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Monday, May 16, 2016

~B is for BASKET~

Happy Monday, dear friends!
I hope this is the start to a wonderful week!!!


I don't know about you, but I LOVE BASKETS!!  I have been collecting them for a while and especially love the antique ones!!  They seem to have such a story to tell!  

This basket was no doubt used for gathering, but now holds lots of balls of crochet thread!  I don't actually crochet, but do use it in many of my creations as it stains beautifully!!

I also LOVE chairs and the basket sits on a sweet old black ladder back with woven seat!!  

Large splint picnic basket tucked under an old bench!  It holds lots of my "I'm going to finish that" things!  I love the size and the handles!!

This is a tobacco gathering basket and is quite large!  I was so excited that we had a wall big enough for it to live!!

Here is another picnic basket that lives on a ledge in my bedroom with some crocks!  I am so happy that this house has these great ledges for display!!

This basket is not actually old, but I needed a larger size to balance the other one and it was perfect!   On the right you can see a small Nantucket basket holding some old spindles too!!

I have a special place in my heart for old mending baskets and these three are a bit worn, but I love how they look stacked together!!  Notice the middle one with the checked pattern!  So wonderful!!! 

I have another wonderful ledge that passes between my kitchen and my living room and it is home to some very large baskets!  This is the view from the kitchen!!

Wonderful splint basket for gathering, still in really great shape!

Love the patina on this very large buttocks basket!

My newest and tallest basket!  It was owned by a collector for many years and is so unique! 
 Does anyone know what it might have been used for? 

 It is 20 inches tall with the handle!  A real beauty!

Another wonderful basket with two carved wooden handles and a raised center on the bottom! 
 Love the patina on this one, too!! 

Another large buttocks basket that might be newer, but it goes so well with all the other large ones!!

Below this ledge is a very long black peg rack that hold some of my other smaller baskets, including this apple basket!

Another buttocks basket, perhaps used to gather farm fresh eggs?

Old corn dryer used for holding lots of tiny baskets and another small woven basket on the right!

Basket with a swing handle!

Small buttocks basket hanging over my beautiful rug hooked by dear friend Lori Rippey!!

Another small gathering basket!

Tiny basket with swinging handle!

Very dark buttocks basket!  Love the patina on this one!!

Another gathering basket!

Baskets, baskets, everywhere!!!


I hope you have enjoyed viewing my collection and have been inspired to perhaps start your own, or rethink how you are using yours already!!! 
 I would love to hear about your collection if you have one!!

Thank you so much for coming by for a visit today!  Your kind words always make me smile!!

Wishing you a Basket full of Blessings today, my friends~



Penny said...

Love your basket collection! You are lucky to have so many great places to display them all! Thanks for sharing them with us.

veryordinary annie said...

Julie, I love all your baskets, what a great collection you have.
I only have a few baskets, nothing of real value.
I made a few in my time, but never really got good at the process.
My favorite I ever made was a tiny little round market basket, maybe 3" in diameter round, after I watched a lady do one.
I never could get another one that looked as good as I made that one that day.
I have bottomed chairs a time or two as well. Just a passing fancy with those too.

I would like to get a hanging basket tree, but seeing your drier, I think I'd like that smaller size even better!
Think I could make one of those driers out of dowels, or an old thrift store mug rack.
Maybe I'll pull out some small vines, and try those little bitty ones again.
Your collection is very inspiring!
Thanks for sharing!

Ronda said...

Beautiful baskets Julie! Displayed wonderfully!

Primitive Stars said...

Evening Sweet Friend, such a beautiful collection of baskets, many so unique. I also love old chairs, can't get enough of them it seems...thanks for sharing your wonderful baskets, Hugs Francine.

Rugs and Pugs said...

Julie ~
You have a marvelous collection of baskets!
Love the wall where you have Lori's rug. She is one talented lady. The wall is just perfect in every way.
Hugs :)

moosecraft said...

You have a wonderful basket collection! Baskets are perfect for storing just about anything... have you seen Lori R's new basket hooked/punched design? I hope to get hooking on it soon! :-)

Earlene L. said...

