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Monday, August 19, 2013

~I LOVE WALLS - Part 1~

Perhaps more correctly, I LOVE BLANK WALLS!!  To me, they are THE PERFECT CANVAS, just waiting for you to display those favorite things that make your house YOUR HOME!
For things like this.......
And this......
and finally THESE!!
The sampler is actually a print!!  I have wanted to be that fortunate gal who is lucky enough to find one that I can afford, but since that has not happened yet, I came across this for $12.00 and thought it would do nicely for now!  What do you think?  Not bad, yes?
The sweet dress is old, and TOTALLY HAND STITCHED, and was also another fabulous deal complete with the socks and hand cut hanger!  It just had to come home with me too!  I so admire hand stitching since I do it myself, and this little dress is a beauty!!  I thought the socks looked darling with it so I left it just as it was!! 
sweet pair of socks

wonderful old fabric
close up of hand cut hanger
These two silhouettes are WONDERFUL and were a gift to me from my husband for our 32nd anniversary we celebrated in June!!

  Let me just say that I had admired these for quite some time and have always wanted a silhouette, and he actually surprised me with two of them!!  They were also a fabulous deal, and he even got the dealer to do a better price for them!!  They are in what appears to be original frames, with lots of age on the papers and are signed!  I tried to find out something about them but had no luck, but I really don't care as I just LOVE THEM!!   My husband certainly knows me very well after all this time and I couldn't be happier with my gifts!! 
So having said all that, here is where my love for  WALLS comes into play......

It all seemed to just go perfectly together and makes me smile each time I walk past it!! 
This simple wall has become an ART GALLERY, displaying precious treasures that evoke special feelings for me, and after all, isn't that what HOME is all about??  Since I have so many other walls filled with other special things, I thought it might be fun to share more in future posts!  I hope you check back to see what else I have "hanging" around!!! 
As a final thought, might I suggest you take some time to walk around your home today, pick out a wall and just admire all of the things you have hanging there!  Perhaps it will remind you of the person who gifted it to you, or of a special occasion, or maybe even of why you love it so much that you chose to display it there! I have a feeling you will look at WALLS in a whole new light and if you happen to have a BLANK one, then my advice to you is....... start whistling the old tune, "If I had a hammer...", go find one,  and start CREATING your New Gallery!!  I think you will be happy you did!!  Now if I could just get that song out of my mind...........!
Wishing you lots of Happy Hammering~~



Primitive Stars said...

Hello Julie, love the wall you decorated, looks perfect with those wonderful goodies.....I do love to admire all my treasures around the house, many great memories.....Blessings Francine.

Penny said...

What great items!! Love the way you put the wall together... it is fabulous. I can see why it would make you happy!!

Shuttle, Hook and Needle said...

Love your gallery of special things!
I am surrounded by family memories and special trips. It is a eclectic mix of everything I love and it does make me smile.
I really like the silhouette's.
Now you have that song in my head!

Penelope's Beehive said...

Be still my heart...your wall gathering is absolutely perfect! Julie, you have thought out each small detail in the planning and placement.
The gift of silhouettes from your Mister is especially dear. I shall look forward to seeing "Part II" of your gallery (from afar.)
Sending hugs your way...

Heather said...

what a beautiful corner of your home! Those silhouettes are absolutely stunning! It all goes together wonderfully!

Robin at The Primitive Hutch said...

Beautiful displays Julie!!!
Such a wonderful and thoughtful gift from your hubby ~ they really add that special touch!
Looking forward to seeing your other displays ~ you know we all like to take a peak inside homes.
Prim Blessings