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Wednesday, October 26, 2016


Happy Wednesday, everyone!! 

In my last post, I shared about the mysterious black plugs that I tripped over and wanted to somehow disguise!

So many of you offered your kind concern and ideas too, all greatly appreciated!!
I am feeling back to normal and only have a few bruises left which will fade in time!!!

Here is my solution!!

A rustic bench angled just right, filled with pumpkins and mums!

A small pile of stones hides one plug and a very big boulder was moved in place to help balance the bench!  The boulder was in the front part of our yard and is so heavy that Jeff actually had to roll it, end over end, to get it in place!!  What a manly man he is!!!

I left a bit of the other plug visible so you could still see it,
 but it is covered up pretty well by those stones!
I'm really pleased with the way it all came together and no longer have to worry about those nasty plugs, which I found out are used for drainage, so they really are important, even though I don't like them very much!!! 
  I'm just so happy they are hidden from view!!

What do you think??


As I was getting ready to work on this post, I noticed that it will be number 200 for me!!!

It seemed like the perfect time for me have a Giveaway, to show my appreciation to you for visiting my blog,  and sharing in my journey!  

Since the Christmas season will soon be upon us, I decided to offer

 a Christmas stocking to you!

I made this from some old ticking, and it is filled with dried rose hips, large cinnamon sticks, dried twigs, faux greens, and a stuffed paper Santa! This is a Kentucky Primitives design and I just love mine so I hope you will enjoy owning one, too!!

The stocking is 21 inches long, including the hanger!
It also has a paper tag pinned to the front, vintage tinsel garland and rusty bells hand stitched to the top and a rusty wire for hanging!!! 

If you would like to be entered, please leave a comment and share a special Christmas Stocking memory with me
on this post! 
  I will chose the winner on Wednesday, November 2nd! 
 Please be sure to include your email address with your comment so that I can contact you if you win!!!  

Even though blogging may not be as popular as it once was,  it has been such a joy for me and one I hope to continue!  When I think of all the many special friends I have met along the way, my heart is glad and I feel truly blessed!!!! 

Wishing you a day filled with Happy Thoughts and Warm Smiles, my friends~



Lori from Notforgotten Farm said...

love how you've disguised your plugs! and how beautiful your decorating is :) pretty little stocking, very generous giveaway ~

marie said...

You did a great job of disguising those plugs. Your front area really looks lovely. A great giveaway, thanks.

Anonymous said...

love your giveaway and blog..I remember as a child having a striped sock like stocking..I wish I still had it as it is a happy memory for sure.


Vicki Jo said...

What a beautiful giveaway! You do lovely work. A Christmas stocking memory from me -- Our stockings were our Daddy's white work socks! We opened our Christmas presents on Christmas Eve. We always knew those were from Momma and Daddy and Grandma and Grandad. But the stockings! We would wake up on Christmas morning and there on the foot of our beds would be one of Daddy's white work socks filled with apples, oranges, nuts and some funny little toys! We totally believed in that! It made so much sense -- no way could Santa take all of those presents to everyone -- but he sure could sneak a sock with some little things in it to everyone! And even when I came back from college for Christmas, there would be Daddy's sock on the foot of my bed on Christmas morning! I never ever saw who left it there! Thanks for asking -- I enjoyed remembering. - email vickiobenhaus@hotmail.com

Wendy @ Ravenwood Whimzies said...

Wonderful way to disguise those ugly plugs! I love your stocking..it is simply PRIMTASTIC! I'd treasure it if I won!. My Christmas stocking was a red, green and white knitted one, with my name knitted on it too. My brother and sister and I received them from a wonderful aunt who lived on Long Island. I loved that stocking, and luckily my Mom saved it! I hang it in our home everyone year!

Mugwump Woolies said...

Hello sweet friend. I've been trying to catch up today with all the news from blogland. So sorry about your fall...glad to hear you are getting over it and even came up with a great solution to hide those thingies. How inviting your entryway looks. One cold winter night when I was little my family was out Christmas shopping. My parents bought my sister and I those red felt stockings with white stenciled scenes on them so popular in the 50's. They put your name on your stocking while you shopped. When we went back for them the letters in my name were a little crooked and out of line. I was not happy. I remember my mother telling me the letters were dancing because it was Christmas. It did the trick and I was happy with my new stocking. I still smile every Christmas Eve when I hang that very same stocking.

Miccosukee said...

With eight kids and living in Florida, there weren't a fireplace in our home for hanging Christmas stockings. With a Buckeye as a mom and a Southern gent for a dad, there were discussions throughout the years as what to do. Mom made us each our own stocking and hung them around the large mirror above the living room sofa.

Then as each moved out to college or wherever our feet took us, Mom would be sure that our first Christmas would include our own stocking filled with oranges, socks and candy. At 67 I still have mine.


capecodgirl565 said...