Julie you have a fantastic collection of baskets and going back to look some more.
Love the open wall and they way you have it dosplayed. Not sure what the one was used for bit bery unique.
How do you clean yours? I use my husbands air hose in his shop LOL. Works!

HomeSpunPrims said...

Julie, Love your basket collections and how you have them displayed throughout your wonderful home! Thank you for sharing. I love baskets but haven't really collected any. I'm drawn to antique painted ones and have always loved the shape of the buttocks baskets. Maybe some day. Big hugs, Lori

Linda said...

Love your basket collection and how youve displayed them Thank you for sharing youre home

linda m

Julie - My Primitive Heart said...

Hi Friends,
Thanks to all of you for your sweet comments! I'm so happy you enjoyed my basket collection and hope you were inspired! Collecting can be a fun experience and it's those special touches that warm the home!
Annie and Linda,
I'm sorry I can not personally reply to your comments due to the fact that you are no-reply and I have no other way of contacting you! I truly appreciate you taking the time to leave them and hope you come back to read this!!
Have a great week and happy collecting!
Warm Hugs~

kelley said...

great basket collection...I collect them too...started with Longaberger then on to handmade from craft shows...a few different makers...most recent to my collection (about 15 yrs ago) from Pennsylvania Basket Co...they no longer live in the area so my collection is complete...collected Shaker boxes at the same time...wish I'd bought more!

Kurt Schindler said...

Hi Julie,

Thanks for sharing your collection. I never really thought that I had a basket collection but I do have more than three so maybe that is a collection. My most favorite is one that belonged to my mother, who is no longer living. I remember it as her mending basket. I think it is a buttocks basket. There was always a light bulb in it so she could mend socks. It is at least 60 years old. I have a few that were made by a teaching colleague of mine. I also acquired a sewing basket from my neighbor, who was having a garage sale, because she was moving. She is near 90 years old so I have a feeling that the basket is rather old.

Other collections that I have: firkins, teddy bears, quilts, pin cushions, small sewing machines and birdhouses. I have way too much stuff but it is so fun collecting.


Julie - My Primitive Heart said...

Hi Charlotte,
Yes, you DO have a collection and it sounds wonderful!! You certainly have some treasures and I love all of your other collections, too!! Thanks so much for sharing them! I can't reply to your comment as you are no-reply, so I hope you read this!
Warm Blessings~

Kurt Schindler said...

Thanks, Julie, for your response. Maybe I should check into how I change from no-reply. Lots of collections but very little technical ability!!


Shuttle, Hook and Needle said...

Love your basket collection! My favorite is the corn dryer holding all the little baskets.
I started running out of room for larger baskets and years ago started collecting only miniatures. I love the idea of the corn dryer and I have one but now to find out where it is!

old crow said...

Hi Julie,
LOVE your basket collection! I too love to collect vintage baskets, I haven't met a basket I can say NO too! Especially love your large peg rack! That is a beauty!! Perfect way to display your lovelies! I was at the Kirby's wonderful home the other day, they said to say HI!
Such a lovely couple, never seen such beautiful antiques! Hope you are enjoying that lovely sunshine!
Hugs, Mina

Optimistic Existentialist said...

What I love the most about all of these baskets is that I truly believe that they all have a story to tell...

my3Kitties said...

I love BASKETS! So thrilled to see yours, and I love how you have them all displayed! I am always looking for new ways to display mine. I need a peg rack like yours...really great how they hang so nicely from the hooks on it. I have a collection of Longaberger baskets that I collected for over 20 years, haven't purchased any new ones in years but I still do enjoy what I have. Thanks so much for sharing!

Julie - My Primitive Heart said...

Thank you for your comment, Tammy! Baskets are so fun to collect and it sounds like you have a wonderful collection! Peg racks are great for hanging them and hope you find one so you can display yours!
I hope you come back to read this since you are no reply so I can't respond personally!!
I'm so happy you enjoyed my collection!
Warm Blessings~