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Friday, June 10, 2016


Things have certainly been heating up here in AZ!!

So far, last week was the hottest with one day registering a sizzling 118 degrees!!!
 Now that is what I call H O T!!!!!
  It was followed by various other triple digit numbers and our AC definitely got a good work out!!!    

Today it is supposed to be only 99 degrees!!!!  Isn't it funny how that seems cooler now, compared to the previous temperatures??  I will certainly take it!!!! 

What is your weather like?  I'm hoping it is a bit cooler for you!!  Summer has certainly come to Arizona!!!

So what does a girl do on such hot days??

Think about.......STRAWBERRIES!!!!

I pulled out some wonderful old velvet drapes in the most gorgeous color and an old army blanket

and made some different shapes and sizes of strawberries!

Some will be make dos using old glass candlesticks!

Some will be Berry Strings, with handmade twisted cord!

Some will be stuffed with sand

 and some with sawdust!!

I love these colors of red and green!

So beautiful and COOL!!!  Temperature wise, that is!!!

I will be making these for an upcoming update soon!

Here is a sneak peek.......

Hope you will be sure to check back soon!!

After making all of these berries, all I need now is some short cake and whipped cream!!!



I have taken a break from rug hooking,  both due to the heat,  and because my floor frame broke!  I'm still hoping my gluing job will work!  Sadly the thought of holding a lap frame does not appeal to me right now, even with AC!!! If my gluing doesn't work, that means I need to think about a new floor frame as it helps so much when it is hot!!!  

The rug I am planning on hooking is a wonderful antique adaptation from my sweet friend Lori Rippey, called Birds and Clover!!  I have long admired this rug and am will be so excited to hook it! It will be my biggest rug to hook and is also the very first one I drew out on linen!!  I sure hope I got it on the straight of grain!!!  I also still am not totally sure of the colors I am using and am trying to get that settled too!!!  Hopefully, sometime soon I will be picking up my hook again!!!  I truly appreciate all the wonderful rug hookers who continually inspire me with their beautiful work!!!!


On a final note, we recently added someone to our family!!

Please meet Charlotte, a 4 year old American Staffordshire Terrier!

She is my daughter and son in law's new fur baby from the shelter here in Phoenix, and is THE SWEETEST girl!!!!  She loves belly rubs and loves to give doggy kisses!!!!

She adores Austin and Janelle and we are all so happy they found her and gave her a forever home!!!

She's a very special Grand Dog and Jeff and I have really grown to love her already!!


Thank you so much for your lovely comments on my last post about baskets!!!  It seems that many of us love them and enjoy having them and using them!!!! 

I actually used a basket in this post that I did not share in my previous post that is holding my fabrics!  It is a wonderful old splint gathering basket, both useful AND beautiful!!!  They really are wonderful to collect!!!

Thanks so much for taking the time to stop by and visit with me today!!!  I truly appreciate each and every comment you take the time to leave!!!!  They are so uplifting and encouraging!!! 

Wishing you a day filled with cooling thoughts and puppy kisses, my friends~ 



marly said...

Fabulous berries. I'm on the update list! That checked fabric is still my favorite and I continue to search for a checked wool. Glad to see a rescue with a loving family.

The Eveningstitcher said...

Oh how I love those strawberries, Julie!!! They are beautiful! I love vintage velvet..and that color is perfect! It's been pretty nice, but the hot weather is heading our way tomorrow. Thank goodness for AC! I'll be looking for your update!! Stay cool..

Julie - My Primitive Heart said...

Thanks, Marly and Bobbie!
Strawberries are such fun to make and sooooo addicting!!! I have a whole trencher on my coffee table to prove it!!
Hope you both have a great weekend and thanks for your sweet words!
Warm Hugs~

HomeSpunPrims said...

Lovely strawberries! That velvet and old wool look great together. Love miss Charlotte too! Your rug looks great. I think you did just fine drawing it out. Can't wait to see what colors you choose. Take care my sweet friend. Lori

Rugs and Pugs said...

Julie ~
First and foremost, Charlotte is adorable. Please thank your daughter and s-i-l for adopting ~ something near and dear to me.
Your strawberries are wonderful!!! I am so happy that I have one to call my own :)
I've hooked that pattern twice. I hooked it to give as a gift but sold it so hooked it again and gave it away. Someday I'd like one for my own. So many rugs...so little time.
Hugs :)

Primitive Stars said...

Morning Julie, I love your strawberries so much, your so talented. I adore Charlotte and most thankful that she was adopted, love that. That breed is very loveable, so misunderstood..... Your rug is wonderful, so are you sweet friend.Hugs Francine.

celkalee said...

Sending some cool air your way....love the berries!

old crow said...

Julie, your strawberries are wonderful!! I have a table full too! I sill need to stuff mine and get them down to the shop! It has been warm here too, we have cooled down though and have had some cooling rain. Charlotte is a sweetie! So happy she found her forever home! What a lucky pup! I love your new rug choice! I know it will be beautiful!
Hugs, Mona

Mary Johnson/Designs In Wool said...

Dear Julie, What a lovely post! Your strawberries are beeeeauuuutiful! I just wanted to come and stitch with you :))
We have had hot weather too, altho not triple digits! It's supposed to cool down a bit next week...yea...better weather for rug hooking ♥

Julie - My Primitive Heart said...

Hi Friends,
Thanks so much for all your kind words regarding the stawberries and Charlotte!!! If you were around she would shower you with puppy kisses!!
Thanks too for wanting to send some cool air our way!!! Any chance of sending some rain with that? In return, I would be happy to send some sunshine!!! Win/Win for all of us!!!! lol
Thanks for taking the time to be so encouraging!!
Warm Hugs~

moosecraft said...

Charlotte looks so cute with her little plush toy! Love all of those strawberries you are making!!! Looking forward to your next update! Sorry about your frame breaking... I had a wooden frame once that I stepped on (in the middle of the night)... it did repair well with elmer's wood glue and/or gorilla glue. Right now I have the townsend floor frame. It's metal, so VERY sturdy!!! One day I hope to hook the pattern you are hooking... it's on my list to get! :-) Have a SUPER weekend!

kelley said...

those berries certainly are yummy with that vintage red...a favorite rug hooking pattern..mine came from Lori too. I put a cat in each corner, looking forward to seeing yours hooked...

Shuttle, Hook and Needle said...

Love your strawberries!! They look so luscious and I know your rug is going to be also!
Welcome Charlotte! She looks so sweet.

Barbara Shores ~ Village Folk Art said...

Hi Julie, I am in love with strawberries too. You have done a fabulous job with yours. Yes we had quit a heatwave and now it is cooling down, just like a roller coaster. Those adopted babies are the best...so happy for all of you. We adopted Rusty over a year ago and he was surely a Blessing for us. Keep on hooking...I have not given in to it yet but, I am knitting or should I say learning to knit cause I seem to be all thumbs with those needles. Hooking has been added to my 2nd 'Bucket List'...
Take care, keep cool and Peace for all,

Kurt Schindler said...

Love all your different strawberries - the fabric looks wonderful.

First, the princess was named Charlotte and now your grand dog - I am loving it.