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Tuesday, December 6, 2016


Good Morning and Happy December, my friends!
I don't know about you, but during this time of year I pull out all my favorite movies and CD's to get into the spirit of the season!!

I gathered together a grouping of some of my very favorite CD's to share with you!

An Old English Christmas, Hillsong, Kenny G, Barbra Streisand 

Michael Bubl'e,  Avalon, Christmas Treasures, and
NSYNC was a gift from my daughter as it was our favorite when she was a teenager! 
Still love it!!

Point of Grace and Mannheim Steamroller!

Amy Grant and Kelly Clarkson, and the list goes on and on!!

What are your favorite CD's or songs at Christmas??


Then there are the movies we always watch!

Just a small grouping of some favorites!

The Holiday, Miracle on 34th Street,

 Trapped In Paradise, A Christmas Carol,

The Bishop's Wife and White Christmas,

And my all time favorite......A Christmas Story!!  

Of course, we also tape so many on our DVR
 and have a long list of other favorites as well,

Christmas in Connecticut, Holiday Affair, Holiday Inn, and the list goes on!!

What are your favorite movies to watch this season?


I always have some kind of project in the works and my latest punch needle project is by my dear friend Lori Rippey of Homespun Prims!

It is a wonderful Horse Pull Toy and I am really enjoying it!

Here is my progress so far, just working on it at night as I watch those Christmas movies with Jeff!!

Are you working on a special project?


I have also been hard at work creating some items for my next update!

I hope you will join me on THURSDAY, DECEMBER 8th, at 8 PM, EST
 for my UPDATE

The album is closed for now but will be open promptly at 8 PM!
 I would so love to have you stop by!


For the rest of the day I will be busy taking pictures to add to my Picture Trail
 for my 2016 Christmas Decorating around my home
 and hope to have all the pictures uploaded soon!!
Now to put on some lively Christmas music and get busy!!!
  Fa la la la la, la la la la!!

Wishing you a day filled with the
 of this Blessed Season,
 my friends~


Thursday, November 24, 2016


Wishing Each of You a Wonderful Thanksgiving

Filled with Love and Blessings

From Our Home to Yours!


Monday, November 7, 2016


Hello, and Happy Monday to you, dear friends!!

Do you have any signs in your home?
Are you ever looking for THE PERFECT SIGN, and just can't seem to find it??
If that sounds like YOU, then I have the solution.......

Make your own sign!!!!

I have wanted 3 signs and just could not find what I was looking for so Saturday, I decided to make my own!!

You may already have these materials, but if not, here is a list of what I used in making my signs!!

Pieces of wood!  I happened to have some old boards in the garage and they were already cut to a good size! I just use old cardboard boxes cut open to paint on!

Paint!  I already had some flat black from some previous projects and
Stencil paints!  I chose these three colors and actually mixed the darker brown with the straw to tone it down a bit!

Paint brushes, stencil brushes, and something to hold the paint in!

Stencils and pencils!  I didn't have any letter stencils so I used a 40% coupon at JoAnn's to purchase the ones I used!!  I actually prefer the Mylar stencils, but this one is heavy card stock and hopefully it will hold up if I want to make any more!  For the smaller sign, I actually made my own pattern and traced it on!

Yard stick, measuring tape, or ruler!!  It helps for spacing, even though I tend to "eyeball" things!

Antique gel, stain, or wax! I LOVE the paste wax by HOWARD!!
 It smells SO GOOD!!

  Also you might want to use Matte Poly Spray if your sign will be outside!

Hammer, saw tooth hangers or wire for hanging!

Paint your board base coat first and make sure it is completely dry!
Also be sure to have a cloth or paper towels, just in case of a spill!

Once you have your word picked out, you lay your stencil on your board, dip your stencil brush in your paint, dab it on a paper towel, and use a POUNCE MOTION!  Make sure you don't have a drenched brush or it will leak under your stencil!  If you think it needs more, then repeat!! Once you are done, just lift the stencil away and........VIOLA!!!  You DID it!!!! 
Repeat for each letter, carefully dabbing your brush each time you dip it in the paint!! Then let the paint dry well before you add your wax or antiquing gel!!

Since I collect baskets, I made one sign with the word........BASKETS!!!!

My next sign was WELCOME! 
 Everyone needs one of those, don't you think?

My third sign says PRIMITIVE!!! 
 This was the hardest of the three as I could not find a stencil to fit the width of the board, so I ended up tracing out each letter on a small square of paper on the front
 and filling it in with pencil on the back!! 
 Then I placed the letter on the board, colored in the front of the paper and it actually left the pencil impression on the board, almost like tracing paper!!!
 I was able to trace around the letters and then with a small flat brush I outlined each letter
 and then filled it in with a larger flat brush!!
  This sign definitely took longer, but I am really happy how it finished up!!

I actually sanded the letters on this sign since I wanted it to live up to the name.....PRIMITIVE!!!
For some reason the camera is showing some shiny spots but it must be the light
 as this is flat black paint!
Once all of the sanding if done, wipe it off with a cloth and then apply your stain, gel or wax!
  I chose wax so it would make the letters "pop" out more!!

On the WELCOME and PRIMITIVE signs, I chose to use saw tooth hangers!

