wonderful week...Enjoy with Peace and Blessings for ALL,
P.S.- Thanks a bunch for your sweet comment.

Stillwater Sue said...

I love to decorate with Spring flowers, pussywillows, rabbits and chicks . My favorite though, is chicks♡ My grandma had them delivered every Spring (through the mail!) and we cousins all helped her take care of them. They were so sweet, soft and tiny!
Julie, your decorating has definitely inspired me, thank you!

Glenda said...

I love to pull out my birds nests that I have found over the years and place them in a wooden bowl. I fill a antique dry measure with antique minature terra cotta pots, an old gardening trowel, old seed packets and some dried lavender. I have a few watercolor pictures of spring flowers that I place here and there.

Simply Primitive said...

I love to decorate with bunnies and flowers! I love your bunnies!

Rugs and Pugs said...

I just love all your bunnies.
Though I have not yet gotten them out, my favorite things to bring out for Easter are the ceramics my dear mom made. Not really my style any longer, but they mean so much.
Happy April :)

Anonymous said...

I like to decorate with baskets filled with different kinds of eggs. They vary from rag eggs, primitive wooden eggs, felted eggs, and even some sparkly eggs. I also like to fill my baskets and wooden bowls with rag balls made by me. Bunnies do appear throughout the house as well. And lastly, I have a few Easter trees with carrots, eggs, tiny homemade rag ball oranments, and homemade yoyo ornaments. mcpherson_lisa@hotmail.com

annie said...

I loved all your bunnies, how sweet!
You are a carrot girl! :)
I have a porcelain egg with my name on it, sissy one gave me several years ago.
And a sweet little wooden shelf sitter bunny that cost me .69 on a craft table many years ago.
Those are favorites, and the plastic bunny bank I bought my son, his first Easter.
He's twenty four now.
Hugs! Yes, I'd like to win.

Primitive Stars said...

Morning Julie, I love your bunnies so, wonderful decorating as always. Sweet carrots too, I love this time of year!!!! Hugs Francine.

Patti said...

What a beautiful bunny pillow! Thanks so much for the chance to win! I too have buunnies all around - my favs by Norma Schneeman and Ginny Henson. But the ones I am always thrilled to pull out are the statues on my mantle of standing bunnies with baskets on their backs - they always make me smile :) I love the old antique paper mache German candy holders, but haven't found one I like in my price range yet...
Blessings, Patti

Kurt Schindler said...

My home is filled with sheep, bunnies, chicks and even birds nests this time of the year. I love my reproduction candy molds and cookie cutters of the same subject. I place those in a wooden bowl.

Your home looks lovely - as always. Your pillow is so cute - thanks for the chance to win.


Prims By The Water said...

Love all of your sweet bunnies Julie and would love the chance to win one of your creations! Thanks for hosting this giveaway. Janice

Theresa F said...

I love bunnies but hardly have any. I do love to decorate with sheep for Spring. Love all your Spring touches. Beautiful as always.

Jessica said...

I can tell you like bunnies too! hehehe
They are one of my favorite things to decorate with for spring.

Jonette said...

I like to decorate with bunnies. Love your collection!

old crow said...

Hi Julie,
Your home looks so lovely, you certainly know how to decorate primitively perfect! So glad you are enjoying the bunnies I made you! I have my Chocolate Bunny you gave me years ago, sitting with my Redware collection, I think he likes it there! Most of my decorating things came from The New England Saltbox, I cannot tell you how much I miss our old shop!
The cherry blossoms are blooming here, I know how much you loved that!! So pretty, now if we could just stop the rain showers!! Thank you for sharing your lovely home, quite the inspiration!!
Happy Spring to you and Family!