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Wednesday, February 22, 2017


A Happy Wednesday to you, dear friends!
Look who came for a visit today,  all the way from Canada!!

Canada Geese!

They are enjoying the beautiful weather we are having here in Arizona
on the golf course directly behind our house!!

This fellow seemed to be the leader of the flock!
Every time I moved to take a picture
His head would snap up and he would just watch me!!

He was NOT intimidated by me ONE LITTLE BIT!!

He finally realized I was not a threat and actually started to enjoy a worm or two!

They stayed there for quite some time until some golfers actually drove up in their carts!!
Then, off they flew, honking as the went, looking for another spot!

It was so nice to see them for such a brief time!!


I want to take this time to thank all of you who purchased my new pattern recently!!
Your kind words and support really mean so much and I hope you really enjoy it!!

I have even had some requests for more,
 so I will be putting on my thinking cap
 and hope to have another one ready
 sometime in the near future!!

Speaking of the future, I am finally ready to offer some new creations and am planning on
an update on Monday, February 27th at 8 PM, EST!
I will post more about that 
sometime later this week!

If you would like to be added to my Tell a Friend list, please send me your email and I will be more than happy to add you!

Thank you so much for stopping by today for a visit!! 

Wishing you a day filled with unexpected pleasures, my friends~



Julia said...

How nice to have a golf course behind your house. I hope you've taken up the sport. I know nothing about golfing but my youngest daughter plays .

Those birds are huge. There's a huge flock who comes by the river bank each year and they move to our farm field eating worms. Great pictures...

I'm so glad your pattern is selling well and I'm not surprised that they want more. You do good work. Even though I don't hook primitive rugs, I do admire them a lot.
Have a great evening.

Julie - My Primitive Heart said...

Hi Julia,
We love the golf course because it is so wonderfully green and we don't have to mow it!!
The geese are so beautiful and it was so nice to see them!!
Thank you for your encouragement about my pattern!! I truly appreciate it!!
Enjoy your week, my friend!
Heart Hugs~

Rugs and Pugs said...

The Canadian geese are beautiful but actually very disgusting. We have many here in northern Ohio and they poop bigger than a small dog EVERYWHERE. My DSO lives on the water, and sometimes you can't walk down the sidewalk there is so much goose poop. UGH!
I knew your pattern would be well received. It's wonderful.
Hugs :)

Julie - My Primitive Heart said...

Hi Lauren,
Yes, they can be messy, but I'm sure the golf course will love all that natural fertilizer!!
Thanks so much for your kind words about my pattern, too!!
Take care and thanks so much for stopping by!!!
Enjoy your week, friend!
Heart Hugs~

Prims By The Water said...

I hate to say this, but you can keep them. When they come back to Michigan they are everywhere and messy indeed. Plus they remind me of that devil banty chicken, cause they are mean up here. Janice

Winnie Nielsen said...

I love your visitors! Canadian Geese are a favorite of mine and I love to hear them flying in formation overhead and calling to each other as they go.

Outside my window this morning, here in Florida, the big bumble bees are busy enjoying the magenta flowers on my azalea bush. I love to watch them and see how they navigate all about. Visitors from Mother Nature area always delightful and add such a perk to any day!

Thanks for sharing photos of your friends!

Julie - My Primitive Heart said...

Hi Janice and Winnie,
Yes, I know that you can either love them or hate them, but I guess the best thing is that they help fertilize the grass!! I love animals as a rule, but there are many that I love "from a distance" and these birds are one of them!! My poor hubby was actually chased by one when we lived in WA and he broke the record running from it!! There were new babies nearby that he didn't see and they are VERY PROTECTIVE as we soon found out!! I think I actually ran faster than he did!! lol
Thanks for stopping by and hope you both have a wonderful week!
Heart Hugs~

TheCrankyCrow said...

Ahhhh....I know they're messy, but I love those northern visitors... They land in a pond just up the way from us en masse.....And I always almost drive off the road watching them. Then, they have their babies and everyone has to be very careful they don't run over the babies as they cross the road from one pond to the other lol. And does that green every look gorgeous to this gal blinded by the white... We're expecting another major winter storm starting tonight....12" on the way. Sigh.... Smiles & Hugs ~ Robin

Julie - My Primitive Heart said...

Hi Robin,
Yes, they can be messy, but I love seeing them and they just do what comes naturally!! We saw them many times on our walks in WA and never had any problems with them till be accidentally got to close to some new babies!! Poor Jeff was closer than I was, but I think I ran faster than he did to get away from the flapping frenzy of the angry father!!
You never heard such hissing in your life!! We were very careful from then on to give them a wide berth, just in case there were babies nearby!! We are so fortunate to live right by the golf course so we can enjoy green grass all year long!!! Sending you some Arizona sunshine, my sweet snow bound friend!!
Heart Hugs~

Primitive Stars said...

Morning Sweet Friend, oh a little bit of Canada your way, lol... Have not heard any geese yet here but been expecting them any day now..weather is finally warming up some but do need your warm Arizona sunshine.Hugs Francine.

Julie - My Primitive Heart said...

Hi Francine,
Yes, they had a lovely time vacationing in Arizona! I'm sure you will hear their honking before too long, as they make their way back home!
Hope it continues to warm up for you!! We are actually having a bit of a cool spell here, but the sun is still shining!!
Take care and enjoy your weekend, my friend!!
Heart Hugs~

Barbara Shores ~ Village Folk Art said...

Ohhh Julie, I hope I am not too late for tonite...
We have LOTS of Canadians here too. We do not golf, so it is not a problem and we do not live on the golf course either, we are on the opposite side of the street. We enjoy this time of year and watch for all the new born goslings...they are so precious. They seem to keep the poop on the course and nearby surrounding areas. Our back yard is on the river side with a newly completed 10' wide 'River Walk' for all of Apple Valley to use. Maybe it's just because of the novelty, but it's creating a lot of foot traffic, bicycles, scooters and a few golf carts. There goes our privacy. Time will tell.
Hope to see you tonight sweet friend.

Anyways, have a Joyful week with Peace,
Folk Art Hugs,

Julie - My Primitive Heart said...

Hi Barb,
Nope, it is not till 8 PM EST, which will be 5 PM your time! Gosh, but those time zones can be so confusing, can't they? Now that we live in Arizona, we never change our clocks, so I have to really think hard about what time it is everywhere else!!
Yes, those geese can really make a mess, but seem to keep it in the grass and no worries about clean up!! The little goslings are so cute, as all baby animals seem to be!! Your new path sounds like quite the place for active people! Hope they just keep moving along!!
Take care and hope to see you tonight!!
Heart Hugs~