Let your soul stand ajar, always ready to welcome the ecstatic experience. ~ Emily Dickinson

Sunday, July 1, 2012



I've been doing that a lot lately....taking deep breaths, and forgetting that there are moments of rest in between!!
As I sit here staring at my computer screen, I am wondering WHERE DID JUNE GO???  Does anyone else feel the same way??  I had so many plans and ideas for projects to complete and in less than an hour, it will be July 1st!!  I have had an album on my Picture Trail ready and waiting for some patriotic items and sadly, I only have TWO THINGS to share!!!  Here's one of them! If you would like to see the other one, just stop by my PT for a peek!

I need to remind myself that I am only human, only one person, and that JULY has ONE DAY MORE than June so perhaps I can get more done THIS MONTH!!!Or perhaps this next month, I will try to be more realistic about what I can actually accomplish, and more importantly, ENJOY EACH MOMENT!! I think I like that idea much better, don't you?  

May all of us remember to take that much needed REST, Between TWO DEEP BREATHS!!



Plumruncreek ♥ said...

Love your eagle!! I can't believe it is July either!!!!!

HomeSpunPrims said...

I agree Julie! Although it's good to have goals we put way too much pressure on ourselves and forget to stop and enjoy the moment. I've been trying to do that more since Brian's surgery. Like just sitting outside on the deck and listening to the birds and watching the wildlife instead of feeling like I have to be completing a project. Enjoy your day my friend. And thank you for all of your prayers. Big hugs, Lori

Orange Sink said...

Your words today are soothing for the soul! I too had that feeling when I turned the calendar page to July like I had just flipped it a couple of days ago!
Love your Liberty creation!
I will be thinking of you when I sit and enjoy the moments between breaths!
Blessings and hugs!
Cathy G

Penelope's Beehive said...

Just so. Wishing you "time" my friend...and the joy of deep, peaceful, cleansing breaths.
Sending gentle hugs from here...
Judy xx

Mugwump Woolies said...

A post full of wisdom. my friend. I was in Joann's yesterday and it is full of Fall wreaths already! It will be here before we know it. We could all use some time to just "breathe".
Enjoy the day...big hug,

Nan ~ Threadwork Primitives said...

Great post! I agree that we all need to enjoy the moments of the day and take time to just breath. Have a great JULY!

annie said...

I like you Eagle!
The time to rest, always seems elusive, but we search and find it "If" we don't stop searching!

Primitive Stars said...

Hello Julie, taking deep breaths are much needed at times. Hope you are well, enjoying the summer as best you can. I know, July, what!!! June flew by. Love the prim eagle, wonderful. Happy 4th of July my friend,enjoy. Blessings Francine.

Pamela@ Our Pioneer Homestead said...

Yes, June went so fast!!

June said...

I have been feeling this way as well Julie. I am hoping to complete a few more things this month than last. I see you wrote this on the 1st, and I am hoping you have been getting much done.
Thank you for your visit to my studio and the kind words you left for me. Your artwork is truly beautiful!

Now I am going to try to rest between breaths.