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Tuesday, February 9, 2016


Today, as I was planning on writing a new post, I was inspired by someone who 


Lori Brechlin, of Notforgotten Farm!

She wrote a wonderful post about where she spends her time being creative....

Her Sewing Room!!!

Her photos are wonderful, filled with SO MANY lovely things to look at!

True textile eye candy!  A feast for the eyes and food for the creative soul!!

Thank you, Lori!

She invited her readers to share their own creative spaces

and so I decided I would share mine with you!


Won't you come in??

I just realized I am living in the past!!  Love the pictures in this calendar but I think I need to turn the page, don't you??

I collect silhouettes and thought these looked wonderful with this old stitchery sign!

It says, "Well Begun is Half Done" and seems like a perfect saying for a sewing room, yes?

I LOVE little chairs, all kinds, shapes and sizes, and have them everywhere!
I've never met a chair I didn't love!!!
This one holds some stacking boxes filled with fabric scraps for stuffing!  One of these days I will paint them or cover them with fabric!!

Here is a very unique cupboard that I use to hold wool!  It has two sliding glass doors and sits on an
old piano bench!  The old crate under it is a favorite that hold lots of old spools and wooden candlesticks!  The top is great for display as well and holds more treasures!

My favorite primitive black cupboard, FILLED with old sewing related treasures! 

Pincushions in old sugars and creamers that I made, old photos, thimbles, old books, velvet strawberries, old daguerreotypes, and a sweet putz sheep!!!  I often wonder if any of these women loved stitching as much as I do?

Old scissors in a flower frog, velvet strawberry, an old metal shoe pincushion, and old photos!

More old scissors, an orphan high topped shoe with a tomato pincushion tucked in the top, surrounded by more old tomato pincushions!  These things make my heart smile!!!

Another old black chair with old school slates and a basket filled with old cookie cutters!  Notice the screen on the side of the cupboard filled with wool!!!

Above the chair is a lovely old wall box....perhaps used for candles back in the day, but for now, it holds special treasures.....some Doll House Dolls I made, a lovely pinkeep made by my dear friend
Lori Rippey, an old photo, and an amazing old boot pincushion, filled with pins!!!

Here is a closer view with the whole boot showing!!  Tattered, torn, worn, and well loved!!!

Here is a view of the wool cupboard as you face the door!

The top hold more special treasures.....a stack of old document boxes and a large star make do that I made that has Merry Christmas stitched on the other side!

Lovely painted box with old framed photos and some sweet red velvet shoes, rug hooks in a flower frog, and an old tin candlestick!

Finally, a wonderful little box I recently found that I just love but want some opinions of what might have been used for!  It has a hole in the top, with two drawers, and I believe it was used for sewing, but can't figure out what the hole is for? 

 It seems like a pincushion might have originally been on it, but would welcome anyone's opinion!!!  Thanks so much!!!


Well, I hope you enjoyed your tour of my Sewing Room, and will be sure to come back to see Part 2!!  I had so many pictures, I felt it was better to break it up into several parts!
I will be posting more soon!!
Thanks so much for spending time with me today!!!


Wishing you a day filled with inspiration, creativity, and the things you love, my friends~


Wednesday, February 3, 2016

~Update Reminder~

Hello, friends!

Just a little reminder 

about my Update later today,

at 8:PM, EST, on my PictureTrail

Click  HERE  to visit at 8 pm!

Looking forward to seeing you then!

Wishing you a Happy Heart~


Tuesday, February 2, 2016


A most happy day to you, my friends!

February is here already!!!

You know what that means, right?

Valentine's Day!!

Think love, cupids, sentimental cards, chocolate, hearts, and the color RED!!!

My favorite things......especially the chocolate!!! 

So with that in mind, I am having a small update

in honor of this special day!

Please join me on February 3rd, at 8:00 PM, EST, on my Picturetrail to view my new album

That Touch Of Red!

Here is a little peek for you!!

Hope to see you then!!

Wishing you a beautiful day, my friends, filled with lovely things~


Thursday, January 21, 2016


Good Morning, friends! 

I am sooo excited to share that the rug I started in October is FINALLY DONE!!!  

The colors are some of my favorites.......rich reds, blacks and mustards......LOVE IT!!!

I took some pictures of it to share and was amazed at how it looks different in different places!!

Ooops!  My feet were NOT supposed to be part of the show!!  Haha!  Sorry!!

Can you tell I love red birds??

Beautiful reds!!

The stacking boxes have many of the same colors in the rug!

Finally at home!!

It took me a while to figure out the perfect spot for it, but I finally decided it belonged here!  

It was a fun rug for me and now I am ready to try another one!

I  hope you have enjoyed my journey hooking this rug and thanks so much for sharing your thoughts!


I am working on a few things for a small Update for Valentine's Day......ALL THINGS HEARTS, 

so hope you will check back soon!!  I have also been revamping my Picture Trail and may have a

small sale as well, so stay tuned!!


I know that many of you may be in the midst of that terrible weather that is hitting the east coast, so 

my thoughts and prayers are with you!!  Please stay safe and warm,

 and may God keep you in His tender care!!


Wishing you The Warmth of Home, my friends~


Tuesday, January 5, 2016


Hello, dear friends!  I hope you are having a wonderful week!!

I have been wanting to share my amazing treasures with you for some time, but due to how busy we all have been with Christmas and New Years, I kept getting sidetracked!!!

Now that all the decorations are packed away for next year and things have settled down, I can share!!!

All of these amazing goodies you see are from a Giveaway that Sharon of Moosecraft Blog hosted!!  Sharon is a quilter, rug hooker and punchneedle artist extraordinaire,  and I was so shocked she would be willing to part with all of these wonderful things!! 

When I opened up the package, my jaw dropped!!!!  WOW!!!!!!

A treasure trove of goodies to delight anyone who loves the needle arts!!!

Beautiful wool and a cute magnet!!  Yes, I DO GOT WOOL!!!!

Delicious Moda fabrics and a book of projects called MODA CANDY, and even some playing cards featuring quilts!!!  Look at all the Loverly RED!!!  Yummy!!

Two sweet quilted runner patterns!!

A large quilt pattern, package of Steam-A-Seam, and a book from Primitive Gatherings FILLED
with all kinds of amazing patterns and projects!!  Be Still My Heart!!!

THE SWEETEST BOX made from RULERS, a tin filled with MOP buttons, and some stitching needles.......just what EVERY GIRL NEEDS, methinks!!!

Lastly, the beautiful card Sharon sent, with Two Cardinals!!!  So very appropriate for this NEW ARIZONA CARDINAL and her hubby!  


Thank You SO MUCH, Sharon, for your very, very fun and generous Giveaway that I was so very fortunate to win!!!  I look forward to using everything as I create this year, and each time I get the chance to use something, I will think of you!!!  You certainly outdid yourself and I am deeply grateful and blessed!!!

Wishing all of you a wonderful week, filled with Creative Bliss~~