Let your soul stand ajar, always ready to welcome the ecstatic experience. ~ Emily Dickinson

Wednesday, September 21, 2016


Hello, sweet friends, and a most happy day to you!
It is an especially good day for me because it is finally getting 
COOLER in AZ!!!!!  
We are having some 70 degree weather in the early mornings and I love taking my walk when I feel a bit of a breeze and it is a bit overcast!!! 
It just makes me HAPPY!!!!

Another thing that makes me happy is CATS!!!!!
I have had a long time love affair with them and have had many pets over the years!!
My very first cat was a gray striped sweetie with four little white paws and I named her 
TIP TOES!!!!  That seemed to be a favorite name for a while and it seemed like I remember having several with that name, and yes, they ALL had white paws!!!!

Other cats were Mama Kitty, who was always having a new litter of kittens, Smokey, a gorgeous dark gray cat with green eyes, Cloud, a tiny kitten with fluffy white fur and sky blue eyes, and finally, our last cat, Chaz, a wonderful gray striped cat with the best personality!! We had him a long time and it was so hard to say goodbye to him!  They sure do pull at your heartstrings, don't they? 

Though I don't have a real kitty at the moment, I do have lots of other cloth kitties that live here with us and my newest cats are two very special ones!

All my tools at the ready, next to my stitching chair!
Let me introduce you to HEX and FREX!
They are two wonderful punchneedle cats from the talented Lori Brechlin of Notforgotten Farm!

Back of the design!

I am having so much fun with this design and love all the different colors and textures!
I did not have some of the colors suggested, so have been playing with some other colors and am using both DMC and Valdani floss! 

Front of the design! Sorry for the blur! 

 I am even using some embroidery pearl cotton for the background color and just love how it punches!! If you click on the picture, you can see it around the gray shape in the middle! 
 Sometimes it is fun to experiment and just use what you have
 and you will be pleasantly surprised by the results!!!

I purchased the pattern from Lori's Etsy shop and if you are interested just visit her blog and you can find her Esty shop there!!
 Thank you so much Lori, for your amazing designs!!!
 Love them!!!


I thought you might enjoy seeing the other felines who live here with us so here they are........

One of my first Sock Cats I made who sits with a dolly in an old child's chair!

I can't seem to take very good pictures today!! Sorry for the blur again!!

Buster Cat I made from a Netty Lacroix pattern, who lives in an old basket!

Old tin Cat lantern probably used for Halloween!  I keep it out all year long!

Oil Can Cat I made using a Notforgotten Farm pattern!  Love his face!!!

Cat I made from a Walnut Ridge pattern, sitting with a doll and my treasured Schneeman elephant!

Sweet black cat I made using a Schneeman pattern, tucked in an old bowl filled with sewing items!

Gray cat that reminds me of Smokey, sitting with a pumpkin pillow
and my little pumpkin mat I hooked from a Kris Miller pattern!

Mrs. Begg, a favorite cat I made from a Pineberry Lane design, that stays out all year long!

and finally
Two sweet Sock Cats who are still waiting to be adopted
 on my Picture Trail Shoppe
 if you are interested!

As you can see, I really DO love cats and actually have a pretty good size litter!
Perhaps you should call me Mama Kitty, too!!
 I hope if you are a cat lover,
 you have enjoyed seeing them!! 


Thanks so much for stopping by and visiting with me, for your kind words and all the support and interest of my last update!! I truly appreciate it AND YOU!!!  

Wishing you a Purrrrrrfectly wonderful week, my friends~


Tuesday, September 13, 2016


Please join me tonight, September 13th, at 7 PM, EST,

 for an


Click HERE to go straight to the album!


I hope you can join me then!

Wishing you a peaceful and creative day, my friends~


Friday, September 9, 2016


A Most Happy Day to YOU, my friends!

For some time I have been dreaming of vibrant colors......

~Rich Reds~

~Glorious Golds and Mustards~

~Warm Browns~

~Vibrant Oranges~

Yes, I have been dreaming of FALL!!!!

Perhaps some of you are still enjoying Summer and all it has to offer, and believe me, normally I would agree with you!!  So please continue to enjoy each lovely day! 

But after dealing with several months of triple digits that lasted well into 
the late evening and early morning hours
 and then changed to triple digits with HIGH HUMIDITY,
 this gal is ready for cooler temps
 and all that fall has to offer!

I have a Pinterest board that is called The Colors of Fall, and here are a few images that have my heart singing!  Hope you enjoy them!!

Aren't these just WONDERFUL!!!
I can hardly wait!!!!!  


I've also snapped a few pictures of some other fall colors around my home!

