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Friday, July 23, 2010

Finally Organized....sort of!!!!

Do you remember the big as in B I G file cabinet that my wonderful dear husband Jeff found for me? I've had several of you ask me about it, and now that it is finally filled to capacity, I will show you some pictures!

It has a PERMANENT home in my large walk-in closet in my bedroom!! I know that sounds like a strange place for it, but sadly, there is NO room in my actual work room!! The closet seemed to be the only place left to put it and so it proudly resides there, with easy access, but hidden as it is not really very attractive! Ok, it is just UGLY, but so very helpful to keep my clutter contained!! We are definitely not going for the primitive, country colonial look here!!

The dimensions of the cabinet are quite impressive! It stands at over 5' tall, x 19" deep x 36" wide, with 5 very large drawers, complete with rails for hanging files, so that is a LOT of room to store things!! What things, you ask?
Well, first of all, on the very top are lots of magazines that I collect, read and use for inspiration and they sit in a large wooden box that holds them nicely.

Now moving on to the drawers, we have the very top one which actually works differently from the others. Not only does it pull out, but the front lifts forward and slides up and in. I'm not sure why that one does it and none of the rest of them do, but it is a nice feature anyway. This drawer holds more magazines....Country Sampler, EAL, old Country Living, and Country Home, old Country Marketplace, old Create and Decorate, Mercantile Gatherings, The Simple, Life, and various random other ones. Maybe I should start a lending libary?

The next 3 drawers hold all my primitive patterns, from A to Z, and it is the first time I have had them all in one place, neatly organized and right at my fingertips!! The file cabinet was full of new file folders and my super organized DH actually labelled each file and put all my patterns away for me when I was at work! There are NO WORDS for that!!!

The final drawer holds even MORE magazines!! I did not realize I had so many!! Funny but Jeff said he did!!! It was probably good he was the one putting them away, as I would have started seeing articles I wanted to read and looking at the pictures and.....you get the idea!!!

So there you have it.....my AMAZING FILE CABINET!!! All organized and in one place! Now if I could just find that pattern I saw in that magazine....which one was it, Country Living 1986???

Blessings and Happy Organizing...



Jessica [beforethedawn.org] said...

Wow you have tons of magazines! Your hubby was SO sweet to organize and file your patterns for you.

Finegan Antiques said...

It is a constant hobby of mine; trying to get organzied and stay that way. I envy people who make it seem effortless. Though I must admit that when I finally get thru some clutter and have it all nice and neat it makes me feel great.


Cheyenne said...

It feels so good to have a handle on things, doesn't it? I looooove having stuff organized-I wish I kept it up a lot better. It looks fantastic! I would love to cozy up in a chair and pour over your magazines.

Cat Nap Inn Primitives said...

organized and out of site..love the idea for the big old file cabinet.:)

old crow said...

Looks great!! Wow Jeff you did such an amazing job!! That must feel so good to finally have all your patterns organized!! Did you find a few you had forgotten? :)

Julie - My Primitive Heart said...

I have been meaning to respond, but time just got away from me!!

Yes, I do have a lot, don't I?? And I know there are several out right now I want to add!! And my DH is one of the kindest men I have ever met!

I really am not a naturally organized person like my DH is, but I have learned much from him and even in my chaos, I usually know where things are, but am really getting better and love the look of "neatness!"

Thanks for your comment and yes, it really is a nice feeling when it is all put away neatly! You would be more than welcome to "cozy up" if you were not so far away!! I love to do that on rainy, gray days!!

Even though it is so big, it is such a great tool for me and I am so glad it fits in my closet as it just does NOT have the right look! That's what closets are for, right?

Thanks so much! Jeff is "king of organization" and it really is nice for me, and YES, believe it or not, I DID find some more patterns!! I'm really hopeless!!! Or, just a pattern addict!!