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Monday, October 17, 2016


Happy Monday, dear friends!
I hope you are doing well and enjoying some beautiful weather!

My post title has to do with these two black plugs, or at least, that is what I call them!!

I'm sure they serve an important purpose but are located right in my front yard and have always irritated me! 

After what happened several days ago I now HATE THEM!!! lol

I decided to change out my small porch area and add some fall touches!
First I swept the porch and removed all the things I wanted to store!
So far, so good!!

Once everything was in place, I decided to take a step back to admire my work!!

The next thing I know, I am falling backwards, and land with a thud to the hard ground!

Apparently, my foot caught the first plug, and then as I was falling backwards and tried to save myself, my other foot hit the second one! 

I must have used my left arm and hand to catch myself, as they have been extremely painful and sore, plus, I have lots of bruises in places I won't mention, but am just so thankful that I didn't hit my head on the sidewalk or break any bones!
 I guess those eyes I always told my son I had in the back of my head when he was growing up must have been on vacation!!!

All in all I am still a bit sore, but will certainly be a LOT MORE CAREFUL around those stupid plugs in the future!! 

Here is my little bit of porch decorating for the season!!! 

Hand painted pumpkin sign!  Love the colors!

Yes, tis the season for all things HARVEST!

Lovely yellow mums and a nice plump pumpkin to welcome you!!

Old tool carrier filled with pumpkins!

Primitive pumpkin made from old pallet wood!

Watch out for those plugs!

A most Happy Autumn to you from AZ!


My newest punchneedle project is a design by Primitive Betty called OLD CAT!!  I made this once before and sold it and decided after I made Hex and Frex that I wanted to make this again for myself!! It is a bit different than the one I punched earlier, but I am having fun with it and love the colors!!!!

I have also been working on some new items for Christmas and always enjoy the creative process so much!!!  More about that soon!!!


Thank you so much for stopping by and visiting with me!!  It always brings a smile and I appreciate it so much!!!

Wishing you a SAFE and SPARKLING DAY, my friends~



marly said...

I've heard that thud before! Glad you didn't get more seriously injured. You need to cut a hole in the bottom of a bucket or whisky barrel to put over that thing! I couldn't believe it when I found a large hollow boulder for covering well heads here. Who would have thunk?

Lori from Notforgotten Farm said...

ouch! hoping your hurts heal quickly! beautiful decor ~ don't you just love Autumn??

Samplings from Spring Creek said...

Ouch! Hope you are okay--time to get rid of that hazard, Your fall decorations are beautiful!

Julia said...

So sorry about that nasty fall. Lucky to have survived that fall without broken bones. I'm sure you'll come up with some creative way to disguise those plugs. You could put some kind of hallow animal like a cat or dog over them as lawn ornaments. Maybe a few tall bird house with a hollow bottom tat would fit over the cat or dog.

Lovely fall decorations Julie.

Prims By The Water said...

So sorry to hear about your tumble. We have one of those plugs in our front yard..but we were able to place some shrubs around it. Bob said ours is a clean out drain. Loving what you did on your porch. Cannot wait to see your finished kitty. Hope you are feeling better. Janice

Saundra said...

Did I read too fast? SO what are those plugs for?? Didn't anyone ever answer you?? So glad you didn't get hurt.

Anonymous said...

Those are access to clean your sewer or septic tank. Those can be cut down flush with the ground and capped. A plumber can do it for you. Its good to see them above ground because when they get buried its a nightmare to access the sewer. I would just put something over them that is easily moved so they can be accessed but prevents you from getting hurt. They are a pain sticking up. Hope you feel ok after falling like that.

Julie - My Primitive Heart said...

Thanks so much for all the concern! Falling is NEVER FUN, to be sure, but am so thankful nothing more serious happened! I appreciate the info on what those plugs are for and am now on the look out for a way to hide them to prevent anyone else being injured! Wish me luck!
Enjoy your week, everyone, and thanks for your visit!
Heart Hugs~

Cindi said...

Oh no I am so sorry about your fall! I am thankful you did not get hurt anymore than you did!
LOVVVVEEEE your porch! Everything is just perfect! Thanks for sharing!
Be blessed,

moosecraft said...

Love your decorations for fall! :-) So glad you did not get seriously hurt when falling over those plugs! It seems odd that they are right in front of the porch... they usually are off to the side or further out away from heavily walked areas of the yard... looking forward to seeing your creative way of disguising them!

Penny said...

Double trouble for sure!! I've never seen those things before, and it seems odd that they would be placed where you could so easily trip. Hope the aches and pains subside soon! Looking forward to seeing how you cover them up!
Have a happy Tuesday!

Primitive Stars said...

Oh Julie, I'm so so sorry to hear about your tumble, hope you heal up fast... Love the decorating you did outside, love the Fall touches. Hugs Francine.

Barbara Shores ~ Village Folk Art said...

Oh my gosh...yes they do look like plumbing clean out lines. But why in the world were they placed in such an obvious place??? Never the less you survived and are doing OK...Right?
The decorating to your porch is PERFECTO...of course. What else can you expect from someone so very talented? Can't wait to see what you have up your sleeve for the next surprise. In the meantime keep AWAY from nasty black plugs.
Is that one of those hooking frames you are using in your punch needle project? I have been looking for a small one for rug hooking. My Grandma Carrie's rug hooking talents have been an inspiration to me for some time. She was an awesome, traditional, rug hooker, winning many ribbons in her day, at the Westchester County Fair in N.Y..
Enough said...Keep safe.

Warm Regards,
Peace and God Bless America,

Rugs and Pugs said...

I hope by now you are back in tip top shape!
Your porch is perfect.
Hugs :)

Julie said...

Love this!

TheCrankyCrow said...

OUCH.... Glad you didn't break anything.... Your outdoor decor is just as stinkin' sweet as your indoor. I love the pumpkin sign and that lathe pumpkin!!! I had a good start on my decorating...and then all of a sudden it was 4 days before Halloween.... I don't know what happened...all I know is it isn't going to get done.... :o( Smiles & Hugs ~ Robin