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Monday, March 17, 2014

~ I DID IT! ~

Happy Monday, dear friends! 

 I am so very excited today because I was able to check something off of my "to learn" list!!  It has been a LONG TIME in coming but I DID IT!!!  Can you tell I am thrilled, giddy, and yes, maybe even a bit "punch drunk?"

  Yes, I FINALLY learned how to do PUNCHNEEDLE!!!

Here it is.......

My sweet little Heart Punchneedle Pinkeep!

I wanted to show you my progress, but once I started, I just could not seem to stop!!  I wanted to see how the colors all worked together and just kept punching away till it was finished!!

What do you think?  
Did I do alright?

I am so very grateful for so many talented ladies out there who helped me along the way!  I mentioned Ruth, The Wool Lady, in my last post and want to thank her again for helping me get started!!!  Next time I visit her shop, I will take my little pinkeep along for some Show and Tell!!!  Thank you Ruth!!!

These two books were also helpful!!  I checked them out from my local library and they answered some questions that I wondered about as I punched along!!  I'm sure you can find them at your library as well!!

The pattern I used is from THE OLD TATTERED FLAG and I just loved using it!  There is also a You Tube I found that she made and I watched that as well!  She and her mom are so funny and it was very helpful AND entertaining!  Thank you Julie!!

I also watched Lori Brechlin of NOTFORGOTTENFARM'S You Tube video and loved her calm and encouraging approach!!  She made it look SO EASY!  She is such a talented and creative artist and I admire her so much!!  Thank you too Lori!!  You always inspire me!!

I backed my little pillow with some old black velvet from my stash and decided to use that part as the pinkeep, so I wouldn't damage the front threads!!  

I played around a bit and even made the pins into a little heart shape.......my favorite symbol!!


I hope if you have never tried this wonderful art, you will decide to try it......maybe even TODAY!!!  I am convinced that if I can do it, ANYONE CAN!!!  It feels so good to check that off of my list!! 

 I DID IT!!!


Wishing you the joy that comes from reaching a long awaited goal, whatever it might be~



Penny said...

It's beautiful!!! So impressed that this is your first piece!! (I can only imagine what mine would look like!) You are a very talented lady!
Happy St. Patrick's Day!

annie said...

Congratulations! It's wonderful!
I have never learned, but keep telling myself, "one of the days!" so glad for you!

Mugwump Woolies said...

Bravo...and what a fabulous job you did! It's a wonderful pattern...red, of course! I see this as the first of many beautiful creations! Thanks for coming by MW's...always love to hear from you! I have such fond memories of Lynchburg...what a small world!
Have a great week,

Primitive Stars said...

Congrats to you Julie, how wonderful for you. Love the sweet pattern, great job. I tried rug hooking but not punch needle, would like to. Warm Blessings Francine.

HomeSpunPrims said...

Well Julie, I knew you would be a natural at needle punch! Your first project looks perfect. Bravo my friend! Enjoy your next project. Big hugs, Lori

Orange Sink said...

Beautiful punch needle Julie! It looks like you've been doing it forever!! I really want to try my hand at this too! You've inspired me now!!
Cathy G

jennifer768 said...

Congratulations Julie! It is a beautiful piece and you did a wonderful job.I love punching,it is a bit addicting once you start.I can't wait to see your next project.I am sure that you are already thinking of one that you want to do.LOL! Blessings,Jen

marly said...

Very nice! One day I will find my punch needle and patterns and try it. But I know where the hoop is! Hope mine finishes as nice as yours.

Sandy Whitlow said...

It looks beautiful, Julie! I've only done a little needle punch but you've inspired me to try a little more! Your sweet pillow is just lovely!!!

Prims By The Water said...

Looks awesome. Love the colors!! Janice

Julie Zakrzewski said...

Many, many thanks ladies, for all of your very kind comments!!I am just tickled pink and am so happy some of you have even been inspired to give it a try!!! I KNOW you will be so happy you did!!! You CAN DO IT!!!
Warmest Hugs~

theoldtatteredflag said...

Very, VERY nice! Love that you made it into a pin cushion!

The Old Tattered Flag

dogwoodfarm said...

Hi Julie, you did such a beautiful job on your needle punch design!! Love it!
Thanks so much for stopping by to visit me.
Have a wonderful day!
xo Louise

moosecraft said...

Beautiful punchneedle! Olde Tattered Flag has soooo many wonderful designs!