Let your soul stand ajar, always ready to welcome the ecstatic experience. ~ Emily Dickinson

Sunday, April 10, 2016


Hello, friends!

I have been on the look out for a long while for a comfy stitching chair!

Sadly, the ones I really wanted were way beyond my price range........Sigh!!!

While looking around at a favorite thrift store I came across this very sweet chair!

Right fit, check!
Right style, check!
Right color, check!
Right price, check!

So it came home with me and now sits in my little corner in the living room!!

As I was moving it in place I noticed a tag on the bottom that I had missed at the shop!

The chair was made by Sam Moore Furniture

A La - Z - Boy Company from Bedford, Virginia!  Whoo hoo!!!  

I am beyond pleased!!!


I also finished my little flower mat that I shared a few posts back!

I made it into a pillow and really love how it turned out!!

I used an old army blanket for the sides and back and think it really coordinates beautifully!

I made two short and two long pieces as a frame for the hooked piece and hand stitched them in place!

I took some old seam binding and gathered it for a ruched effect and hand stitched that to the front!

The back has been machine stitched to the front and then stuffed firmly with polyfil!

I hand stitched some dyed embroidery floss to the sides of the pillow 

and also to the seams of the framed pieces!! 

You can display the pillow vertically or horizontally!

My new chair seemed the perfect spot to display my new hooked pillow and I think it looks so pretty there!  What do you think?

After much debating, I have decided I am going to offer the pillow for sale and if you might be interested in it, please send me an email at myprimitiveheart@gmail.com and I will be happy to give you the particulars!!  It really adds a nice pop of color and looks like Spring, something we all seem to be needing right now!!

I was feeling so badly yesterday as we were enjoying such beautiful weather and I wanted to send some to those of you with snow, but today it is cool and actually RAINING here!!!  Quite the change from 85 degrees to 63 degrees!!  We can certainly use the rain though, and now I don't feel so badly about our nicer weather, since now it is NOT so nice!!!  What a difference a day makes!!!!  I sure hope it is also changing and warming up where you are!!

Thank you so much for stopping by, for leaving your encouraging comments, and for your sweet friendship!!  It TRULY warms the heart!!!

Wishing you Clear Skies and Warm Spring Days, my friends~


Monday, March 21, 2016


Happy Monday, dear friends!

Since moving to Arizona, I have been extremely pleased to find that Rug Hooking is alive and well here!!!  

I recently found a wonderful group of ladies that meet at the Alta Mesa Country Club, the third Saturday of every month and decided to join them for a day of hooking!

The group is lead by Carol Miller, who has a blog called TICKLEPIE!  Here she is, demonstrating a special technique where she just pulls wool randomly!

We all gather around to watch, ask questions, and share thoughts!! 

Here is a close up of the rug she was sharing!!  Such fun colors!! 

Carol also has wonderful wool that she brings each time for purchase!!

  I helped her put the wool out on the table and must confess I actually wanted to just scoop it all up!  Swoon!!!


Recently, many of the ladies took a class on hooking a house they lived in and Carol helped them design it!  Each one was so unique and different, and will certainly be a special treasure to cherish!

This is Beth's rug!  Love the flag waving over the front door!

Victoria is doing a house from her early years!  She titled it Bristol House, since it was on Bristol Street!  We sat next to each other and I so enjoyed chatting with her!!

Judy's house is a brick one, and she is really enjoying the process of choosing those colors!!  She also makes the wonderful covers you see on her frame that many of the ladies are using, to protect from getting scratched by those sharp barbs!

This is Faith's rug and I just love the color of her house.........RED!!
Don't you just want to move in?

This rug hooked by Rose was really unique, as she used a tulle like fabric to hook the tree on the right!  It has amazing texture and was so clever!  If you click on the picture, you can really see it better!!

Here is a rug that Catherine was hooking! It has a paisley look and I love the black background!

This rug is just FUN!!!  I wish I could remember the name of the lady who hooked this!!  She had a HUGE pile of orange worms beside her and this will certainly make a statement when finished!!
Love those painted toenails!

I am currently working on a small rug kit that I purchased in CA from Mary Johnson, of Designs In Wool!  It is my first rug using Monks cloth, and though I prefer linen, I have enjoyed hooking this on monks!  I think I will make it into a pillow when I finish hooking it!  It is a bit lighter than my usual darker colors, but is a fun Spring design, perfect for the season!!  Also, the beautiful green wool came home with me from Carol's wool table!!!


I also recently attended The Pebble Creek Hook In, hosted by The Rug Hookers of Pebble Creek, a beautiful community in Goodyear, AZ!  It was held in the Eagles Nest Ballroom and about 60 people attended!  It is their first one ever, and I hope it will be one of many!!
 They had a Rug Exhibit, some vendors, a silent auction, and a wonderful lunch!!  The perfect way to spend a Saturday!!  The ladies did a fantastic job and I certainly hope they do it again next year!!
Sadly, none of my pictures turned out, or so I thought
 but I did manage to find one that was not too dark!

This is Elaine Yates, a dear friend of mine from WA!
   She comes to live in AZ during the year and just so happened to be at the Hook In!!!  I was so surprised and happy to see her and enjoyed chatting!
Here she is, working on her lovely rug, a wonderful log cabin design!!!  It was so wonderful to see you, Elaine!!!