Love your little stocking and am glad to hear your bruises are getting less and less! My stocking story is a bit more traumatic than sentimental. I am a cross stitcher and have made stockings for each son, their wives and children, as a matter of fact, working on several new ones as we will welcome three new grandchildren this year! I stitched one for my husband and myself as well, and several years ago my husband snuck a little red votive candle into mine unbeknownst to me, well when we lit the fireplace, the heat melted that little red candle all over the toe of that hand stitched stocking. I was going to make another, but seeing it every year just makes me smile...not quite sure why though!! Would love a chance to win that cute little stocking!

Eileen said...

I grew up in an apartment in a housing project. There was no chimney, but I knew Santa would come.
Christmas morning, the first thing I headed for was my stocking. Every year, there were mixed nuts, a huge navel orange and a little bling. The one I remember most was a gold necklace with a Celtic cross. I must have been around 7 or 8 when I got it. I figured Santa stopped in Ireland on his way to me.

denise said...

Love your little stocking. My half brother 's wife made some stockings from an old quilt made by my paternal grandmother.Now my brother and I have the same mom but different dad's. Last year I lost my brother and his wife.His oldest granddaughter want a ha dmade stocking for her baby boy so I sent my stocking to her.i thought it would mean more to her because she had just lost both of her grandparents. Denise,cheermom1954@aol.com

Prims By The Water said...

Great job in hiding your plugs! So of course I would like to be entered into your stocking drawing. My memory is when my parents decided to play a Christmas trick on my son one year and actually put real coal in his stocking. He cried so bad that they felt simply horrible about it. They gave him his real one filled with goodies that they said really came from Santa and that they left the coal one...but he would not stop crying. So glad it was not as traumatic now as it was then and he vaguely remembers it. My email is primsbythewater@yahoo.com Thanks for hosting such a nice giveaway Janice

Cindi said...

Julie what a great solution! I am glad you are feeling better. Your giveaway is so cute. I would share a memory but believe it or not we did not have stockings growing up...poor me! :( Be blessed!

moosecraft said...

Perfect solution for hiding those plugs! :-) I do enjoy reading your blog... so much inspiration!

Anonymous said...

Good Morning Julie,
Your problem solving skills are only second to your skills with a needle. The bench, pumpkins, and mums look wonderful And hopefully no more falls!

Love the stocking. I can just see it in my family room with all the other treasures we have made and collected over many years. The best part of our after Thanksgiving celebration is getting those Christmas boxes down from the attic and taking out each piece and remembering who made it or where we found it.We love discovering them all over again.

Thanks for your generosity.

Chris said...

Hi Julie...bye, bye plugs! They are out of sight and glad to hear you are on the mend. Your stocking is wonderful...growing up no matter how many wrapped presents were under the tree, the Christmas stocking always came first. Trinkets and Life Saver candy rolls and a few surprises tucked in were my favs. Happy Fall and take care, Chris

Mrs. G said...

I am so glad you found a solution for those pipes! Gave me a good idea for a pipe in my yard! I love the stocking and would treasure it! I don't ever remember having a stocking when I was growing up but Mama would hide little trinkets and fruit on and around the tree, for us to find. Come to think about it, I haven't had one as an adult either! LoL I'm always making sure everyone else has stockings!

Grace & Peace,

TheCrankyCrow said...

Ingenious!!!! And girl, I'm loving all your pumpkins....A girl can never have too many you know.... Hmmmm...a stocking memory..... Well, growing up, we didn't have stockings....But, I did start the tradition when I married of course... I guess the only memory that comes to mind when anyone mentions Christmas stockings is reading a "scratch n' sniff" box to my son when he was very, very, little called "I Smell Christmas"....The baby bear in the story could tell how close Christmas was by the smells around him...and his favorite, of course, was the orange he found in his stocking... So, that year, and each and every year since, my son has gotten an orange in his stocking.... Beautiful stocking Julie....and a very generous giveaway...I would be honored to have my name entered, even though I've been a wretched blogger.... Smiles & Hugs ~ Robin

Saundra said...

My most memorable when at that age kids tell you there is no Santa. I recall mentioning this to my parents and of course they didn't want me to ruin it for my younger brother but also wanted me to believe one more year.

So either my father or grandfather made noises on the roof over my bedroom (we had a one story) and I just knew it was Santa landing. Shut my eyes tightly and feigned a sleep until I really was asleep and had one more year of belief.

You do wonderful work which I've admired and would love to be included in the generous giveaway.

P.s. Nice camoflage and no more dangerous tripping.


The Eveningstitcher said...

How generous of you Julie! I love the stocking...Kentucky Primitives patterns are so cool...I don't have a stocking story, because growing up we never had stockings...but my five children did...I made them from Christmas flannels that I bought at Kmart way back.....about forty years ago. They were always excited to see what Santa had put in them...usually candy...every year they could not remember what stocking they had the year before....

Penny said...

