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Monday, November 7, 2016


Hello, and Happy Monday to you, dear friends!!

Do you have any signs in your home?
Are you ever looking for THE PERFECT SIGN, and just can't seem to find it??
If that sounds like YOU, then I have the solution.......

Make your own sign!!!!

I have wanted 3 signs and just could not find what I was looking for so Saturday, I decided to make my own!!

You may already have these materials, but if not, here is a list of what I used in making my signs!!

Pieces of wood!  I happened to have some old boards in the garage and they were already cut to a good size! I just use old cardboard boxes cut open to paint on!

Paint!  I already had some flat black from some previous projects and
Stencil paints!  I chose these three colors and actually mixed the darker brown with the straw to tone it down a bit!

Paint brushes, stencil brushes, and something to hold the paint in!

Stencils and pencils!  I didn't have any letter stencils so I used a 40% coupon at JoAnn's to purchase the ones I used!!  I actually prefer the Mylar stencils, but this one is heavy card stock and hopefully it will hold up if I want to make any more!  For the smaller sign, I actually made my own pattern and traced it on!

Yard stick, measuring tape, or ruler!!  It helps for spacing, even though I tend to "eyeball" things!

Antique gel, stain, or wax! I LOVE the paste wax by HOWARD!!
 It smells SO GOOD!!

  Also you might want to use Matte Poly Spray if your sign will be outside!

Hammer, saw tooth hangers or wire for hanging!

Paint your board base coat first and make sure it is completely dry!
Also be sure to have a cloth or paper towels, just in case of a spill!

Once you have your word picked out, you lay your stencil on your board, dip your stencil brush in your paint, dab it on a paper towel, and use a POUNCE MOTION!  Make sure you don't have a drenched brush or it will leak under your stencil!  If you think it needs more, then repeat!! Once you are done, just lift the stencil away and........VIOLA!!!  You DID it!!!! 
Repeat for each letter, carefully dabbing your brush each time you dip it in the paint!! Then let the paint dry well before you add your wax or antiquing gel!!

Since I collect baskets, I made one sign with the word........BASKETS!!!!

My next sign was WELCOME! 
 Everyone needs one of those, don't you think?

My third sign says PRIMITIVE!!! 
 This was the hardest of the three as I could not find a stencil to fit the width of the board, so I ended up tracing out each letter on a small square of paper on the front
 and filling it in with pencil on the back!! 
 Then I placed the letter on the board, colored in the front of the paper and it actually left the pencil impression on the board, almost like tracing paper!!!
 I was able to trace around the letters and then with a small flat brush I outlined each letter
 and then filled it in with a larger flat brush!!
  This sign definitely took longer, but I am really happy how it finished up!!

I actually sanded the letters on this sign since I wanted it to live up to the name.....PRIMITIVE!!!
For some reason the camera is showing some shiny spots but it must be the light
 as this is flat black paint!
Once all of the sanding if done, wipe it off with a cloth and then apply your stain, gel or wax!
  I chose wax so it would make the letters "pop" out more!!

On the WELCOME and PRIMITIVE signs, I chose to use saw tooth hangers!

Since I was hanging the BASKETS sign differently, I chose to use heavy wire and screws! 


Now I will share with you where I hung each of them!!

BASKETS sign now lives inside my large tobacco basket!!! 

WELCOME sign hangs under my Harriet Angel I made using a Netty Lacroix pattern!!!
Love the black and mustard together!!

The PRIMITIVE sign ended up in my bedroom, above a wonderful hooked rug I actually won, made by Joanne of Snippets and Scraps blog
 and above the sign is a cheese basket with a sweet bird rug made by my dear friend
 Lori of Homespun Prims!!! 
 I just love how it all fits together perfectly!!!


I hope you have enjoyed this tutorial and that you are now ready to make your own special sign
 for your home!!! 
 It will be extra special because it personally fits your home and
 YOU actually made it!! 
 Now get out those pieces of wood, paint, brushes, stencils, and all  your other tools and
 You will be so glad you did!!!!  I promise!!!! 

I would love to see any signs you might create, so please share them!!!
(If you  have any questions or need some help, just email me!)

Wishing each of you a WONDERFUL and CREATIVE DAY~~



Nancy D. said...

Love your DIY signs!!! There's nothing a little ingenuity and energy can't accomplish. Your signs look beautiful (and beautifully placed) in your lovely home, Julie!

Julie - My Primitive Heart said...

Thank you so much Nancy!! I grew up in a home where you needed to "make do" and learned early that you can accomplish much with little!
I had fun making them and am glad you enjoyed my post!!!
Thanks so much for stopping by!!
Heart Hugs~

Primitive Stars said...

Afternoon Julie, I love the signs!!!! Thank you for the step by step tutorial. They look wonderful in your cozy home.Hugs Francine.

Farmhouse prims said...

Love your signs, you did an awesome job!! Thanks for the tutorial. Hugs, Lecia

Rugs and Pugs said...

Thanks for sharing.
Hugs :)

The Eveningstitcher said...

Your signs are really nice. I had to make one for myself for the show I do in MIchigan. It was a little time consuming because I didn't have a stencil, but it worked out pretty good. They are fun to make and you can't always find the phrases you want. Thank you for the tutorial on how your made yours...have a great day Julie!!

Barbara Shores ~ Village Folk Art said...

OMGosh ... just what I need, a new project...the DIY tutorial is perfect. Well Done! Oh yes, your hooked rug is looking great. See what your inspiration has done to me??? How big is this one? The hooked rug above your bed is beautiful too. Love visiting and thanks for sharing.

Have a creative week with LOTS of Peace for ALL,

Sandra said...

Love the signs you made. They look perfect in your home.