I also met some other wonderful rug hookers from several other groups that meet during the month, Dianne Eaton and Janet Carruth, and hope to be able to get to one of their meetings sometime!!
Janet was so gracious to work with me on a future rug I plan to hook and I am excited to get started on it soon!  You just never know who you will see at a Hook In, but you can rest assured, it will be a new friend who loves to hook!!!

I hope you enjoyed seeing some Hooking, Arizona style! I also trust you are enjoying some lovely Spring weather, wherever you are, and keeping your hands busy with a favorite task, whether it be hooking, punching, stitching, or even digging!!!

Busy Hand, Happy Heart!!!

Wishing you lovely projects to make your heart happy, my friends~


Sunday, March 13, 2016


Spring has definitely sprung here in AZ and we have LOTS of bunnies to show for it!!

Mr. Rabbit loves to sit among the Redware with his special white turnip and mini carrots!!

Bunny pillow I made, tucked in a bowl of darning eggs, coverlet strawberries, and an old faded pincushion!

Nothing says SPRING quite like a table top FULL of Bunnies!!!

This rabbit sits in an old wooden bowl, filled with green grass, carrots, and fabric eggs!  Love the antique book and tiny watering can!!!

SMILE, and say, "Carrots!" 

Woodley Rabbit with his prize egg!!! 

Woodley with his special bunny friends, made by my sweet friend Mona of My Old Crow Primitives, and a little chocolate bunny made by me!!  The nest if filled with hand painted eggs!! 

Don't they all just make you smile??


Winfield Rabbit would love to invite you to my Update on Monday, March 14th at 8PM, EDT. or 5PM, PDT, called BUNNIES AND BLUE!

Here is a little "sneak peek" for you!! 

We sure hope you can "Hop" on over!!!


Wishing you a day filled with Sweetness and Smiles~


Thursday, March 3, 2016


Good morning, my friends, and a most happy day to you!!

Yesterday we celebrated my Birthday

and there can be no better place to start

than at Cracker Barrel!! 

The porch is filled with wonderful rockers

and even an old barrel or two!

The menu has an array of delicious suggestions but our favorite is

Sunrise Sampler!!! 
 It has a bit of everything and is the perfect size to share!!

We decided to order a side of pecan pancakes too!!  They were delicious!!

Now we were ready to start the day!!!


Several of my friends have told me about a shop that is a MUST SEE,

so off we headed to


It is located in Mesa, about an hour from us, and is well worth the trip!!

The minute you walk through the door, you are transported to 


So many things to see!!!

I was greeted by some lovely ladies who chatted with me and made me feel so welcome!!

Jean Lea, the owner, graciously allowed me to take some pictures!!!

I apologize for the quality of some of them, but I guess I was just so excited, I must have been shaking!!  Sadly, some of them were just too blurry to use!  Next time I go, Jeff will be taking the pictures!!!  lol

Sweet grouping of lovely models and samplers around a fireplace! 

Another lovely grouping! 

Wonderful tree with ornaments, even if it is blurry!!

I loved this painted box on the mantel!

Flosses galore!!!!  I will take one of each, please!!

More lovely colors!!

They have special classes and events that take place here!!  Can't you just hear all the chatting and laughter?

Lots of room for everyone!!

Lots of windows and light, contrary to what this picture is showing!!!  Sorry!!

This must be someone's hubby who waited too long for his wife to finish shopping!!  At least he had a comfy chair to rest in!!!

Prairie Schooler patterns galore!

Sweet Halloween grouping!

More lovely models and books!!!  I want them ALL!!!

I loved this cool display with the graduated cubbies!

Jean (right), and Beth (left), one of her employees,  both graciously posed with me!  Carolyn, another employee, was busy with a customer or she would have been in the photo too!!  Next time, Carolyn!! Jean was getting ready to leave for the Market show in Nashville and will be adding more exciting pieces to her beautiful shop!  I was so happy I was able to meet her before she left!! 

Beth took the time to give a little tutorial on stitching and helped me pick out some linen and threads for two patterns I bought!!  It has been sooooo long since I have done a cross stitch piece and I am excited to try my hand at it again!!!

They are both small projects, but will help me get started!  Wish me luck!!!

Many, many thanks to Jean and her staff for your kind and gracious welcome and help!!  It was so lovely to meet you and I can't wait to come back for a visit!!!  
You can visit THE ATTIC, here!!!


Our next stop was a wonderful antique shop called Market Square Antiques!!

Isn't the storefront amazing?

This place is HUGE, and so well set up!!!  

Each booth has a little brick front divider and is decorated beautifully!!

I was so busy looking that I failed to take lots of pictures, but hopefully you will get a feel for the size of this place!!! 

It was really fun to look around and we certainly did get our walking in for the day!!!  It is definitely a place I will want to come back to again......and again!!!!  

By this time, we were ready to call it a day and ended up at Outback Steakhouse for a nice meal, which we again shared!!!  We were so hungry we forgot to take any pictures!!!!

Since it was my Birthday, Outback treated me to a small Birthday dessert, complete with two lighted candles!!!  If you have never had the Chocolate Thunder From Down Under Brownie Sundae, you will want to try one!!!  It is WONDERFUL!!!

Thank you so much for sharing my special day with me!!!  It truly was a lovely day and even though I am one year older, I don't mind a bit!!!  Who can complain when you get to end it with Chocolate?

Wishing each of you a day filled with a Barrel of Fun AND Chocolate~