Old wooden bowl filled with dried Indian Corn!

Lovely mellow Stone Fruit!

Old trencher filled with dried corn shucks, persimmons,
 rose hips and a big fabric pumpkin!

This is the time of year when I have been busy, busy, busy, creating some lovely Fall and Halloween Goodes for you to enjoy!!

Here is a little sneak peek of a few things you will find on my next Update, September 13th!

I hope you will join me then!!

Wishing you lovely days filled with the glorious Colors of Fall, my friends~


Monday, July 25, 2016


I hope all of you are keeping cool.....or at least, trying to!!!  I have ceiling fans, floor fans, and the AC going almost all the time and am certainly looking forward to cooler weather!!!!

I was looking around my home today and realized I have quite a number of bowls, trenchers, and a very large measure and thought I would share them with you!!

I LOVE old cookie cutters and have different ones grouped together in different bowls!

Old and aged with a bit of rust as well!! These are strictly for decorating now, but I'm sure they once made amazing cookies, biscuits, and donuts!  I believe the tin basket shape was used for a quilt pattern and is not a cutter, but I just thought it looked nice with the other things in the bowl!

This old trencher holds lots of old butter stamps, paddles, and molds,
 sitting on an old blue chair!

Don't these pears look real?  I wanted to buy the bowl and realized that the price was for the bowl AND pears, all for $17.95!!  That was a very happy day, indeed, even if I can't eat the pears!

This is a very large trencher that holds lots of vintage cutters that have wooden and painted handles, plus an old funnel!! 

Another wooden bowl filled with heart and figure cutters!!! 

Wooden bowl filled with old darners, coverlet strawberries and a little doll!

This is a very large bowl filled with more old cookie cutters! It sits atop one of my penny rugs!

A wonderful make do trencher filled with velvet and cloth strawberries that I have made and I love how the light plays over the fabric!

Love all the reds, greens, and even a few blues!

My very large yellow ware bowl is the perfect place for some potpourri and a candle!

Another yellow ware bowl with two velvet acorns and an old velvet pumpkin pincushion!

Some stone fruit in another old yellow ware bowl!!

More fabric strawberries in blue and mustard, waiting for hangers!

This extra large measure is the perfect holder for my pudding and cake molds!

Another large bowl filled with old tin pieces!

I even have some bowls on my wall....in a bowl rack, of course!!!

 We  have really tall ceilings in the dining room so it was the perfect spot!

Finally, a nice stack of wooden bowls on a shelf, just waiting to be filled with.........??

I hope you have enjoyed my collection of bowls and that you have been inspired to use them in your decorating!!!  They are so much fun to collect AND use, and are easy to transport!!!  I find myself using them when I work on my projects and they make it so easy to keep things organized, PLUS they are great for displaying your collections!!! 

 You just never know when they might come in handy!  

While staying inside trying to keep cool, I have been working on some goodies for Fall and Halloween!!!  Please be sure to check back for a sneak peek soon!!!

Wishing you cooling thoughts and bowls full of goodness......AND ice cream, my friends~


Monday, June 27, 2016


Jeff and I celebrated our 35th Wedding Anniversary, yesterday,  June 26th!!

Truth be told, it really seems like only yesterday.........till I look at this photo, 

taken on our first anniversary!!!

My, but we were both sooooo young!!!!!

We were both so excited for the future and what life had to offer!! 


So much has happened in those 35 years........

The gift of two wonderful children, Jeffry and Janelle,

Two faithful pets, Shelby and Chaz, both gone now, but not forgotten!!!!

Living in 9 different states and moving more times than I can count on two hands!!

Serving in the pastorate for over 20 years!

A Master's Degree and Doctorate for Jeff and a PHT degree for me........Putting Hubby Through!

The loss of all 4 parents! We miss them all and are so grateful for all the wonderful memories!!!

The gift of our new son, Austin, Janelle's hubby, 2 beautiful granddaughters, Bella and Sophia, and our granddog, Charlotte!

Surgeries, illness, up's and down's, joy's and pain,  and finally, my stroke last year!!

So much life lived in 35 short years!!!

As we celebrated quietly yesterday, I was filled with such gratitude for a loving and caring husband that has shared this journey with me over these past years!!

He is my soul mate and best friend.......a gift from God, that I am so blessed to live my life with!!!

We are both older now, but so much wiser than the two people we were!!!

My heart is truly full and I am Blessed!


And now abide faith, hope, love, these three;

But the greatest of these is LOVE! 

 I Corinthians 13:13


Today begins the next 35 years.....filled with hope and love,
 and hopefully,


Wishing you faith for today, hope for tomorrow, and MUCH LOVE, my friends~