Let your soul stand ajar, always ready to welcome the ecstatic experience. ~ Emily Dickinson

Tuesday, January 10, 2017


Hello, dear friends!! 

Today it is sunny and 68 degrees here in Peoria, Arizona!!

I know that many of you reading this right now are wondering if you read that right!!!! 

Yes, you did!!  I'm truly sorry!!!!

 Please don't hate me because it is warmer than where you are!!!
That is what winter is like here!!! 

 Believe me when I say I wish I could box  up some sunshine and send it to each of you who are dealing with frigid temperatures!!!!  Truly, I do!!!!! 

Just know that I am sending along warm hugs and warm thoughts! 

I also wanted to have a little sale of some of my Christmas/Winter items as a way of trying to brighten your day!!

The sale begins tomorrow, Wednesday, January 11th, at 9 AM, EST and will go through Friday, January 13th till 11 PM, EST on my Picture Trail Selling Shoppe!

I am offering 20% off of the items in my Christmas Goodes album only, and each item has already had 20% deducted, so you don't have to try to figure that out!!

You can go directly to the sale album on Wednesday by visiting my Picture Trail!

Thank you so much for your continued interest in my work and in what I share on my blog!!  Your kind words and encouragement is always a balm to me!!!

Wishing you the warmth of hearth and home, my friends~


Saturday, December 31, 2016


Resolved, that I will take each precious minute,
and relish all the joy within it!  ~ Kathleen Rice


A number of years ago, my husband bought me some prints by Pat Fischer!
They all feature pastoral scenes filled with painted houses, willow trees, and sheep,
and many of them also have simple sayings!
 I still love them!

One of my favorites is this one!

Blessed is the life that finds joy in the Journey!

It hangs in my living room and is a constant reminder to me that life is a journey and I have choices to make as I travel my personal road!!

As I look to the upcoming year and make my resolutions, perhaps my most important one for this year is to....



As we all prepare to welcome in 2017, may we truly be Blessed with Good Health, Peace, and Hope for a better future!!
Happy New Year, my friends!!

Wishing each of you  ~ JOY~


Monday, December 19, 2016


Happy Monday to you, dear friends!!
Can you believe it is only a few more days till Christmas??

Are you all finished with your preparations?
Have you been checking off things on your list?

Perhaps you are like me and say, "Almost!"
Hopefully, we will all get the last package wrapped and the last errand run
just in the nick of time!!


I actually did get something finished.......almost, anyway!
I punched my last loop on my Horse Pull Toy punch needle design
created by my friend Lori of Homespun Prims!

I just love how it turned out and hope you like it too!!!

I still have to figure out how I am going to complete it, whether I frame it, make it into a pillow, or just add wool to the back for hanging,
 but that will be something to look forward to later!!
It is such a fun design and one I know you will love!

If you decide you have to make one, just contact Lori
 and I'm sure she will be happy to get you a pattern!! 
Thank you Lori, for this wonderful design!


Something that I actually DID FINISH is my newest album on my Picture Trail called
Christmas 2016!

I had so much fun creating some different displays this year and hope you will stop by for a visit when you need a little break from all your busy activities!! 

You can visit the album HERE!


I want to take this moment to say THANK YOU to all of you
 who have been a part of my life this past year,
 by visiting my blog, sending emails, leaving comments, making purchases, praying,
and sharing the gift of friendship! 
 You are truly a BLESSING, and my heart if filled with MUCH GRATITUDE!!!

Wishing you days filled with Finished Projects, Quiet Moments, and Gratitude~


Saturday, December 10, 2016


Hello, dear friends!!

Reading is one of my favorite things to do so I was thrilled when 
I received a surprise in my mail box today!!

It is the new book by Stacy Droit called,

A Christmas Cabin
Presented by....Arnett's Country Store!

Have you seen it yet?
I only turned to the first page and then decided I needed to sit down with a snack, another one of my simple pleasures!

This is my absolute new favorite!!

It is called The Mix and is a combination of 
cheddar cheese and caramel corn....YUM!!!
We buy ours at Safeway here in AZ!
If you haven't tried it yet,


I have also been slowly working on my punch needle horse by Lori Rippey in the evenings
while watching Christmas movies,
 two more simple pleasures!

Here is my progress!

Hoping to get more of the background done tonight while we watch our next movie on the list!
I wonder what it will be tonight?

In the meantime,
  I am ready to sit down with my favorite snack
 and enjoy my new book!!!


Wishing you an abundance of Simple Pleasures, my friends~


Thursday, December 8, 2016

~A Most Kindly Welcome To You~


Click HERE to go directly to the album!!

Thank you for visiting with me and have a wonderful evening!

Christmas Hugs and Wishes to you~