Great solve to the plug problem!! Your yard looks wonderful with the rock, bench and all the pumpkins!!
My most vivid memory of Christmas stockings was waking up in the morning to find it on the foot of my bed. With 7 children in the house, it bought my mom some time in the a.m. to get her cup of tea, turn on the tree lights, and prepare for the onslaught! I did the same with my children, and it was always a favorite with them as well, and they are now doing it with their's. Wonder what it was about putting an orange in the bottom of the stocking... we always had one there, as well! Happy memories!!
pduffy1954@aol.com --- would love to win that fabulous stocking!!

Primitive Stars said...

Evening Julie, love the bench decorated for Fall, looks very warm and welcoming. Great solving the plug showing, nice job!!! Would love to be endered into your giveaway, love the stocking...the Christmas stocking was my favorite part of the holidays when I was little. Had the best little presents inside there from candy to wee baby dolls, orange in the toe, many things a little girl would love... Hugs Francine.

Shuttle, Hook and Needle said...

Sorry about the fall and bruises but you have come up with a great solution. Love the little bench! When I was growing up my sisters and my brother always used two of Dad's socks. It was always a game to see who could find ones that were stretched out because we thought we got more if the sock was bigger. We pinned them together with a large safety pin and draped it over an arm of a chair or what ever we could find. There was always a shiny red apple, navel orange, nuts and candy. We never got any toys from our parents only clothes that we needed. Toys came our grandma. Thanks for the giveaway!

Rugs and Pugs said...

I, too, did not have a stocking as a child, but my boys did. One year I put some pencils in my younger son's stocking. He was at an age where he wasn't sure whether to believe or not. The week after Christmas, he asked if he could sharpen the pencils, to which I replied, "Why do you think I put them in there?". He said "Haha, haha. I knew there was no Santa.". Oh, I felt so bad.
Great camouflage to your plug dilemma. Your fall display looks wonderful. I can't have pumpkins because the darn squirrels eat them and drag them all over the yard :(
Hugs :)

woollabeast said...

Hi sweet lady, so sorry to hear of your fall on those awful "plugs"...but glad you're getting better & your solution not only solved the problem, but now brought your porch decorations a little further out for an even nicer welcome to Fall! Beautiful displays Julie & generous, lovely heart-warm Santa Stocking!

I have 2 brothers & a sister & we all four LOVED our Christmas stockings & almost looked forward to those "more" than our presents! We (too) had those felted, red stockings with the white 50s scenes on ours & our names across the white fuzzy cuffs. Our mom loved to fill ours with all kinds of "little things" we loved as kids (a sm. pack of gum & those raised DOT candies we all 4 loved; a small bottle of red or pink nail polish & a paper doll for the girls, match box cars for the boys, & other little trinkets that would fill our stockings to the toes! We were only allowed to open these after all our presents were unwrapped...and it was like the "icing on the cake" that way & favorite family tradition!

My precious Squirrel is quite content out with his friends Julie...he is so special & loved...thanks again! ♥ ~ your woolly friend, Diane

Theresa F said...

Congratulations on 200 posts. Love your blog. As a child my mom always put an apple and an orange in the toe of our stocking. She never told us why except that she had always received the same. I haven't lived at home for 20 years now but I still miss that little tradition :).

Jane@Bluebird1959 said...

Hi Julie! Your stocking is so sweet and you are so kind to offer it as a giveaway. (Congrats on post 200 btw!) My stocking memory is kind of a no stocking memory, lol. My family didn't do stockings when I was growing up. We still had a magical time, but stockings weren't part of our traditions for whatever reason. But, I always loved seeing my friends stockings and all the "treasures" they held. I knew when I grew up stockings would be part of our Christmas tradition and I have enjoyed filling them up for 35 years! Jane

Anonymous said...

A Christmas Stocking brings many fond memories of my childhood growing up. We had a working father and stay at home mother for my sister and I. As a rule we would only receive one gift from Santa and it always seemed that this gift would fit in our Christmas Stocking. My sister and I truly appreciated what my father and mother did for us and we were always thankful for this Santa gift even if it was only big enough to fit in our Stocking.

Connie conniercee@aol.com

Linda said...

Love how your covered the plugs Wouldnt know they were there The stocking is so very neat I didnt have a stocking growing up but made sure my children had one my mother in law made a new one for each of her six grandkids every year Stocking overload with four new ones every year Please enter me in your giveaway

linda m

Mary Johnson/Designs In Wool said...

Julie, I love your solution to the plugs. Your fall display is sweet!
Your stocking is wonderful...love it! What a generous heart you have. Always so fun to read your blogs! Miss you!

Kurt Schindler said...

I love your prim stocking and would love to be the recipient.

When I was about 10 years old, my mother made Christmas stockings for the family from red felt. The front was decorated with three felt designs (reindeers, stars, trains, dollies etc.) and the person's name. She continued making stockings for new members of our immediate family (son-inlaws, daughter-inlaws and grandchildren). Eventually she gave the stockings to each of her children and their families. When my daughter got married, I continued the tradition that my mother started and made my son-in-law a stocking to match ours. I still hang our stockings on our fireplace each year some 60 years later in hopes that Santa will fill them with goodies.