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Monday, August 12, 2013


In keeping with my last post, I am once again talking about Kitties but this time I am referring to those cute little white ones with the bows on their heads that both little AND big girls seem to love!!!
 As you can see by the photo, my sweet granddaughter Sophia adores them and celebrated her 2nd Birthday with a........ 

Bella and Sophia ready to celebrate!
I have been S L O W L Y working on my Sock Cats as well and actually have some pictures of them to share!  These days, I spend less and less time on my creations due to my two little angels, so when I get something done, I feel it is quite an accomplishment!

Choosing some "eyes" for them from my button collection!

I love using the Mother of Pearl ones
When do we get our faces, please??
Posing in my old bentwood basket!  Say.........MOUSE!!
Five little Kitties all in a row!!

I also have some other things on the work table that I am trying to finish and hope to add all of them to my Picturetrail soon!  When I get a few more things done, I will be doing an update, so if you are interested, please just drop me an email!!  More to come......hopefully, soon!!

Take care my friends and thank you so much for stopping by!! 

Wishing you a "sugar and spice and everything nice" kind of week!

Heart Hugs~~



Penny said...

Love your sock cats.... they have great little faces and look wonderful all gathered together in your basket!

Penelope's Beehive said...

Be still my heart...photographs of sweetpeas and socky kitty-cats...what could be more delightful?! Sending happy birthday wishes to Miss Sophia!
Warm hugs to you dear Julie...
Judy x

Mugwump Woolies said...

Hello, my friend...your little granddaughters are so precious! Hello Kitty is still a favorite at our house. Pink, pink and more pink...that's how we roll here.

Love all black cats and yours are especially cute. Working on a few cats myself in the hopes that my switch to Halloween mode will bring cooler weather...it's not working.

Good to hear from you...sister of the red lipstick,

old crow said...

Hi Julie,
What a sweet little Birthday party!! My Brynnley loves Hello Kitty too!
Love your kitties, they turned out....purrrrfect!!
Hugs to you,

Primitive Stars said...

Hi Julie, what sweet little ones.......love your sock cats, prim perfect....Hugs Francine.