Since I was hanging the BASKETS sign differently, I chose to use heavy wire and screws! 


Now I will share with you where I hung each of them!!

BASKETS sign now lives inside my large tobacco basket!!! 

WELCOME sign hangs under my Harriet Angel I made using a Netty Lacroix pattern!!!
Love the black and mustard together!!

The PRIMITIVE sign ended up in my bedroom, above a wonderful hooked rug I actually won, made by Joanne of Snippets and Scraps blog
 and above the sign is a cheese basket with a sweet bird rug made by my dear friend
 Lori of Homespun Prims!!! 
 I just love how it all fits together perfectly!!!


I hope you have enjoyed this tutorial and that you are now ready to make your own special sign
 for your home!!! 
 It will be extra special because it personally fits your home and
 YOU actually made it!! 
 Now get out those pieces of wood, paint, brushes, stencils, and all  your other tools and
 You will be so glad you did!!!!  I promise!!!! 

I would love to see any signs you might create, so please share them!!!
(If you  have any questions or need some help, just email me!)

Wishing each of you a WONDERFUL and CREATIVE DAY~~


Wednesday, November 2, 2016


Happy Wednesday to you, dear friends!

Many thanks to all of you who entered my Giveaway!!
I truly enjoyed reading each of your comments and special Christmas stocking memories!!
Some of them made me smile, a few tugged at my heartstrings, one made me laugh out loud and all of them were a pleasure to read and I thank you for sharing them!!  Though some of you didn't actually have stockings, you began the tradition and passed it on!!   

I wish I could gift each one of you something, but sadly could only choose one winner!
After putting each name in a random name picker, the winner is-

Vicki Jo!

Congratulations to you and please contact me with your address so I can get the stocking mailed to you!!!!

Thank you all again so much for entering!  Your kind words, comments, and stories truly warmed  my heart!!!


I am still slowing working on my Old Cat punchneedle piece and the operative word is

S   L   O   W!!!

Not much to share with you, but I am really liking the background so far!!

I added some darker brown squiggly spots and am loving how it is blending with the lighter brown!

Normally I would punch the cat first, but am still deciding on colors, so will just keep going with the background and keeping mulling color choices!!! 

Then I need to move on to Turkeys and Tallowberries, as I have been wanting to make that design for some time and love all the different versions I have been seeing others punching or hooking!!! Such a fun design by Lori of Notforgotten Farm!!!


I collect Stone Fruit (when I can find it inexpensively) and recently found a wonderful Persimmon!
(What do you think, Lauren?)

I just love the color of this and that stem is amazing!!!
Do any of you collect Stone Fruit?

Speaking of fruit, I added Lauren's wonderful paisley strawberry to my wire basket of cloth fruits and veggies!

It fits in perfectly among the other pieces!!!  Thanks again for this lovely gift, Lauren!!


I have been busy creating new items for an upcoming update and hope to post more about those things soon!!! Please be sure to check back from time to time!!!!  

The temperatures are FINALLY cooling off here in Arizona and I am just loving the cool mornings during my walk!!  Hope the weather is lovely where you are, too!!!

Wishing you a Beautiful and Creative Day, my friends~


Wednesday, October 26, 2016


Happy Wednesday, everyone!! 

In my last post, I shared about the mysterious black plugs that I tripped over and wanted to somehow disguise!

So many of you offered your kind concern and ideas too, all greatly appreciated!!
I am feeling back to normal and only have a few bruises left which will fade in time!!!

Here is my solution!!

A rustic bench angled just right, filled with pumpkins and mums!

A small pile of stones hides one plug and a very big boulder was moved in place to help balance the bench!  The boulder was in the front part of our yard and is so heavy that Jeff actually had to roll it, end over end, to get it in place!!  What a manly man he is!!!

I left a bit of the other plug visible so you could still see it,
 but it is covered up pretty well by those stones!
I'm really pleased with the way it all came together and no longer have to worry about those nasty plugs, which I found out are used for drainage, so they really are important, even though I don't like them very much!!! 
  I'm just so happy they are hidden from view!!

What do you think??


As I was getting ready to work on this post, I noticed that it will be number 200 for me!!!

It seemed like the perfect time for me have a Giveaway, to show my appreciation to you for visiting my blog,  and sharing in my journey!  

Since the Christmas season will soon be upon us, I decided to offer

 a Christmas stocking to you!

I made this from some old ticking, and it is filled with dried rose hips, large cinnamon sticks, dried twigs, faux greens, and a stuffed paper Santa! This is a Kentucky Primitives design and I just love mine so I hope you will enjoy owning one, too!!

The stocking is 21 inches long, including the hanger!
It also has a paper tag pinned to the front, vintage tinsel garland and rusty bells hand stitched to the top and a rusty wire for hanging!!! 

If you would like to be entered, please leave a comment and share a special Christmas Stocking memory with me
on this post! 
  I will chose the winner on Wednesday, November 2nd! 
 Please be sure to include your email address with your comment so that I can contact you if you win!!!  

Even though blogging may not be as popular as it once was,  it has been such a joy for me and one I hope to continue!  When I think of all the many special friends I have met along the way, my heart is glad and I feel truly blessed!!!! 

Wishing you a day filled with Happy Thoughts and Warm Smiles, my friends~