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Thursday, October 6, 2016


Happy Thursday, dear friends!  

This post has LOTS of photos, because there was just LOTS of STUFF to share!!!
So sit down, put your feet up, and rest a spell!

Many of you that are bloggers and are readers of blogs are familiar with the name


Well, yesterday, I got the chance to actually meet Lauren, the owner of that blog and it was a very special day, indeed!!!!

Lauren and her dear Fritz have been making their way west and were going to be staying in Glendale, a very short distance from me, so she contacted me to find out if we could perhaps meet?  

I have known Lauren via Blogland for some time now, and have so enjoyed getting to know her that way, but let me say that actually meeting her IN PERSON was such a pleasure and blessing!!

She is the sweetest and kindest person, and was so interested in all the things I love!! The time just flew by and we (or I should say I) talked non-stop!!!  We have so many similar likes and she really seemed to enjoy her tour!!!  It made me feel so special and I still can't believe she took the time to come and be with me!!!!  We went to a local cafe for lunch and then back to my house again for some last minute pictures and sharing gifts together!!!

These are Lauren's gifts to me!

 A wonderful hooked pumpkin mat in the best muted colors,

 a lovely spoon bracelet with the words, Rug Hooker, stamped on the front, and two sweet little charms attached,

 and a fabulous paisley strawberry! I have not been able to find any paisley and was just so thrilled to receive one she made!!

Thank you SO MUCH, Lauren, for sharing the day with me and allowing us to make this lovely memory together, plus all these lovely gifts! I will certainly treasure them!!!

I hope if you ever get the opportunity to visit this area, you will follow Lauren's example and contact me to get together!!! It was truly a very special day!!! 


As promised, I finally got Hex and Frex framed and displayed!

There was a large empty spot in the hallway that seemed to be the perfect spot!

To keep them company, I added a small black shelf with one of my Sock Cats!

What do you think??

I just love them there and each morning when I leave my bedroom, they are the first things I see as I come down the hall!!! 

I have also taken a few snaps of some of my fall decorating!  I did share some of these already in an earlier post, but took different angles so hopefully they will look new to you!!  Hope you enjoy them!

Thank you so much for your kind words and comments, and sharing in my blogging journey with me! Life truly is a gift and we need to enjoy it and embrace it and live it to the fullest!!!

Wishing each of you Happy Moments and Special Friendships, Old AND New~



old crow said...

Hi Julie,
How exciting you were able to meet up with Lauren! Love the goodies she brought you! The hooked pumpkin is lovely and I especially love that paisley strawberry!Rug Hooking bracelet is sweet! So glad you were able to meet!
Your decorating is primitively lovely! All your handmades look so nice with your antiques! I really like the Sock Kitty ( my favorite!! ) on the shelf above your Hex and Frex, you did a beautiful job on both!
I hope Lauren inspired you to start your rug hooking! I have a class next week and I haven't touched my hooking since last November....sure hope I remember how!! I am terribly slow at it....guess I need to practice!
Thanks for sharing your lovely home!
Autumn Blessings!

Saundra said...

I've never had the pleasure of meeting either your or Lauren tho I feel as tho we are all friends. Since Lauren has retired she says that a rug camp in Cape May, NJ is on her bucket list so think we will meet up then.

She is definitely a very generous, talented and thoughtful woman. I wrote to tell her I was envious she had a grande tour of your lovely home. Glad you two had a chance to meet.

Saundra said...

OH!!!!!! Yes, I love the placement of Hex and Rex and the stocking cat. Good choice.

Prims By The Water said...

Lauren is soooo sweet. She does a prim show that Bob and I doll of the time. She is very thoughtful and the goodies she gave you are awesome. Also love your framed piece and the kitty makes the grouping perfect! Janice

Primitive Stars said...

Evening Julie, oh I agree Lauren is so sweet, I met her this Fall at the Primitive Homestead show in Holy where she had a booth. I was so excited to met her, talented too..... I love the framed mat, looks so wonderful on the wall as does your other decorating. You have a way to put treasures together. Sweet sock kitty too, love the black kitties. Hope one day I can also met you, Hugs Francine.

Rugs and Pugs said...

Thank you for a wonderful day!!! It was such a pleasure to meet you.
I will treasure my make do pincushion and every time I see it think of our time together.

Shuttle, Hook and Needle said...

I can why Hex, Frex and sock kitty make you smile - they are wonderful!!
So nice that the two of you got to meet in person.

Barbara Shores ~ Village Folk Art said...

This may have well been an ENJOYABLE meeting of blogging friends for you both. May I say it has been delightfully double pleasure for me to see how 2 friendships are made and finally come together. Again, thanks for sharing your special token of friendship with Lauren.
I LOVE where you placed your newly framed 'Hex and Frex', including the precious sock kitty. Your talents are never ending.

Peace & Blessings to all,


acorn hollow said...

That Lauren is such a sweetie! Lucky you! you got to meet her. I hope at some point she comes my way.
I need to get my self in gear and pull out my fall decorations and get a couple of pumpkins on the doorstep. You home is so lovely.
I love your framed piece.

marly said...

Glad I took a minute to check on a few blogs! Love the photos. It's great that you two got to spend some time together and meet in person.

HomeSpunPrims said...

Hi Julie,
I'm thrilled you two lovely ladies got to meet in person! I've met Lauren and own some of her spoon jewerly too. I love the bracelet she gifted you! And your pumpkin mat and strawberry too! I told her I was a little jealous she got to meet you! Someday we shall meet. Love how your H&F looks framed. The shelf with kitty underneath is the perfect touch. Love all your pics! So many wonderful things to see!! Lauren took some good ones of your home too. You have a gift for putting everything together just right. Big hugs, Lori

Gayle said...

Sounds like the two of you really enjoyed your time together! I'm loving her travelogue!

Julie - My Primitive Heart said...

Thanks SO MUCH, everyone!!! Yes, it was a very special visit and we had a great time together! I was so honored that she wanted to take time out of her trip to actually meet and spend time with me!! How I wish I could do that with so many of you special blogging friends as well!!! If you ever get the opportunity to meet up with a blogger friend, please take the time to do it!!!
Hope all of you have a wonderful week, and thanks so much for your kind words and for stopping by!!!
Heart Hugs~

TheCrankyCrow said...

Happy, Happy, October Sweetpea.... I am dreadfully behind on my blogging yet again, but things have been particularly cranky in my world and I needed some cheer so thought I'd start dusting off my blog reading list again...and so glad I did. Your fall decorating is absolutely WONDERFUL... I love everything I see...but I am positively smitten with Hex and Frex.... And so glad you got to meet Lauren... I have not had that pleasure, but I love her to pieces.... Such beautiful treasures she gifted you...I'm going to have to hunt her down and talk to her about a bracelet LOL.... Hope things are well in your world.... Smiles & Hugs ~ Robin