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Tuesday, June 8, 2010

The Answer Is........A File Cabinet!!

Author Unknown

I must be related to the person who wrote that quote, or perhaps I did it and don't want to confess!! No matter where it came from, I CAN RELATE!! I have my projects and patterns EVERYWHERE and never seem to have the right place to keep them all!! I even have a "Craft Studio" where I am supposed to keep all my fabrics and supplies, but somehow they turn up in the strangest places, and basically, that is all over the house!!! I'm sure no one else has this problem!!! So I went to the one person I knew who could help me....My husband Jeff!!

Strangely enough, I am married to the most patient man created who also happens to be MR. ORGANIZATION!!!! He is the neatest, most organized person I have ever met and I am amazed that I have not driven him stark staring mad!!! We have been married 29 years and somehow it works!!! Jeff has always understood my creative chaos as he too is a very creative person, but somehow he is always neat about it!! He is always trying to help me with my messiness, and did I mention he is also very kind, and yesterday he truly proved just how helpful he can be! I really believe he has been praying about this, and boy, did he get his prayers answered in a BIG WAY!!

We love to check out antique and thrift shops and have several we like to visit on our days off, so we found ourselves at one yesterday and Jeff struck pay dirt!! He has been looking for a file cabinet for me to keep all my patterns in....phase one of the "help Julie get organized" project, and he found the perfect one!! He was so excited and kept saying how he had been pricing them and that this one was a really great deal and how lucky we were to find it!! So he paid for it and even borrowed a friends van to take it home with!! Now for the bad part!!! The thing is not only BIG, but it weighs a TON, literally!!!! All I could think of was how was I going to help get it in the house????? Jeff just kept saying we could do it....He's an optimist too!!

Well, we were able to get it out of the van by using a board for a fulcrum, and there was even a hand truck, but I honestly did not know how I could help as we were actually going to take it upstairs!!!!! That's right...UPSTAIRS!! My superwoman suit has been retired for a long time so I knew there was NO WAY that was happening!! As we stood there looking at each other with it propped up on the handcart, we hear this voice say, "do you need help with that?" Talk about music to my ears!!! I turned around, expecting to see wings and a halo, but it was an ordinary man out for a walk with his wife. Apparently, she was the one who told him to ask if we needed help!! Wonderful woman!! Anyway, to make a long story short, our resident angel and Jeff ended up getting this huge monster upstairs (I couldn't watch) and safely in our large closet, where it now proudly resides!! We just kept falling all over ourselves thanking our kind neighbor for all his help, and he graciously said he was happy to do it and will no doubt think twice about walking past our house again!!

So now I finally have my file cabinet, Jeff finally got his answer to prayer and hopefully did not rupture anything, and my patterns now have a new home!! I can finally get organized!! Now if I can just remember to put the things away when I am done with them!!!



colonialhomestead said...

My what a file cabinet you have there. So nice to here there are kind people still out there to offer a helping hand. Happy organizing.

Julie - My Primitive Heart said...

Thankyou!! Seriously, it is REALLY HEAVY and it was truly amazing that he came along and offered to help!! It will be so nice to finally have my stuff in one place...patterns at least!!!

Cat Nap Inn Primitives said...

some times Joanns has their big pattern cabinets for free...we have one in our garage with a table top put on it..works great for storage..that was nice of your neighbor to haul that in for you..:) give us a peek at your sewing room:>)

Donna said...

Wow Julie ..you should get alot in there girl... it's Awesome !!! What a great hubby you have there sweetie!!

old crow said...

Hey Julie, can't wait to see all those patterns neatly tucked away!! Let me know how that works!! I might have to invest in a cabinet!! Mine are in tubs!! Will certainly be time saving!! Love the pictures!!

Julie - My Primitive Heart said...

I still can't believe how big this thing is!!! I have tubs too, but this will be so nice to have it all together! I will keep you posted on my progress!! I'm wondering if it should have been put in the garage too!! Bet our neighbor wonders the same thing!! There are still really nice people out there!!!

Brittany Ski said...

This is such a cute blog! You and Dad sound like Jeff and myself! Ever since Jeff came back from Iraq he had OCD (Jokingly) and is all about orginization to the MAX!
That file cabinet looks perfect and really really big! You guys struck gold on that one! Then once you fill that one you can get another one! hehe

Julie - My Primitive Heart said...

Thanks Honey~~
It has been so much fun to use my creative writing skills as well as my creative sewing skills!! Now if I can just develop some creative Organization skills!!! That cabinet was a special gift from Dad for me and only $40.00!!! The next one goes in the garage!!!
Love you!!!